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At 9:22 a.m. in a small apartment in Gotham City, Rosalie Kyle lies in bed, still in a deep, yet peaceful slumber, while her elder sister Selina is just getting in. Selina looks at the clock on the wall and her eyes widen a bit. Rosalie had forgotten to set the alarm clock again. Selina quickly walks to her younger sister's bed which is located at the east end of the main room of the apartment. Selina has tried several times to get her hard headed sister to move her bed into the bedroom with Selina's, but Rosalie insists that Selina keeps the bedroom for herself. The Kyle sisters don't have company over to the apartment often so Rosalie doesn't mind sleeping in the living room.

"Rosie? Rosie, you need to wake up," Selina says, shaking her sister's shoulder gently.

"Mmm, what time is it?" Rosalie asks after a few moments.

"It's almost 9:30," Selina answers. Rosalie groans out a sleepy protest, while pulling the covers over her head. Selina chuckles softly, and pulls the thick comforter off of Rosalie and throws it on the floor.

"Selina," Rosalie snarls, glaring harshly at her smirking sister.

"You're going to be late for work if you don't get out of bed and start getting ready, babe," Selina says.

"Damn it, I forgot," Rosalie groans, lazily climbing out of bed while Selina starts a pot of coffee in the girls' small kitchenette. "Alarm clocks should be able to set themselves. And it should be a federal crime to have to wake up this early."

"Quit complaining Rosie. You're the one who insists on having a normal, everyday, monotonous job," Selina says, laying out Rosalie's work clothes while she brushes her teeth.

"Yeah, sorry, but not all of us can dedicate our lives to a life of crime," Rosalie says after she spits the mixture of saliva, water, and foamy Colgate toothpaste out of her mouth and into the sink.

"But you're so good at it," Selina says with a smirk, leaning on the doorway of the bathroom, watching Rosalie as she brushes past her and goes back to her bed. "You make a great sidekick."

"Used to be good at it. That's not me anymore. And I was never your sidekick," Rosalie says, stripping out of her pajamas. She reaches over to the bed and picks up the red, short sleeved shirt, and pulls it on along with the black jeans.

"Of course not baby sister," Selina says, walking over to her sister and pulls her hair back, and begins braiding it down her back. She quickly finishes and ties the braid off with a rubber band. Rosalie turns around and smiles at her sister and heads to the kitchenette, placing two pieces of bread in the toaster. While the bread was toasting, she pulls a mug out of the cabinet and pours herself a cup of coffee. She takes a small sip of the hot, bitter liquid, and leans against the counter.

"You don't have to work Rosie. I don't know how many times I've told you this. I bring in more than enough money to get us by," Selina says, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"But we need more than just enough. I have student loans to pay off," Rosalie says, taking her slightly burnt toast out of the toaster and taking a bite. Selina sighs deeply, and nods. "Which reminds me, I have to go to the college tomorrow to get my new schedule," Rosalie mutters to herself, walking over to the pad of yellow Post-it notes, and jotting down the little reminder and sticking it on the cabinet above the coffee maker so she doesn't forget. That was one of Rosalie's biggest flaws. She forgets things all the time. Selina often jokes that she'd lose her head if it wasn't attached to her shoulders. Rosalie glances up at the cat shaped clock on the wall, and realizes that she has to leave. "I have to go. I'm going to be late."

"See you later lillasyster*," Selina says to Rosalie with a wave of her hand when she heads to the door.

"Ciao, äldre syster**," Rosalie calls back, closing and locking the door behind her, knowing that her sister was probably going to go straight to bed, despite the coffee she just ingested. Unlike Rosalie, who becomes energized with coffee intake, it doesn't effect Selina as much. She could drink three cups of coffee, and take a nap immediately was about a ten minute walk from Rosalie and Selina's appartment, to the diner where Rosalie works. As she walks, she passes the usual people she passes on her way to work; loitering teenagers, jogging women, a few speed walking businessmen, and a couple unsavory characters. She caught a few young men leering at her, but she ignored them, pulling her jacket tighter around her person. No matter how confident her sister had made her, and no matter how well she could defend herself, she was always uncomfortable under the heated stares of men she was wary of.

