Ch. 1

X-men Animus Saga

Animus is Latin for spirit; it explains itself more in the story to why the clan name and title is animus.

This is all of the marvel universe added in with X-men.

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The Animus is clan of people that know the knowledge of the universe and every single dimension. The leader of the Animus is Archive, her real name Katherine Korwells. Three other animuses are her assistants and sisters which were Ashley Don Marie Korwells also known as DataBase and Jessifina Korwells also known as GigaByte and Ashley's biological younger sister Aura also known as Index. The one of the older Animus turned against there clan and joined the enemy. The enemy killed many Animus and many innocent people, almost destroying the whole world, but were destroyed by Archive and the immortal goddess that gave the animus there powers. The enemy was called the Malum. They had been created by the Animus but they learned they had made a mistake when the Malum had started killing the Animus and then they were named the Malum which means evil. The Animus had made the embodiment of evil by mistake, and that was there only and last mistake.

I am an Animus, a keeper of knowledge and protector of life. I am Jessifina Greyheart Korwells of the four Korwells sisters and one of the last animus and one of the last of our world. I had grown up an orphan until I was taken in by the Korwells family. I was small when I was orphaned, I couldn't even remember my old family. I grew up in a household with four sisters, Katherine, Ashley and Aura, because of them I felt like I belonged and felt loved. It was a couple of months before my twentieth birthday when we lost everything to our enemy and in a final attempt to save the last people of the world she protected, the immortal goddess Scientia destroyed the rest of the remaining Malum and literally wiped them from existence and to do that she had to destroy our world and sent herself and us to another world she thought we would be able to adapt to and be safe in the process. What she did not count on was that our traitor had managed to follow us. The day we arrived, we met a group known as the X-Men and also a organization named S.H.I.E.L.D, but a man named James Howlett or Logan as he prefers, and a man named Charles Xavier took us in and help us adjust to there world, which was a little different then our own. They were kind and because they showed us kindness in our hours of need we vowed to protect them and there world, our new home.

It was a normal day at on Utopia for us, well except that is was my twentieth birthday, which was a grand celebration for my sisters. They wanted to make me happy today because they had all had there birthdays back in our world but I would be spending it here. I can still remember my older sister Katherine's thirty third birthday, it was a month after my other sister Ashley's twentieth birthday, which of course was after my younger sister and Ashley's biological younger sister's seventeenth birthday. Ashley and Aura were close, I still remember when Scientia had first brought them to the Korwells manor. They were interesting, I always loved how there hair matched, Ashley had dark purple hair while Aura's was a light lilac. It always amused me because in our culture those born with purple hair are those who have hard headed and rash personalities, which is ironic because neither of them is like that, there usually calm and cheerful. Now our older sister was the leader of the animus and she is very calm and quiet but will always voice her opinion when it is needed. She was a tall woman with long icy blue hair which matches her piercing blue eyes which you'd swear when she looks at you she's looking into your soul. I liked thinking about my sisters, there presence made me relax just knowing that they were there. They seemed to worry about me a lot ever since the final battle with the Malum, but it wasn't uncommon, they always seemed to worry about me. I broke out of my thoughts when I heard Logan came and tolled me that he and some of the others were going to the mainland and if I wanted to go to get ready, I had a half an hour. It didn't take long for me to get ready, I just put on a pair of jeans and looked at myself in the mirror in my bathroom. My amber eyes shown bright and my long white hair was in a high pony tail, I had an unusual look to myself which made it harder for me to blend in, but that is one reason I don't go out much. Well now to meet everyone downstairs so I could go do some shopping, I needed a new book, the one here I've read and are boring, but oh well.

Finally I was free, at the moment I was wondering around the city outside the boundaries of the x-nation, I didn't like being caged and the mutants didn't deserve it. I really was not used to this world, it had everything my world did, except the technology wasn't as advanced but still. The people weren't hiding, they were outside, with no fear of being killed by the Malum, like my people were. And it was somewhat peaceful, except the people were more judgmental, I didn't quite get the concept on why these people would let a man like Norman Osborne be in control of the Avengers, which at the moment were a motley crew of villains. Speaking of Avengers, I saw them run and fly pass me, they were going towards a burning building. I summoned Silva rode on his back in his larger form. I got there before them and used some magic to put the fire out and used a spell to get the people out of the building. There were news reporters and photographers taking pictures of me and trying to get close to me. Norman Osborne was the first to come near me, he didn't look happy either, but I really didn't care.

"Who do you think you are, I thought the X-men were staying in X-nation," Said Norman.

