Note: So now that SasuSaku Month has ended, I'm basically super depressed as I can no longer rush over to that community looking for Kaze and Kiba's latest piece. However, today I found myself in the livejournal community SasuSaku Prompts, which, from my understanding, is a community with yearly challenges and some other stuff. (Great description, self.) Anyhow, I highly recommend you all go check them out and participate! I'm making it a personal goal to go through their sets of prompts before the end of the year. At the moment, I'm taking on the Kissing Booth Challenge. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU GUYS HAVE NOTICED, BUT I SORT OF LOVE ANTHOLOGIES.
Prompt: "Make-up kiss"
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i. make-up kiss

She kisses his shoulder before drawling out his name in a raspy moan.

He's in bed already, facing away from her. Sakura almost rolls her eyes at him. Something tells her that despite his seemingly sleeping form, he's doing nothing but laying still with a petulant pout on his face. Instead, she smiles and barely stops herself from laughing. Sometimes her darling husband could be quite the drama queen. Sakura feels him stiffen ever so slightly when she presses against him, the curves of her body pushed firmly against his back. She presses her forehead against the base of his skull and places a kiss upon the spot where that wretched seal once lingered. She takes pleasure in the way he shivers at the brush of her lips. When he still continues to keep his back to her, Sakura rolls her eyes. She throws her arm over his side and spoons him, and after squirming a little higher, she leans over and kisses him just below the ear.

"Are you seriously going to ignore me all night?" she asks when he continues to remain still.

Sakura grins when he grunts.

"Stop being such a baby," she chastises. Sakura moves over to her own side of the bed before pulling on his shoulder to make him lay flat on his back. "Really, the boy is more mature than you are."

Sasuke finally opens his eyes but only ever so slightly so that he can glare at her. "You left me with him all day," he grits out.

Sakura only rolls her eyes again. She knows Sasuke gets rather nervous when she leaves him alone with their seven-month-old son, but had decided it was time for him to get over his fears earlier that morning when she took on an extra shift. "I was at work!" she reasons. "And really, you can't handle your own son?"

"Of course I can," Sasuke immediately retorts, "but I was under the impression that being married implied I had a teammate for this particular mission."

She laughs. "Did you actually just compare raising a family to a mission?" Sakura smiles at his unashamed expression and leans over him. "I'm sorry for leaving you all alone with Itachi today, Sasuke-kun," she whispers against his skin, but he knows she's not sorry at all. He considers telling her as much but the words die on his lips when she kisses him softly, her half-hearted attempt at apologizing.