She breathes a small sigh of relief when she reaches the diner, that was already full of customers for the breakfast rush. Thankfully, due to the location of the resturant, and the business, Casey's was able to make food to go, so the tables usually weren't as crowded as they were a year before.

"Oh good, Rosie you're working today. I forgot," Angie, a smaller, but older blonde waitress says from behind the counter.

"That makes two of us," Rosalie says, an amused smile playing at her lips. She walks behind the counter, and into the kitchen. "Hey Terry," Rosalie greets the aged, Irish cook, and owner of the resturant.

"Hello Rosebud," Terry waves, his Irish brogue still semi-thick despite his years spent in America. Rosalie grins at the nickname that the silver haired Irishman had given her after she began working in his restaurant. "Section two today."

"Got it," Rosalie says, grabbing a black apron, tying it around her waist, and picking up a pad of paper and a pen from the old wicker basket in the back of the clean kitchen. Rosalie walks out of the kitchen, and heads straight for her first table. An elderly couple. Rosalie smiles. Elderly people always tip graciously when you're nice, so Rosalie made sure to be a little extra nice, and it pays off, because when the couple leaves, she's left with a seven dollar tip. To some it may not seem like a lot, but getting tips like that for eight hours really adds up. Every time Rosalie gets big tippers, she goes home with over 100 dollars in her pocket.

A few hours pass and the breakfast rush finally slows down. There's still a fair amount of customers, but with Angie, Rosalie, and the other waitress, Joan, it's more than manageable.

"How are your kids doing Joanie?" Rosalie asks when they get a free moment.

"They're fine. Sam ate a worm yesterday. I don't even know where he got a worm from," Joanie says, incredulously, throwing her hands up in the air, causing Rosalie and Angie to chuckle. "I wouldn't have even known about it unless Nathan hadn't come in and snitched on his brother. They miss their aunt Rosie though," Joanie says, her slight southern accent shining through.

"And of course I miss them. My times been a little occupied lately though. I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks," Rosalie says, and the two other women nod. Out of all of the people who work at Casey's, Rosalie had grown close to Joanie and Angie, more particularly Joanie. Despite the only ten year age difference, Joanie looks out for Rosalie like a mother would. "But I promise to come visit them soon."

Rosalie takes a check over to a particularly large order, and the customers stand up to pay at the counter. Rosalie walks over to the counter to pick up a bin for the used dishes when the bell rings, signaling that someone had walked into the restaurant. Rosalie glances to the door and catches sight of a police officer who enters. For some reason to her, he looks very familiar; she can't put her finger on it though. She looks at the officer for a bit longer, smiling at him slightly when he catches her gaze. He smiles back and she heads to the cluttered table to clear it. Rosalie couldn't help but grin to herself slightly. There weren't many handsome police officers in Gotham City, but this particular officer happens to be one of the few good looking ones. She heard him order two cups of coffee to go, when she began to walk back to the counter with the nearly full bin of plastic cups, glass plates, and silverware. Unfortunately Rosalie wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings, when somebody walks straight into her, causing her to drop the bin of dishes, sending them crashing to the floor, effectively grabbing everyone's attention in the diner.

"Oh my God, sir I am so sorry," Rosalie groans, looking up at the man that walked into her. The man merely sneers, looking down his nose at her.

"Yes, maybe you should watch where you're walking next time," he says, disrespectfully, causing Rosalie to cock a cool eyebrow at him.

"Excuse me?" she asks, and opens her mouth to continue when Joanie clears her throat loudly from behind the counter, watching the spectacle closely. She, Angie and Terry all know how even-tempered Rosalie was, but they also know, from the two years of her working at the diner, how ugly her anger could get. Rosalie snaps her mouth shut and plasters on the fakest smile she could muster. "You're right. I should watch where I'm going. And for that I sincerely apologize," she says. Only a complete fool wouldn't be able to pick up the heavy amounts of sarcasm that laced each word that passed through the young waitress's lips and by the look on the man's face, he was no fool. He sends her a glare and walks out of the restaurant, Rosalie glaring metaphorical daggers at his back the entire time.

