I got up from bed covering my mouth with my hand as I yawned. I hate Mondays, I've always did. Well actually there was a time where I loved them, Mondays where the only days that Alex and I could spend the day together. Alex was my boyfriend, we dated for 4 years and even shared an apartment. We went to college together, I was on the art department and Alex was on the music department. For a strange reason on monday we had full day of free periods or study halls so we could see each other all day, we would go to the coffee shop on campus and then maybe shopping or just walk through the park. It was on our graduation that Alex decided to break up with me, he said he had met another guy and that he needed the space on his apartment, so two days later he kicked me out, literally. Lucky for me I found a little apartment a week later, so I moved all my stuff from the hotel I was currently living on to my new apartment. It was nice, but a little too small. I guess it was okay for me since I was living alone, and it was better than living in a big apartment were I will feel lonely all the time. Not that I don't feel in here too but, you know what I mean.

I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee as I woke up completely. I took an apple from the fridge and sat down on the kitchen counter and read an old art magazine as I sipped my coffee and bit my apple. Huh, maybe I could order this new acrylic paintings for the store, I'll think about it. When I was done with my apple I threw the remains to the trash and took a quick shower. I got dressed into a pair of jeans and a red shirt, simple enough to go to work, I also grabbed my coat and a scarf. As I walked to the door I grabbed my wallet and my keys. One of the disadvantages of my apartment was that there was no parking lot so I had to find a free spot on the street. When I got home last night it was pretty late so I got a good parking spot just a few feet away from the apartment building. For someone with not too much money I do have a car quite descent, it's a red mustang 67 convertible. I'm proud of my baby, still in perfect shape. Without wasting another minute admiring my car I got in and drove off to work.

It was november, so it was pretty cold here in New York, still with the cold air I kept the hood of the car opened, I've always loved the cold breeze. It reminds me a lot of the time Alex and I would take long strolls through central park in winter. He hated winter but it has always been my favorite station and he knew it so he endured the cold with me. I sighed as I parked in front of the local. It's been almost a year since Alex broke up with me and I still sigh when I think about us. I was brought out of my trace by Bell's voice.

"Could you please whine about your past in the store? It's freezing out here." She said as she stood next to my car with her hands in her coat pockets. She was wearing that god awful beige coat she adores. I laughed as I got out of the car.

"Good morning to you too my lovely Bells." I told her sarcastically as I took the keys from my pocket and unlocked to door to the store. The little bell hanging from the door rang as I opened it, welcoming us again to the local.

After graduating and moving to my new apartment I decided that I needed to work, but I've always hated working for people, so I decided, why not have my own store? So that's how Serenity Art was created. It was a small local where I sell all kinds of stuff related to art, you can find brushes, canvases, acrylics, everything, plus there is a small room where I display my art. Every painting that I do I sell it. When the store began to grow and more and more people knew about it I decided to hire someone to help me. Today, that someone is Bella Swan. She is an art graduated too and works full-time with me at Serenity. Bella has become one of my best friends and I feel that I can tell her everything. She is totally aware of my sexual orientation and is totally okay with it, for which I am grateful.

"Good morning." She said after we were inside the local. "You know, you should get here before your employees to open up so they don't freeze their asses off." Bella complained all the way to the back of the store where she placed her coat down and put on her name tag.

"Employees? It's just you and me Bells." I told her with a small chuckle as I placed my own coat on a chair along with my scarf and put on my own name tag. It was still pretty early for any costumer to arrive so I walked to the exhibition room and turned on the lights that illuminated the paintings.

"Whatever, you still could be a little more punctual for that matter. Why don't you just give me a spare key so I can open up the store if I arrive before you?"

"Actually," I said turning to Bella. "That is a good idea. I'll have a spare key made for you and as soon as I have it I'll give it to you so when I arrive 'late' according to you, you don't have to freeze your ass of."

