In a week, so many things had changed. Carrie and Aaron decided to put both Warren and Iah in therapy. Warren, of course hated the idea, but Iah was much more happier accepting it. Since Aaron is finally free and clear from all charges, he went back to being Baron Battle and is going back to school to get a degree in psychology. Iah still visits Loraine everyday, and she's slowly realizing what has happened and what death really is.

Iah has also went through some changes in his powers and hair. He is starting to develop a red streak in his raven hair and everything around him feels hotter. His painful visions are less and less, as the tempture around him gets hotter and hotter. School was the same, as he's gaining more sympathy from other people. Especially from Rogue, as his feelings for her grows more and more each day.

Rogue hasn't seen Tina ever since she scared her on the day of the trial. Tina is in hiding and has more plans for the future. Everything is slowly coming back together, yet is changing all around them. They didn't start hanging out after school, until a week after the trial.

They met at the Paper Lantern on a day that Warren was working, but since it wasn't that busy, he could take frequent breaks without Mrs. Ling yelling at him in Cantonese. He sat down, as Magenta was talking about her cancled trip to England,"So, Grandpa has the flu and it's highly contagious. Damn, I was so looking forward to going." Layla replied,"Yeah, but at least you're here with us." Magenta smirked,"Yeah, don't make it sound all corny, Green Peace." Will asked Iah,"How are you holding up know. That really really bad incident?" Iah replied,"Oh, my parents' death? It's hard. Very very hard. I'm doing therapy and it's all cool."

Zach asked,"Is your therapist hot?" Magenta slapped his arm, as Iah replied,"Considering that he's fifty something and is graying, I would say he takes good care of himself. Not attractive, but healthy." Zach blushed,"Oh. I thought your therapist is a chick. Sorry."

Iah replied,"No big deal. He's pretty understanding. Wren hates him." Warren rolled his eyes,"He said something about 'emotional value' and 'appreciation of other peoples feelings'. He nearly made me sick." He smirked at Layla,"Hippie, if you plan to dump Stronghold anytime soon, I think Dr. Wakefield is your kind of guy." Layla rolled her eyes,"Will and I aren't breaking up anytime soon."

Warren felt awkward about that comment. Apparently, he's been dreaming and fantasizing about Will dumping Layla lately, and whenever he sees them together, he gets this painful pit in his stomach. He doesn't know why, but that's been happening a lot lately. Yet, he wasn't going to complain to some therapist quack about his "feelings" and everything.

Will said out loud,"You know, I've been having some freaky dreams lately?" Ethan replied, mocking a therapist with a deep voice, tapping his chin,"Really? Do tell." Everyone started cracking up, as Will replied,"Seriously, they're weird. There's all of these green plants and a huge tree surrounding me. Then, there's Chinese food that's on fire on the other side, both fighting. They argue in squeaky voices and it's just so weird."

Warren looked at him with a straight face,"You know what I think?" "What?" "I think you've been taking drugs." Everyone at the table cracked up, as Warren smirked at him. Will replied,"Haha very funny. You're all comedians. Very nice." Will shook his head,"Ever since Homecoming, I've been having those dreams. It's so weird."

Ethan replied,"Yeah, they do seem strange." Rogue asked,"Have you been eating or drinking anything particular before going to bed?" Will shook his head,"Nope. Mom doesn't let me have anything but water before bed. If I do get hungry, she'll let me have some yogart and that's it."

Ethan replied,"Maybe it's because you're spending a lot of time with Layla." Magenta nodded,"Makes sense. You know, the plants, the Chinese food. The fire? I can't tell ya that one." Rogue replied,"It's so simple!" "It is?" Layla and Will said in unison. Rogue nodded, taking a sip of her Coke,"The fire stands for her red hair. I think what your dream means is that your subconsious is debating over which thing you like about Layla most. The plants being her personality, the food being her interests, and the fire being her looks. You're trying to decide why you love her."

Iah poked around his beef and broccoli,"I don't know. I think it stands for something else. The plants are obviously Layla, but the fire and food are another symbol for something, or someone else." Layla looked at Will rather bitterly and said,"Will, are you thinking about going out with another girl?" Iah cleared his throat,"Don't get too offensive. It could stand for a friend, stuff he has to do, or something else."

Layla replied,"Still, I don't want my heart broken. I would hate to find out that you cheated on me." Will touched her hand and replied,"I would never cheat on you Layla. I love you." They kissed, as Warren got up and left. Assuming he was just busy and or annoyed by their love, the gang went back to eating quietly.

Carrie had just came back from her doctor's appointment, as she looked at a note on the fridge.

Hey Babe,

Sorry, I had to step out. The bank was robbed (again), so of course I had to be there to help out. I hope your appointment goes well and I'll be home real soon to help you relax.



Carrie smiled, yet she was worried about him, of course. She always worried about him whenever he went out heroing. She went to the couch and turned on the t.v. She put it on the news channel, hopefully seeing her husband on there. Warren got off of work early that day, as Carrie heard him come in,"Hi honey. How was work?" He sighed,"There wasn't a lot of service today. Stronghold and the rest of them were eating today, so I kinda hung out with them on break."

Carrie replied,"That's good." He took off his combat boots and socks. He sat next to Carrie, putting his feet up on the coffee table and sighing very loudly. Carrie giggled,"I take it you had a pretty rough day, huh?" Warren replied,"Not really. Just tiring." He yawned, as Carrie asked,"Got a lot of homework?" He shook his head,"No. We had a lot of subs today because of a teacher confrence or something."

Carrie nodded, as the door opened and closed. Aaron came in, still in costume, as Carrie said,"Whoa, I thought you were out at the bank." Aaron nodded,"Yeah, but it's over now. Turns out the guy was completely insane, so they sent him away immediately." Carrie replied, getting up,"I'm glad your home." They kissed, as Aaron looked at Warren,"You're home early." Warren nodded,"There wasn't a lot of service today." Aaron replied,"Oh okay. You look drained." Warren yawned and said,"I am." Aaron suggested,"How about you work on your homework, get something to eat, take a nice hot shower and go to bed early tonight."

Warren grabbed his bookbag and boots and went upstairs to his room. Aaron kissed Carrie passionately,"How was the appointment?" Carrie replied,"It went very well. Rachael told me that the baby is growing at it's normal rate and I'll be in my second trimester in no time." She sighed,"So, enjoy my skinny body because I'm going to say goodbye to it VERY soon!"

Aaron replied,"Yes, but you'll still be beautiful. How about you get into bed and relax, while I take care of everything." Carrie sighed,"I don't know. You have to pick up Iah from the Paper Lantern, go get groceries, fix dinner, make sure that the boys are in bed by ten, and-" He interrupted her by kissing her, as he said,"Goldie, I'll take care of everything. Just relax. You need to relax, especially being pregnant." Carrie replied,"You're already acting like I'm eight months pregnant or something."

Aaron replied,"No, I'm just saying that relaxation is good for you and the baby, so," he kissed her again,"relax and I'll take care of everything." Carrie replied,"Okay. List of groceries are on the counter. No junk food, and make sure that you pick up my prenatals at the clinic." "I won't forget, I promise."