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'Man I'm tired...'

A yawn escaped his lips as he walked down the deserted hallway. The early morning rays of the sun were seeping in through the windows, casting a heavenly glow upon everything it touched.

Syo shifted the violin case from his left hand to his right as he rubbed the water from his eyes, exhaustion still very much evident on his face. It annoyed him to no end that he always ended up waking up before the majority of student population on campus...but considering he had to be awake before his roommate in order to prevent the other half of his personality from coming out, it couldn't exactly be helped.

A shudder ran down his spine as he recalled the one time he had accidentally slept in, only to be awoken (rather violently) by Natsuki's other unpredictable half Satsuki. Since that terrible experience, he made sure to wake up a little earlier than Natsuki in order to slip his glasses onto his face.

'Not that I have been really sleeping well anyway...' he thought to himself grumpily as he finally opened to the door to the empty piano room he would be occupying until classes began.

Setting down the case gently, he unlatched the locks, and gingerly pulled out the delicate instrument. He checked each of the strings to make sure they were all in tune before grabbing his bow with the other hand. Baby blue eyes closed as he slowly took a deep breath and began to play, letting his heart control his fingers.

One of the advantages, he supposed, of waking up early in the morning is that he could have some quality time to himself, relieving all of his stress and worries with the simple art of playing the violin. It seemed the only time life wasn't pulling at him from every angle was during these quiet mornings when he was alone.

Syo's brows furrowed slightly as he thought back to last night...he hadn't meant to snap at Natsuki like that. Now that he thought back on it, he probably only made himself look even more suspicious. Natsuki would no doubt continue to try and get him to spill out his problems to him but...this just wasn't something he could fix. He cared about the guy...he was his best friend after all...anything else and he would have been the first one Syo went to.

His eyes snapped open at the sound of the door opening behind him, halting his bow.

"O-Oh I'm...I'm so sorry!"

He immediately recognized Haruka's shy voice echoing off the walls of the room.

"You're up pretty early Nanami," he spoke up, turning around to see that the pink haired girl had bowed very deeply in apology.

"Eh? Oh good morning Syo-kun," she stood up, her expression still very guilty, "If I had known you were occupying this room I would have at least knocked..."

He shrugged, "Don't worry about it," he replied, "It's pretty early after all."

"Yes it is," her golden eyes darting to the side, "I thought it was a good opportunity to play the song that I had just completed on the piano," she said quietly, "I didn't think that..."

Syo shook his head, "Like I said Nanami, it's nothing to worry over," he said when her voice started to trail off.

Haruka nodded reluctantly, " come you're up so early Syo-kun?" she looked up at him, "You look exhausted...did something happen?"

Haruka was probably the only one who knew about his condition, not by his choice of course...she just happen to witness one of his more severe attacks a while back, she had promised she would keep quiet about it.

He sighed, "I just have a few things on my mind I guess," he mumbled, "And it's also to make sure Satsuki doesn't grace us with his appearance."

A chuckle escaped her lips.

Syo shook his head, "Why don't you try doing it everyday of the week and see how funny it is!" he snapped slightly.

"I'm sorry," she replied, wiping a small tear from her eye, though she still looked very amused.

He sighed after a few moments of silence, watching Haruka cross the room over to take a seat on the piano stool and begin to organize her music sheets together.

Syo bit his lip lightly, "I received a letter from the hospital," he said finally.

Haruka stopped what she was doing and focused her attention on him, eyes wide with curiosity and a bit of concern, "And...what happened?" she asked.

He looked away from her, trying to think of how best to explain it so he wouldn't worry the other girl. It was a subject he couldn't talk about to other people, so in a way Haruka was a crutch that he leaned on a bit too much.

"One of the tests from my last visit was abnormal," he spoke up after a few moments, his voice seemed to resonate louder around them.

"Syo-kun I..."

He shook his head, "Look you don't need to say anything alright?" he grunted. He didn't want to be pitied after all, he wanted to be treated like he didn't have this cursed disease.

"I wasn't going to pity you..." she said softly, as if choosing her words carefully, "I was going to ask if there is anything that can be done about it."

Syo scratched the back of his head, "Whatever can be done about it would result in me dropping out of school," he replied, "That's the last thing I want to do. I have a dream I want to fulfill after all."