"I'm not a mutant or an X-men, I'm an Animus, isn't that right Ares," I said.

"Yes, the animus are a race of people that hold the knowledge of every galaxy, every dimension, they know everything, they are also control spirit guardians, but I was told that your world was destroyed by the Malum and that the Animus were extinct," Said Ares.

"There are only four of us left, me and my three adopted sisters, you know of the Korwells family," I said.

"So the great Animus warriors are endangered, how did you survive the battle," Asked Ares.

"I killed the Malum of course, I massacred them for killing my people and killing my family, we created them and we destroyed them, Scientia wiped them out and wiped them out of existence," I said.

"Why, why come here, this is a world that can use the knowledge against others," Said Ares.

"Oh and you aren't one of those people, I have been trained since I was a child to protect my knowledge and remember it isn't easy to kill a animus, we are as powerful as the gods, I am one of the four keepers of Scientia, if you have forgotten Ares, you are the one that helped train me," I said.

"You were one of my greatest students, but you hate war," Said Ares.

"I fight to protect, unlike your little band of misfit that masquerade as superheroes," I whispered.

"But you don't seem to tell everyone that were evil though," Whispered Ares.

"Because I'm not really aloud to intervene and I don't know the outcome, I may have all knowledge but Animus don't know the future, only Archive does," I whispered back.

"So what are you two going on about," Said Hawkeye/Bullseye.

"So this is the psychotic airhead with a bow and arrow," I asked.

"Who told you that," Asked Ares.

"Mr. Logan, he is actually a very nice person, well if your able to keep him and Mr. Summers from fighting then he's a great person to talk to," I said.

"So she's smart, pretty, strong, skilled in magic and fighting, and knows my father, I'm impressed," Said Daken.

"Well I should probably leave, seems like your boss doesn't like me, well I accomplished something else on my to do list, now to make sure that Emma isn't being attacked by Ashley, it was nice to see you Ares, maybe I'll run into Athena, I could use some more training," I said.

"Wait miss," Came a female voice.

"Yes and you are," I asked.

"I'm with the New York Times, I was wondering if we could get an interview, like an article about your powers and were your from," asked the journalist.

"Sorry but I can't, I try to keep to my self and at the moment I have business to attend to," I said.

"Ok, if you change your mind just come to the office and ask for Kat O'Riley," Said the journalist.

"I'll keep that in mind," I said.

I walked back towards the shop I had currently been looking at and went inside. It was full of books and all sorts of literature and book stands, bookmarks, anything to do with books, I found my store. It was so nice and cozy on the inside and it had book shelves lining the walls, I think I just found my happy place. I started walking around the store when I noticed a presence behind me. It was same presence I felt when I was talking to Ares. I walked behind a bookshelf and waited until the person that was following me walked in front of the side of the bookshelf. I put my foot out and it connected with the person's foot. But all of a sudden it hooked around my ankle and I fell forward into someone. I look up to see a guy with a Mohawk and deep sky blue eyes, the same eyes that belonged to Daken Akihiro A.K.A dark wolverine. He smirked at me, he happened to be holding my arms against his. I pushed backwards and stood up straight and watched him carefully.

"so why are you following me, did your boss tell you to," I asked.

"Kind of, and I was curious about you, your not a normal person," Said Daken.

"You really aren't anything like your father, speaking of which I should go find him, I kind of wondered away from him and the rest of the group," I said.

"Why are you living with the X-men, your not a mutant and you seem powerful," Said Daken.

"They helped us and there currently helping us find an ex-animus, the one that betrayed my people, I'm going on my way now, I expect you tell your boss to go fuck himself and he better not send someone to watch me again and that goes for you to," I said.

"I will, but I can't promise anything when it comes to me," Said Daken.

"Whatever," I said.

I walked out of the store and headed back were I left Logan and the rest of the students. When I got there everyone was looking like they wanted to go. I told Logan I was going to stay behind and keep sight seeing, and he just nodded and told Remy and Rogue to go with me. We went to the park and they showed me around the different things in New York. It was different from the New York in my world, it was nicer and not as destroyed from many battles. I kind of missed my world, but I knew it was destroyed and I couldn't do anything about it, I had to look forward. Remy was like my big brother, he was such a sweetheart and how he spoke French reminded me of my father, he used to speak French to me. I had a family again and it made me feel so happy inside, something I hadn't felt since my family died. Sometimes I feel like it was just a dream, but I know when I wake up it's a reality. Nothing could change that now, but oh well, its best if I just get on with my life and see what fate has in store for me.

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