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This is also my first yaoi so if you do not like it, please avert your gaze to other stories.

I also am not sure how many parts I am going to be making this story, it's just something I got inspiration for when I read about Syo's path in the story. So uh…yes there will be more appearances from the other characters and perhaps hints of other pairings too, but I'm not too sure just yet. Hope you all enjoy :3

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No matter how hard he tried…it seemed like he could never catch a break.


That was the only word that was going through his mind at the moment as he sat by himself on the edge of his bed, staring down at a now crumpled piece of paper with narrowed eyes. The room was dark, save for a lone lamp perched on the nightstand by his bed…fitting in a way, since it represented his mood.

His fate had been sealed by a lone piece of paper…anyone would be upset if they were in his position. His hands had begun to tremble and his breathing quickened…it was only natural. But getting so worked up was something that he could not afford to do…it would eventually escalate into a life or death situation if he didn't do something about it.

'Calm down.'

His common sense was tell him the calm down? He could have laughed. Than again…he could already feel the lightheadedness rearing it's ugly head and it was already becoming difficult for him to breathe…

He let out a grunt of frustration as he threw the paper with all of his might down at the floor in front of him. He let out a soft groan as he placed his hands over his face, ordering himself to control his breathing.

'Easy Syo…' he repeated to himself as his heart continued to throb against his chest at an alarming rate.

There really was no point on getting so worked up if he was only going to end up in the hospital…really now…what was the sense in that? A sigh escaped his lips finally as he rubbed his face with the palms of his hands, wiping away the small tears that had at some point formed in the corners of his eyes.

'I really shouldn't be surprised,' he thought as he allowed himself to lay down on his bed, baby blue eyes fixated on a certain spot of the ceiling.

He should have been used to this already…used to the fact that he was limited in what he would be able to do. He should have…but than again, he had come to Saotome Academy to prove to everyone, especially his family, that he could achieve his dream despite his handicap.

But now…

His eyes darted to the floor for a split second, that crumpled up piece of paper seemed to almost glower at him, revealing all of his weaknesses…he couldn't take it…so he turned away from it.


Syo tensed for a split second before bolting upright on his bed at the sound of his roommate's voice. He honestly hadn't expected Natsuki to come back so soon…just what time was it anyway? Quickly, he picked up the piece of paper he had thrown so carelessly onto the floor moments before just as Natsuki opened the door, he sincerely hoped that his roommate wouldn't be able to notice something was amiss. Natsuki was an airhead, but he was also very perceptive.

"N-Natsuki!" So much for keeping cool…although…he always acted like this to him, "What are you doing back so soon?"

His roommate simply blinked for a few moments, his eyes showing confusion and obliviousness, "They didn't have the ingredients I was looking for at the store so I came back home," his voice had a tinge of disappointment in it and...did he really start pouting?

Syo, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief, he really did not feel like being food poisoned now, or ever for that matter. Whoever thought Natsuki should be let anywhere near a kitchen seriously needed to have themselves re-evaluated.

"That's good…I-I mean…" he grunted and simply looked away, "Sorry to hear that…and you went all the way into town for nothing…"

"Well not for nothing!"

"Huh? How so?"

He watched Natsuki pull out a piece of paper from the bag he was carrying, "I found this Syo-chan! Look!" he beamed brightly as he flashed the paper right in front of the younger boy's face.

There was a photograph of his idol, now teacher, on the page he was forced to stare at. It seemed as if Hyuuga Ryuuga was holding another audition for a part in his upcoming movie…something actually he had been aware of since this morning.

"I know that you really idolize Ryuuga-sensei," Natsuki began, he could tell the smile was wide on his face, "So when I saw this, I rushed back to show you! I know how you wanted to work with sensei for a long time and…" his smile grew brighter, "I just wanted to help you out Syo-chan! Maybe even earn a cute smile from you!"

Syo's eyes wavered as he looked between the paper and his roommate, words escaping him at the moment. He bit his lip lightly as he tried to conjure up something to say.

Natsuki…he seemed so happy that he was trying to help him really touched him that he really went out of his way to come back just to show him this, he really was a good friend...

And yet...he could feel the weight of the scrunched up paper in his hand, a reminder of his weaknesses and his disabilities. He lowered his head, disgusted in himself.