"Thank you, that's all I'm asking." She said as she threw her arms to the air in a dramatic gesture. Bella is a total drama queen, she overreact even for the smallest detail.

"Good, because that's all you are getting you drama queen." I laughed as I returned to the front of the store and walked to the back of the counter. "Now you walk in here and sit down where you belong. Be a good girl and work."

Bella sighed. She hates to be treated like a child, which I make sure to do since she hates it so much, but she listens to me since I'm 3 years older than her and her boss. "Yes Jasper." She says in a dry tone as she slowly walks next to me and sits down on the chair behind the register. Bella and I can be best friends, but when it comes to work I'm her boss and she is an employee, with a very good relationship, but still.

I was on the phone ordering the acrylic paintings I saw this morning. It was now 2:30 in the after noon, that's when I heard Bella calling my name. When I finished sorting things out with the saleslady on the phone I returned to the front of the store to find Bella talking to... him. He is a frequent customer, normally he comes by every afternoon around this time. Bella says that he is a famous musician named Edward. Personally, I do not know much about music, so I had never heard of him, but she says he is quite famous around New York. We have never had a conversation apart from when he is buying one of my paintings.

I still remember the first time that he came to the store, he was wearing sunglasses and a hat, even though it was cloudy outside. At first I thought he was just a weir guy, but then when Bella told me about who he was I understood, he was trying to be discreet in public. That day he bought one of my first paintings, he even asked if it was from a famous painter, when I told him it was my work he bought it in an instant, ever since that day he has come here almost every afternoon.

"Where you calling me Bella?" I asked her even though I know she did, I just wanted to get his attention and let him know that I was here. When Edward saw me he smiled kindly at me making me blush a little. "Good afternoon." I greeted him.

"Yeah Jazz, he was asking for you again. I was kind of disappointed he wasn't here looking for me." Bella said as he winked at Edward and walked away from us to the register. I shook my head an walked towards him.

"I'm sorry if she made you uncomfortable, she's kind of blunt." I told him as we slowly walked to the exhibition room.

"It's okay, don't worry about it." Said Edward with a chuckle. "So, I see you've work hard since the last time I came, which was yesterday." He said, referring to the new painting under the spotlight. Yesterday when Edward came here it was still incomplete he told me he was looking forward to see it finished so I stayed up late last night finishing it just for him. The fist day I met Edward and he bought my painting he told me that my paintings gave him inspiration, that he loved how he could tell what I was feeling just from my paintings, that made me so happy I felt I could die, so ever since that day when I'm painting I think of Edward and I can paint everything I want to tell him. "I love this one, I'll take it."

"Okay I'll tell Bella to-" I began but Edward cut me off.

"Was it for your girlfriend? I mean, did your girlfriend inspired this?" Edward asked me as he stared intently to the painting. "I sense passion, and love, and sadness, but mostly passion. Were you thinking of her when you made this?"

"A-Actually I don't have a girlfriend. It's someone I like actually, but I think its unrequired love I guess. I-It's complicated." I confessed to him as I stuttered. Actually I was thinking of you. Yes, I like Edward and I have a big crush on him, but I'm positive he is straight and probably has a girlfriend. I mean just look at him, beautiful emerald-green eyes, messy bronze hair and fair skin. He's possibly the sexiest man I've ever seen.

"Unrequired love huh?" He said almost in a whisper. "I think I know how that feels." Edward turned to look at me and smiled again. For just a second he stared deeply into my eyes before looking away and walking back to the front of the store. I was paralyzed in place, I could feel the heat burning my cheeks and my heart beating in my chest, all because Edward stared at me for a second. God, calm down Jasper. Go out there and thank him for buying your painting. I obeyed my brain and walked out of the exhibition room just to find an empty store. He left already? I sighed and walked to Bella.

"Jasper if you don't ask him out the next time he comes I'm so gonna kick your ass you little pussy. Can't you see he wants you too? Have you not seen how he looks at you?"