He knew what she wanted to say...was it really more important than getting better? To him, it was. He wanted to fulfill his dream no matter what the cost.

"And what would I tell the others? Nobody else knows and I know I will be questioned until I am forced to cave in and tell everyone!" His voice grew louder as he pictured all of the people looking down on him.

"I've known Natsuki for years and...he still doesn't know..." he said softly, "He almost found out yesterday and I..."

He heard Haruka stand up from her seat, her footsteps getting closer to him.

"Natsuki is the last person I want to know about this..." he spoke out, tensing when he felt Haruka place her hand on his shoulder.

"Syo-kun...maybe you..." she took a deep breath, "I don't think it would hurt to let him know...I don't think he'll react the way you think."

Syo grunted, "But what if he does?"

The throbbing in his chest started to pick up slightly at the mere thought.

"If you don't tell him...he'll end up finding out somehow."

The blond's eyes widened slightly, that couldn't happen. He didn't want Natsuki of all people to pity him. He wouldn't be able to handle it...

His heartbeat picked up.

"Syo-kun you have to calm down, if what the doctor said is true in that letter than you have to be more careful" she spoke up, her soft voice slightly more urgent.

After a few moments of deep breathing, he opened his eyes slowly, "Sorry...I didn't mean to worry you Nanami."

Haruka's eyes wavered, "No it's okay..." she said timidly, "Just...please tell me you'll be able to take care of yourself. Even if you don't tell anyone else...just please don't overexert yourself."

Syo grunted, "Yeah yeah," he mumbled, "I can take care of myself just fine!"

Haruka smiled slightly, "There's the Syo-kun I know."

He felt the heat rise to his face and quickly turned around to start putting away his violin.

"What are you talking about? I'm Syo no matter what!" he responded with his usual snappiness.

"I know," she chuckled, starting to make her way back to her seat at the piano, "Just make sure you make an appointment with your doctor okay?"

Syo rolled his eyes, "You're almost as bad as Kaoru..." he muttered as he left the piano room.

By lunchtime that afternoon, Syo had pretty much tired himself out to the point where he was falling asleep in his food.

He over-exerted himself too much, he knew that...but it felt so good to be able to sing in front of everyone today.

"Oi, Ochibi..."

The blond grumbled as he felt someone poking at his face with a spoon, "Will you knock it off?" he growled slightly, not lifting his head to snap at his friend.

Ren sighed, "Well it won't be my fault if you end up getting food in your hair because you don't know how to sleep in your own bed."

Syo's eyes snapped open as he lifted his face to stare at the strawberry blond next to him, "For your information," he began, "You know exactly why I am so tired in the morning!"

Ren rolled his eyes, "Whatever you and that roommate of yours are up to behind closed doors is none of my business," he responded.

Syo tensed, feeling the heat crawl up his face, did he just hear that right? There was no way Ren could have been implying that he and Natsuki...


His classmate smirked at him, poking Syo's nose with the spoon, earning him a glare from the shorter boy.

"I think you heard me loud and clear dear ochibi."

"Will you stop with your idiotic thoughts," a dark haired boy who was sitting across from them spoke up, "Your stupidity might be contagious."

Ren turned to stare at their other lunch companion, "You wound me Masa."

"I believe I told you to drop the nickname," Masato spoke curtly.

Syo had noticed that the blond next to him had become more teasing of their friend lately, and he could tell just by the glare that Masato was giving Ren that he did not appreciate the consistent jabs and names he had been creating.

"But I very much like the way the name rolls off the tongue...much more so than your last name...Masa," Ren spoke again, adding the nickname there to get more of a reaction.

"I'd prefer if you would not call me it either way. I don't like it," Masato replied in a tone that left no room for argument, "If you'll excuse me."

Syo blinked a few times as he watched Masato leave the cafeteria, "I think you really get on his nerves," he said finally.

He only heard Ren chuckle next to him, "No...quite the opposite. He's more flustered than annoyed I would say."

The shorter boy shook his head, "I guess you would know him better than I would. Though I always thought you two were bitter rivals," he shrugged as he started to eat away at his food, no point in wasting it.

Ren leaned back in his chair, his eyes focusing on the ceiling, "Maybe in his eyes we are..."