"Syo-chan?" He could hear the confusion in his friend's voice, yet he still couldn't say anything…it was like a lump had formed in his throat.

The light ruffle of paper in front of him indicated that Natsuki lowered his arm to his side, "Did I upset you?" he asked, there was a tinge of worry and almost…fear? Perhaps?

"No! No…you didn't…don't worry it's not your fault."

He forced himself to looked up at Natsuki and smile, "Thank you…I mean it. It means a lot…Natsuki."

Syo watched as a look of relief fall on Natsuki's face, "Good. I was worried for a moment…I just wanted to make you happy Syo-chan."

"I know. And you did."

He stood up and dusted himself off, "I think I just might attempt to audition again!" he allowed a grin to reach his face as he felt the paper in his hand rub against it.

Natsuki's eyes lit up brightly, "I know you'll get it this time!" He grabbed his friend by the wrists and started to twirl him around the room, "My Syo-chan is cute and amazing and pretty much every positive word you can think of!" he proclaimed rather loudly.

"H-Hey Natsuki! Knock it off will you!" He grunted as he started tripping over his feet, his friend was obviously ignoring his protests, lost in his own fantasies

"S-Seriously! You're going to make me fall Natsuki!" he continued to whine.

"Oh I'd never let you fall," Natsuki replied, stopping abruptly, the sudden halt causing Syo to fall against his chest, "I'd catch you before I would allow that Syo-chan."

The comment was lighthearted enough…however it was the way Natsuki had said it caught Syo completely off guard, a hidden meaning...if you will. Quickly he began to try and push himself away from his friend to put some distance between them…the heat beginning to rise up on the back of his neck and in his face.

"D-Don't say such careless things you idiot!" He grunted, backing up to the foot of his bed, "Seriously…" he scratched the back of his head as he let out a deep sigh, trying to force the red from his cheeks, "It could be taken the wrong way."

"…What's this?"

Syo blinked a few times, looking back over to his roommate and immediately tensed when he saw Natsuki begin to pick up the crumpled piece of paper that he safely had tucked away in his hand moments before. That idiot…he made him drop it in all the commotion. And if Natsuki were to read the contents of that…well it would probably be disastrous.

"N-no wait!" He quickly dove to the floor, grabbing the paper from Natsuki's hand before the taller man could blink, "Natsuki don't!"


Natsuki had his hand out to the boy, who was now huddled over the ball of paper in his hand, protecting it for dear life. Needless to say the whole scenario confused him, Syo had never been one to hide things...least of all from him.

"Is everything really alright?" he asked, watching the smaller boy's shoulders tense up at the question.

"Yes!" he answered all too quickly as he was trying to catch his breath, "Yes Natsuki…everything is completely fine!" he laughed slightly, "Why wouldn't everything be okay?"

Syo knew he was making himself look more suspicious by the second, Natsuki knew him better than anyone…and despite what people may have thought about him…he was far from stupid.

"Well you seem to be acting…stranger than normal…I'm a little concerned."

His green eyes wavered, if something was bothering Syo…he had thought they had been friends long enough to where the younger boy knew he didn't have to hide.

Syo stood up finally, pocketing the paper before looking at him straight in the eyes, "Don't be…you don't have to worry about me Natsuki. I don't need to be protected all the time…" he said, walking over to his side of the room and laying down on his bed.

Natsuki simply stared at his back for a few moments before letting out a soft sigh, so there was something wrong…Syo didn't realize how easy he was to read. Everytime he would spout those words, that normally meant something was amiss. It was something that he had caught onto very early on, because he would always watch over him. He simply rubbed his arm and shook his head, he wanted to help him in anyway he could because he…no he didn't need to say it. It was already apparent enough he had some sort of feelings for Syo.

"Alright. You win tonight," he said. Natsuki also knew which battles to choose...and it didn't seem like Syo wanted to touch upon this one just yet.

His legs began to move over to his own side of the room, the bed letting out a light groan as he sat down.

It was only when he had started to pick up that piece of paper did Syo begin to act more oddly than normal. Natsuki pinched the bridge of his nose slightly, whatever was on it was what was causing the younger boy stress. And he swore to eliminate that stress no matter what.

So I pretty much have a basic outline of how the story is going to play out…as stated before I am not sure how many chapters it will be though. Anyways! Reviews are always very kindly appreciated and I truly did hope you all enjoyed Chapter 1.