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I was worried about Jasper beyond belief, he's just been so depressed for the past month. Yeah, I said a month. After he and Edward's dreadful 4th date Edward tried to contact him in every way possible, he came to the store everyday but since Jasper told me what happened and it was killing him I told him I would take over the store for a while. He called Jasper the next day to apologize but everything went wrong again and they fought over the phone. After that he began calling me every day asking me about him. He had returned to rehearsals so he called me when he had a break, at 1:30 exactly. At that time was my lunch break anyways so I had plenty of time to fill him in on Jaspers status. It's now been a month and Edward is about to go on a tour to Europe and unless he or Jasper fix their problem this could mean a definite goodbye for both.

Edward tried to call Jasper to tell him about his tour but he never picked up the phone, or so he told last monday when he called, and he really needed Jasper to know about it. He told me that if Jasper wanted him to stay he would. I know Edward's feelings about Jasper are strong but I'm not the one who needs to realise it, it's Jasper and it's really hard to get into that head of his, when he put his mind on something he sticks with it, and now he wanted to "forget Edward" because he broke his heart. I know that I need to do something about it, and quick, if not... well you know what will happen then.

It was Saturday night and I had finally convinced Jasper to hang out. I was bringing chinese take out to his apartment and we were going to watch a movie together. I missed hanging out with my best friend. I sighed in content when I was just outside Jasper's apartment, chinese take out in hand. I used my key and let myself in. The apartment was dark and just a glow from under Jasper's bedroom door lit up the house, barely letting me see. I turned on the lights and called Jaspers name, no response. Were is he?

I placed our food on the kitchen counter as I took off my coat and my scarf, then I walked to his bedroom door. I knocked on it twice. "Jasper, are you in there?" I asked as I kept quiet to try to hear what was going on inside. Nothing, I began to worry. "Jasper." I called again. "I'm coming in." I announced before turning the door knob slowly and pushing the door open. Inside was Jasper, laying down on his bed. He was hugging his pillow to his chest and as he cried silently, it broke my heart to see him like that. "Oh Jasper."

I quickly walked to his side and sat down next to him. "He's going away Bella." Jasper said in between sobs. Well I think he decided to pick up Edward's call. "He can't leave, he can't. I... I love him so much." He broke into sobs again. I hugged him to my chest and whispered in his ear that it would all be okay, that I was here for him.

"Shhh." I whispered into his ear as I rocked us both back and forth. "Just rest now and we'll talk in the morning. I promise I won't leave you. I'll sleep here tonight." I reassured him with a smile as I pulled the covers over both of our bodies, my shoes still on.

Seeing Jasper cry al night made me realize the big mistake he was making by not telling Edward what he feels, I know it's been hard for him to fall in love all over again after Alex, but he needs to start fresh and realize that Edward loves him too despite the fact that he is not ready to make their relationship public. He needed time, just as Jasper needed time when he was in high school. It was just a matter of time, and I'm sure they'll both be together one day, wether is next week, or next month, or even maybe next year, but they will be together.


I woke up tangled in between sheets and Bella's smell on my pillow. I was confused for a bit, but then I remember what happened last night. Edward called me for the third time that day and I decided to answer his call, maybe it's something important. And it was important, so important that it broke me even more. Edward was going on a tour to Europe on monday; today is sunday, that means... no, I don't want to think about it, it hurts too much. He told me that he was coming back in 6 months but that maybe he stays there, buys a house and takes some time off after the tour. He said that he needed to give me some space and, even if I don't believe him, that he was truly sorry for hurting me.

I sighed and got up from my bed, the smell of food invading my nostrils and I smiled to myself, Bella was still here, she promised she would stay. I walked out of the bedroom ti find a sleepy Bella sipping coffee and humming to herself. I chuckled a little, making her turn my way with a soothing smile. "Good morning sleepy head."

"Hey." I said quietly as I sat down next to her.

"I made breakfast." Said Bella as she pushed a plate over to me. "I was going to wait for you but I was too hungry. Sorry." She apologized with her puppy dog eyes.

"You Know I can't resist your puppy eyes. Besides, you stayed with me all night, and I'm grateful, last night I was a mess. Sorry about it." I explained as I began to eat my delicious breakfast.

"Don't even mention it." We then fell into a comfortable silence as I ate and Bella sipped her coffee. After a few minutes she asked the question I knew she wanted to ask me so badly. "So, what are you going to do?"

"There's nothing I can do. He's leaving tomorrow and I can't tell him to stay just because I'm selfish and I want him here with me. He loves what he does and I don't want him to give it up just for me." I said as I played with my food, moving it around with my fork. "Besides, I'm sure he doesn't feel what I feel for him."

"Of course he does Jasper!" Bella almost yelled at me in frustration.

"How do you know? Did he told you? Did he actually mentioned the word love when talking about me?" I asked, now annoyed myself. Why do I have to love him so much? Why do I have to fall in love but never been fell for? Why is Edward so perfect? Bella's silence answered my previous question. "That's what I thought."

"But he does love you Jazz. He might have not told me but trust me in this." Bella pleaded with me, but I wasn't giving in. "He calls me every day yo know? He's always asking how you are."

"He's just feeling guilty because he hurt me. That's not love."

"Enough!" Bella snapped raising her voice and slamming her hands on the table as she got up. "I tried to make you come to your senses but you are too stubborn and I'm sick of you sulking around your apartment. Do whatever yo want, call Edward, don't call Edward, just don't come crying to me when you are alone because you never told Edward how you really felt." She said as he put on her shoes and her coat. "Oh and tomorrow I'm taking the day off, so you need to come back to the store." She said as she slipped her scarf on, then she left with a slam on the door.

I sighed and felt bad because Bella was just trying to help me and I just upset her. After processing in my mind what just happened I stood up from the table and cleaned the kitchen. I know that Bella is right, I'm stubborn and I'm just sulking around and not doing anything about the issue in hand, but even if it's true that Edward feels the same way about me that I do about him, I'm not going to tell him to stay, I won't ruin his dreams just because my selfish wish, I won't do that, I can't destroy his dream.

I picked up my phone that was now in between the couch cushions and dialed Edward's number. It was 10:25 so he's probably rehearsing. Voicemail, I knew he was busy, but I left him a message.

"Edward it's me, Jasper..." I gulped and felt tears in my eyes as I spoke the next words. "I hope that everything turns out well in your tour to Europe and I wish you the best... I lo-Goodbye Edward." I ended the call and shut my cell phone crumbling to the ground and falling into pieces just as last night when I knew my Edward was leaving.

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