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Bolin stepped into the eerily quiet apartment, glancing around for any lurking shadows that meant Korra was about to pounce. He didn't see anything, but it was too quiet for his comfort. Usually she was still up when he got back from work at a late hour, waiting at the table with some warm and honey for him to make him relax or on the couch, dressed provocatively, which never failed to make his face turn as red as Pabu. She always got a kick out of embarrassing him, said it made him cuter. He checked under the couch pillows just to be sure she really wasn't there and felt incredibly stupid afterward.

Suddenly a loud sneeze sounded through the apartment that made him jump in shock. He walked toward the source, opening their bedroom door. It creaked ominously as it opened and he glanced in. Finally, there was Korra. She was spread out over the bed, limbs sprawled in all directions and used tissues littering the room. Pabu was curled up next to her, as though to give her comfort as Korra let out another sneeze, which made Pabu shrink into himself a bit, his eyes wide.

"You don't look so hot," Bolin teased her, still in the doorway.

She rolled over, nearly crushing Pabu, to give him a glare that was ruined by a large sniff as snot began to run down her face. He walked to the side of the bed, grabbing her a new tissue from the box she had shoved under the pillows for easy reach. He held it out to her and she furiously blew into it before scrunching it up and throwing it on the floor where it disappeared among the other ones.

He leaned in to give her a kiss on the forehead, but she pushed him away with a grimace, "Don't want you to get sick, too," she mumbled, her voice sounding rough, as she rolled onto her stomach, Pabu getting out of the way just in time to avoid getting crushed.

He kissed her on the back of the head anyway, his left hand reached down to the small of her back to rub circles into her shirt. She moans at the contact, her back arching into the touch. Her head pops back up from the sheets and she sits up, using the back of her hand to wipe her nose. He laughs, grabbing another tissue for her and she reluctantly uses it.

He presses his lips to her head and murmurs into her hair, "How do you feel?"

"Like Naga used me as her chew toy," she groaned back, resting her head against his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close, "Yer gonna get sick," she slurred, then sniffed again.

"I'll be fine, Korra. I've got the immune system of an Ostrich Horse."

"Bo, I don't really know if that-"

"I don't know, either. It just sounded cool," She muffled her giggles in his shirt and he pulled away to stand up, "I'll go make you some warm milk to help your throat."

"Don't forget honey, then."

"Of course I wouldn't forget the honey, honey."

She groaned at the pun and flopped back onto the bed, her limbs going everywhere again. When he returned with her drink, she had thrown all her clothes off and just lay on the bed naked. She groaned and rubbed her hand over her forehead, which was glistening with sweat. Once she realized he was back, she clumsily tried to throw the sheets over her body to at least cover up a bit.

"It's fine," he smiled, handing her the drink, "If you're feeling too hot, then you can walk around the house naked for all I care."

"That's just embarrassing," she murmured into the cup.

"For you maybe," he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her ear, "But I would absolutely love it."

She blushed furiously and went to work furiously drinking the warm, almost scalding hot liquid to preoccupy her mind. Once done, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and placed the cup down.

"It's weird when you talk like that."

"It is? How?"

"Well… you're the little brother. You're the youngest out of all of us, yet sometimes you seem like the most grown up out of all of us, with your dirty mind and-"

"You can't blame me when I have a strong, fun, gorgeous, perfect wife," He left a trail of kisses down her neck, "Of course I'm going to want to do-"

"Nopenopenope," she placed the palm of her hand against his forehead and pushed him away, "Not while I'm sick. I'm not in the mood and never will get into it."

"Does your throat feel better at least?"

She ran a hand down her neck, "Yes, actually, it does. Thanks, Bo, for the drink. It helped a lot and now I'm just-" she cut herself off with a yawn.

"Tired?" He finished with her, getting up to turn off the lights and to strip down to his underwear for the night. He climbed into the bed next to her and she instantly curled up against his side even though she was already burning up. He wrapped an arm around her, rubbing his thumb over her right shoulder. His eyes looked up at the ceiling as quiet descended over them. At the foot of the bed, he felt Pabu move and curl into his customary spot.

"So I guess we both get the day off tomorrow," he finally spoke into the darkness and she shifted to look up at him.

"Both? I'm the sick one here."

"Which means I get to stay home and take care of my dear wife who needs me and is nothing without me by her side in her time of sickness. Plus someone's got to pick up this ocean of tissues."

She punched him lightly in the side and he laughed, hugging her tighter for a moment before relaxing again. She placed an arm over his chest and eventually her breathing evened out as she fell asleep.

Two days later and Korra was perfectly healthy, back to teasing Bolin, running her fingers lightly down his skin as if they were feathers. Him, on the other hand, had mysteriously gotten a cold.

Oh well, that just meant they got another day off.

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