By now everyone had gone back to their business, and Rosalie kneels down and begins to pick up the dishes that she had dropped with a sigh. She was picking up pieces of a broken plate when another pair of hands starts assisting her with placing the dishes, broken and unbroken, in the bin. She glances up and locks eyes with the handsome police officer who hadn't left yet.

"Oh, you don't have to-," she starts, but he cuts her off.

"I want to. That guy was an ass," he says. Rosalie blinks, and begins to chuckle.

"Yeah, he was," she says. With both of them working together, they get the mess cleaned up in record time. She picks up the bin, and they both rise to their feet. "Thank you," she says, with a sincere smile.

"It's no problem," he says, and they stand there looking at each other for a few moments. "I'm John. Blake," he adds as an afterthought.

"Rosalie," she says with a light smile.

"Figures," he says, grinning.

"What?" she asks confused.

"That a beautiful girl like you would have such a beautiful name," he says, his grin never faltering once. Rosalie chuckles.

"Well, you're not so bad yourself officer," Rosalie says, with a flirty smile.

"Rosie! Enough flirting, and get back to work," Joanie says with a smirk. Rosalie rolls her eyes at her coworker, and looks back to John.

"I guess I'll see you around Officer Blake," Rosalie says, sending John a smirk. She turns around and walks through the kitchen doors before John can reply.

John couldn't help but watch the way Rosalie's hips sway as she walks away from him and into the kitchen, and couldn't do anything about the grin that looked like it would be permanently etched onto his face. He walks back over to the counter and gives the other brunette waitress the money for the two coffees that he ordered for himself and his partner who was still waiting in the car. He slightly raises an eyebrow at the sly smirk she was sending him while she gave him his change.

"She's single," the brunette tells him, and he chuckles.

"Good to know," he says, sending her a thankful look, while taking the two coffees and leaving the restaurant. He walks out to the car and gets in the passenger side with a goofy grin on his face.

"That's the last time I send you in for the coffee," his partner, Officer Ross says to him, raising an eyebrow at the grin on Blake's face. "What the hell took you?"

"The brunette waitress, Rosalie," John says, his smile widening when he says her name. Ross laughs at his partner.

"Yeah, Rosalie Kyle? She's a nice girl. Not too bad looking either, huh?" Ross asks, with a smirk. "And from what I've heard the other waitresses say, she's single."

"Yeah, I heard. And like I said before, good to know. Very good to know."


"So the cop was really cute!" Angie gushes to Rosalie.

"He was, wasn't he," Rosalie responds with a wide grin, clocking herself out so she can take her break. She asks Terry to make her a burger and fries for lunch, and he responds with a nod and a smile.

"He's definitely got a face that I wouldn't mind seeing around here more often," Angie says, as Rosalie takes a seat on the other side of the counter.

"And the way he looked at you," Joanie sighs. "I'd give anything for Martin to look at me like that again."

"Seriously guys, I'm probably never going to see him again, so let's not make a big deal about it," Rosalie says, taking a sip of her soda.

"I highly doubt that. That's Officer Ross' partner," Joanie says, with a wide smile.

'Is that where I've seen him before?' Rosalie thinks. She can't recall ever seeing him in the restaurant or anywhere near it though. She's broken out of her thoughts when Joanie sets her plate of fries and a burger in front of here along with salt and a bottle of ketchup. Rosalie calls out a thank you to Terry in the back, and thanks Joanie for giving it to her.

"You alright, sweetie?" Joanie asks her.

"Of course she is. She had a sexy cop watching her ass while she walked back to the kitchen," Angie says, bluntly, and Rosalie's chewed up French fry catches in her throat, making her cough furiously.

"Christ, Angie," Rosalie hoarsely says, when she finally gets the fry down her throat. Angie smirks at her friend. "Whatever. It's like I said. It's not like I'll see him again anytime soon."

"I have a feeling that we'll be seeing less of Officer Ross, and more of Officer Blake, Rosie," Joanie says.

Rosalie shakes her head with a smile, but frowns when her two friends get back to work. She can't, for the life of her, remember where she's seen the enigma that is Officer Blake, but she also can't help but hope that she sees him again.


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