There was something about the way Ren had spoke just now that made Syo turn to look at him.

"Hey Re-"


The abrupt appearance of Natsuki in the chair that Masato had previously occupied broke up whatever atmosphere that had been present a few seconds ago.

Syo felt himself tense when he saw that his roommate had brought more than one bento box with him.

"Natsuki...what is all of that?" he was almost afraid to ask.

The green eyed boy smiled brightly, "I made all of us lunch!"

Syo heard the chair next to him scoot out, "I just remembered that I had something to take care of," Ren ruffled Syo's hair as he started to escape the evil known as Natsuki's cooking.

"H-Hey you!"

He groaned when Ren had almost miraculously vanished from his sight, "I'm going to kill him I swear..." he curled his one hand into a fist.

"Syo-chan!" Natsuki spoke again, causing him to look at the bespectacled boy across from him.

"I uh..." he looked down at his half eaten food.

To tell the truth, he wasn't even really all that hungry...and for whatever reason, being alone with Natsuki after last night made him feel a little nervous.

Natsuki pushed the bento in front of him, "I made extra for you Syo-chan! I noticed you haven't really been eating a lot lately so...I made sure that it was packed with everything you would need!"

Syo sweatdropped, had he really not been eating that much? And by everything, Natsuki probably literally meant everything.

"Um...thanks Natsuki but I..." he looked down at his lunch again, "I was working on finishing this..."

Natsuki blinked a few times, staring at the boy in front of him, it was an intense gaze that made the younger boy lower his head, a blush had started to creep up his face.

'What is wrong with me?' he thought as his hands began to squeeze his knees.

When he felt his heart begin to race he quickly picked up the bento that was laid in front of him, "But I think I might have some room for more!" he laughed nervously, his stomach dropping as he caught the stench of the food in the box.

Natsuki chuckled lightly, "I'm glad. I didn't see you this morning so I at least wanted to surprise you with lunch."

Syo smiled slightly, "Yeah, sorry about that. I just had the need to practice my violin today," he continued, forcing the concoction into his mouth.

His stomach churned, begging him not to digest it...but he couldn't turn it down knowing that Natsuki had prepared it with him in mind.


Syo looked up at him after he forced himself to swallow the food in his mouth.

'Please don't pass out,' he kept telling himself when he started to rub circles on his stomach. If he had felt exhausted seemed as if eating this mystery food made it worse.

"Are you feeling alright?"

Syo looked up, his eyes clashing with his roommate's before looking away.

"Of course I am...why do you ask?" he asked, his voice softer than he intended.

Natsuki was silent for a few moments, "You know you can come to me for anything right?" he asked, "I really mean that..."

Syo blinked, "Yeah...I know that," he let a small chuckle escape his lips, "What's the matter Natsuki?" he asked, "This isn't like you."

"You haven't been yourself lately Syo-chan...I'm just a little concerned that's all."

He felt Natsuki reach across the table and place his hand on top of his.

Syo tensed, trying to look his roommate in the eye, "I...I'm really okay...if anything I'm just a little tired!" he grunted, "Geez you worry way too much!"

His heart had started to thud against his chest again, it was almost like he couldn't handle being around the taller boy without his heart going out of control.

Natsuki sighed finally, "Alright..." he said softly, finally letting go of the younger boy's hand.

He brought another bite of the bento box Natsuki made to his lips, his eyes wavering as he mind began to fill up with thoughts he really shouldn't be touching on.

"This is good Natsuki," he said quietly, lying through his teeth as his stomach growled in protest.

Natsuki smiled brightly, "I'm glad! I really put my heart into it after all."

He watched Syo slowly pick away at his food...for whatever reason his cute little roommate wasn't opening up to him.

It was pretty obvious that he was hiding something from him...Syo wasn't exactly a good liar. It almost made him wonder if he was trustworthy at all. Didn't the boy know he would do almost anything for him?


His eyes wavered, immediately noticing Syo once again drifting back into his own mind...whatever it was, it was weighing heavily on the boy. It was strange...they were sitting across the table from each other, and yet it felt like there was a wall that was placed in between them to keep them apart.

The thought of that being the case was what hurt Natsuki more.

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