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Episode 16: New Friends And Battling Samurais!

Ash sighed as she sat on the ground, staring at the completely destroyed field. Behind her, Ao and the pokémon all sat stunned into complete silent. 'This…We could've been a part of this…Two kids and a bunch of pokémon blown to bits in the rubble and debris…' she found herself grimacing heavily at her own thoughts.

"A-Ash…" at the sound of Ao's voice, Ash immediately shook her head, turning her attention to the boy, eyes narrowing slightly before a smile graced her previously forlorn expression.

"Let's go." Ash called as she stood up, brushing off the dirt and grime from her clothes before turning to face the group behind her. She huffed as she saw the odd looks she was receiving. "We need to get these pokémon to the Pokémon Center, and the closest one is in Larouxville."

"Yeah, that's a good idea…" Ao said after taking a gulp of air, mind still stuck on the fact that they had all almost died. "What are you going to do with that?" he asked, turning his attention onto the still unconscious Nidorina in Ash's arms. The girl made a discontented noise at Ao's expression, before huffing at him and turning slightly away,

"I'm keeping her of course." Ash replied with a tone of finality, refusing to be swayed by whatever the other said right off the bat.

"But Ash…"

"But nothing, I'm keeping her. I'm not going to leave her to fend for herself. Now let's go, we need to get the Squirtle Squad and Venenosa to the Pokémon Center." She interrupted immediately, expression stern at first before she smiled and took ahold of Ao's arm, dragging him along in the direction of Larouxville.

"Would you like to accompany me for a candlelit dinner by the sunset-AGH!"

"Down doggy!" Ash called as she unceremoniously kneed Brock in the gut, the old man crumpling to the ground in pain as he folded in on himself like paper. Behind her, Ao stood carrying one of Squirtle Squad members that he had gotten oddly attached to, sweat dropping at the scene before him as Ash dragged Brock away before coming back with Venenosa still in her arms.

"Ehehehe…Um…We've got some pokémon that need help, there was an incident outside of town and we're worried they might have gotten hurt." Ao explained, allowing several Chansey to come by and take the Squirtle Squad off of their hands.

Ash came back quickly, handing Venenosa and the rest of her team over to one of the Chanseys before joining Ao's side to explain the situation better to Nurse Joy.

"Well, I guess we'll be seeing you then, huh Ao?" Ash said, a gentle smile on her face as she bent down to give her newly acquired Squirtle a pat on the head. "You better take care of that guy ok? He's Rio's friend after all." Ash said, expression completely serious despite her joking tone.

"Of course, you take care of your own Squirtle, and that Nidorina too."

"But of course, see ya!"

"Bye!" Ao called back as he disappeared in the distance, his own Squirtle running alongside him. From Ash's side, Brock waved a bit before his attention was turned onto a strangely dressed boy slowly approaching them.

"Hey Ash…"

"Excuse me." The boy said, bowing politely before his expression turned stern. "Are you the young trainer know as Ash Ketchum?" he asked.

"Yes, why?"

"My name is Roto and I am a Pokémon Samurai. I'd like to challenge you to a duel." At his wording, Ash blinked, expression one of pure confusion as she slowly answered,

"W-Wait…You mean a battle right?" at her question the boy nodded, "Well ok then I guess. Where at?"

"Follow me then."

"Ok then."

"The Battle between Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum and Pokémon Samurai Roto shall commence, this will be a double battle with two pokémon being used on each side. The winner will be determined once both pokémon on one side are unable to battle." Brock called out from the side of the makeshift battlefield. "Begin!"

Immediately sent out both Venenosa and Rio, both pokémon hitting the battlefield with a powerful war cry, more than ready to prove themselves. Roto did the same, sending out a Beedrill and a Pinzir.

"Venenosa, Poison Fang! Rio, Crunch then use Water Gun!" Ash called out immediately, not giving Roto any chance to get the first move in.

"Beedrill dodge then use Poison Sting! Pinzir! Dodge then Crush Claw!" Beedrill managed to move out of the way of the Poison Fang, quickly sending a Poison Sting flying at Venenosa, who took the attack without getting damaged before lunging at the bug/poison dual-type with a Scratch attack, before using Double Kick on it and then backing off. The Beedrill tried to attack on the retreat, only to be stopped by Rio's Water Gun followed by a Skull Bush attack.

"Beedrill!" it cried out in pain, landing roughly on the ground out cold.

"Beedrill!" Roto cried out as he watched his pokémon fall. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he ordered his remaining pokémon to attack. "Use Bite!"

"Rio, Venenosa! Dodge!" Ash called out, both pokémon wasting no time as they quickly moved out of the way. "Poison Fang! Water Gun!" Ash called out, watching with satisfaction as both of her pokémon's attacks hit their target. She was shocked however to see Pinzir still standing, looking quite angry at both pokémon now.

"Heh, it won't be so easy to take down my Pinzir, he's my strongest pokémon!" Roto gloated proudly, before jabbing a finger in Rio's direction, "Now attack with Crush Claw!"

"Dodge Rio!"

"Squirtle!" Rio called out as he jumped over Pinzir's head, just barely avoiding the attack. Venenosa quickly went to cover for the water-type though, getting into a grappling battle with the enemy pokémon and holding her own as the two competed against each other.

"Venenosa! Use Headbutt!" Ash called out, smiling to herself as the Poison-type clocked her own head against the other pokémon, making it dizzy and giving Rio the time necessary to prepare a full-powered Ice Beam attack, which he fired without hesitation. "Now finish it with Mach Punch!" Ash called out, watching with satisfaction as Venenosa knocked Roto's Pinzir out cold.

The field fell silent as the three trainers waited to see if Pinzir was really down and out for the count.

"Both Pinzir and Beedrill are unable to battle, Ash Ketchum wins!" Brock called out with a smile on his face after a while. Ash cheered at the declaration, jumping with excitement alongside both of her pokémon.

"Yes! You two were great!" Ash congratulated both of her pokémon happily, truly proud of the both of them.

"That was an amazing battle, I guess I really have to train more in order to beat you huh?" Ash nodded, shacking the hand Roto's offered hand.

"Yeah, but you were pretty good. You're Pinzir definitely not something anybody can brush off easily." Roto nodded, his head in confirmation at that, before stepping back and bowing his head.

"Thank you for accepting my challenge, and I hope you have a safe journey." He said before turning away and leaving.

"You too!" Ash called back, waving her hand in farewell only to twitch as Brock got distracted by a pretty lady.

"Hello my name is Brock and I-GAGH!"

"And you need to quit it!" Ash ground out in irritation. "Now let's go, I need to get both Rio and Venenosa to the Pokémon Center."

"What a cruel world…"

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