The distance

For many have said for they will never keep just a short distance…
Han solo was a man of few words especially to his crush Princess Leia the last princess of Alderaan. The man was like a small boy inside because of his past Han Solo had grown afraid of love. Never the less when he'd not look for it love would find him first. He'd not want to remember a girl who'd broken his heart and then used him for his abilities Bria Tharen was different from the girl he crushed on now.

Han Solo sat alone in his room at the desk in front of him was a piece of paper on the paper was a poem for Leia. He read it aloud.

Kiss of my love
your beauty overwhelms me
as I wrap my arms around you
I press your softness tight
great passion fill my inner being
I capture you in my embrace
your eyes control my soul
the touch of your lips, heaven
for ever frozen in time
all else fades into nothing

He hoped that someday he'd close the small distance between them. Someday he'd gather the courage to tell her how much he loved looking into those brown chocolate eyes. But today as any other day Han Solo would keep his distance.

The end?