"Bella, I'm certain he is straight. Besides, he hasn't made any move that make me believe otherwise, so just drop it okay?" I told her annoyed. Whenever Edward leaves she begins to tell me how I should ask him out and how I totally swoon over him and that may be true but I can't just ask him out. I don't even know the guy for god´s sake. All I know about him is his name and the fact that he is a musician, nothing else and he just knows my name because I have a name tag and because Bella told him so.

"Good night Jasper, I'll see you tomorrow. On time." Bella said as she picked up her coat and slipped it on.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be on time tomorrow Bella, don't worry about freezing your ass off this time." I told her with a laugh as I piled up some boxes. "I'll take this to the back room and close the store so you go ahead and leave. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, be good Jazz." She said before leaving. I looked down at the boxes in front of me and sighed before picking them up and slowly walking to the staff room. I placed them on the corner. I took the garbage bag and walked to the alley next to the store to put it on the trash, there was a door on the staff room so I didn't have to walk from the front of the store. When I returned I was ready to go so I picked up my coat but a loud thud on the door made me drop it. I opened the door and saw Edward there. He quickly made his way through the door, closed it behind him and pushed me against the wall.

My heart stopped and my breath caught. "Ummm E-Edward, what are-"

"Shhhh." He said. Suddenly I heard faint voices in the distance.

"Ughh where is he? I swear I just saw him walk into this alley." A girls voice said. Could it be a fan girl? "Oh well, come on girls. Let's keep looking for him." The same girl said and I heard footsteps walking away, a lot of them. Wow, he is quite famous after all.

Edward sighed and moved away from me. "I'm so sorry Jasper, I was being chased by some girls and I had no where else to hide." He said as he brushed himself off. His hair looked messier than usual and his jacket was missing.

"Where is your jacket? You may catch a cold if you don't put it on." I said, kicking myself mentally for letting him notice that I worry about him too much.

"They took it, those girls from earlier. While I was running I fell down and they caught up to me and attacked me, taking my jacket in the process before I could run away again." Explained Edward, he still looked a little out of breath.

"Oh, do you want me to take you home?" I offered as I took my coat from the floor and slipped in it.

"No don't worry about it, I actually live pretty close from here." Edward said. There was a small awkward silence between us which I wanted to break but I had no idea what to say, I mean I couldn't just- "Hey Jasper can I ask you a favor?"

"A-A favor? Umm sure what kind of favor?"

"Could you give me your number?"

I didn't know what to say then. I mean of course I know what to say, it's just that I can't say it, I can't make my brain send messages to my mouth to articulate a single word. Am I asleep? Did I fell asleep while I was at the staff rom? Is this really happening? Wait Jasper, don't get ahead of yourself, maybe he just wants your number to call you and ask about your paintings or something. Yeah it must be it, but still, he wants my number. Say something Jasper! Oh right, my number.

"Ummm yeah just, err give your phone." I told him kind of awkwardly. Edward handed me his phone and I clicked my phone into it before returning it to him. Okay Jasper, say something clever, or just say something. "May I ask why you want my number for?"

"Maybe I want to get together some time. Whine about our unrequired love together is better than to do it alone, maybe we could do that some time. Or we could just talk... or not, if you want." Edward said looking away from me. Is that a blush I'm looking at?

I smiled widely to him. "Yeah, maybe we could talk or not talk together. It would be nice."

"Good, umm I have to head back home now, but I'll call you." Edward said as he walked to the back door again and opened it. He turned to look at me and smiled. "Good night Jasper, and thank again, for helping me."

"It's okay, don't worry about it. Good night Edward." I said and smiled back. When Edward closed the door as he left I slid down the wall next to me. Edward just ask for my number and said that we could get together sometime. I totally have to call Bells and brag about it in her face, I thought as I walked to the front of the store, grabbed my things and walked out. I locked the door and walked to my car. The whole ride home I couldn't stop smiling about tonight's events. Life has just gotten more interesting.

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