(A.N) This story is dedicated to every family, friends, and loved ones that have been through the good times and the bad times no matter what. Please enjoy the first chapter of Life as we know it; when after a harsh battle into saving New York ended with them being discovered, the turtles are now American Citizens. As a reward for their bravery the city of New York as provided them with a home and jobs. Now that the turtles are ou of hiding other mutants emerge as well and start a new life among humans. Though there are some that don't like the idea of mutants being treated like humans.

Leonardo woke up snuggled up against his still sleeping girlfriend. He smiled still expecting all of this to be a dream that's too good to be true. That he would wake up in his old room in the lair. It's been three years since that fateful day. The foot came and attacked on the whole city. Their home was destroyed from a bomb uptop caving them in for two days. His brothers and him pulled through with help from their human friends, their sensei, and Leather Head. The police task force showed up and surprisingly accepted their help. After a month of riads, robbings, gunfire, and bloodshed they manage to drive the foot back to Japan.

Pretty much society accepted them into becoming citizens. With some help and some support from April and Casey, allong with their family and friends, they won a three week battle in court. Now a new law passed stating that mutants have all the same rights as humans; meaning that since they have the mental compacity, feelings, and other characteristics that make them human (other then the fact they were once animals) thay deserve the right to be free as one. But there are others that don't take too kindly to mutants. Racest remarks come from many. A group has formed and they call themselves the equalists. Kind of ironic considering this is America 'Land Of The Free'.

Leo pays no mind to the equalists. Instead he just pays attention to his job. He landed one in the S.W.A.T. devision in the NYPD, along with Raphael. The two still wanted to protect their city. Once a worrior always a warrior. They been on the same team for about two years now. As for Michelangelo and Donatello, well Mikey went to cullanary school with the reward funds the city paid them. He is now working in a five star resteruant as head chief. Donnie just grduated from Yale and will be starting his future as a college professor this year at NYU. Master Splinter is still around. He still keeps with his daily activities like he always did, even before their discovery.

They felt more comfortable living together, since it's the only life they know. So, they bought an old apartment building and fixed it up. Each brother has their own floor for some privacy. It's a small building with only six floors in total. Splinter made his home on the third floor. That's where they would have all of their meals at. The sixth floor is just a guest bedroom of sorts. And the basement was turned into their very own dojo. Even if Don and Mike are 'retired' from fighting thugs and gang members, they still keep in shape and meditate at times to escape from work.

Leo nuzzled Tonya's neck and breathed in her scent. They have been going out for half a year now. It felt so long ago when they first met. He remembered glancing up and spotting the black hair bueaty struggleing to carry some boxes into the book store he was in. He, being the gentle-tutle he is, helped her out. After that they just kept bumping into eachother. At the bookstore at first, but soon it would be at restruants, meeting at the park for early runs. He soon came to find out she lived only three blocks away from his place. When they see eachother they would say hi or talk about the weather; but that soon grew into longer discussions and figuring one another out. After a month of getting to know eachother and growing into a strong friendship, Leo asked her out. They've been together ever since and only just started to live together at his place for about a week now. Ofcoarse there's still some problems with Tonya's dad aproving, but her mom and the rest of her family likes him already. And that was enough for Leo, for now at least.

He smirked watching her stir from her sleep. He planted a chaste kiss on her lips to wake her up. She smiled agaiinst his lips,"Good morning to you too."

He chuckled wrapping his arms tighter around her,"How did you sleep?"

"Hmmm..." She tapped a finger on her chin looking deep in though,"Pretty good. How about you Davinci?"

He smiled hearing his nickname that she gave him. He kissed her forhead,"Great as always."

She giggled lightly and slipped her arms in from behind her and clung her hands around his neck. She kissed him full on the mouth and murmurs,"I am hungry."

His hands traveled up her baby blue tanktop resting on her abdamen. He rubbed small circles as he kissed her back,"Mmmm."

She nudged him away playfully,"Thanks sweety, but I don't think loving all over me will fill my poor stomach up."

He sighed and reluctantly let her go,"What can I say you're just too irrisistable."

~~~~~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 Raphael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Raphael woke up in a familar situation. One he's in almost once a week. Next to a blonde that he picked up at the local bar. He never brings his one night stands, or friends with benefits home. Ever since they were out in the open there have been some times when girls willing to 'try something new' would come up to them and hit on him and his bros. He was the only one that didn't care if all they wanted was to say 'I slept with a mutant'; his brothers wanted something more. Though he loved a good fuck, there was a part of him that still wanted the same thing Leo and Mikey has. Just hasn't found the right girl yet.

He silently got up and left the still sleeping blonde. He glanced over and caught a glimps of her ass and smirked. Hell, I forgot yer name but damn you were one wild ride. He pulled on his boxers and shucked on his pants. Once he was zipped up he buckled his belt and snatched up his red shirt. He slipped it on and checked his pockets making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. After he double checked himself he quietly walked out of the nameless girl's life and went back to his.

He took a taxi ride over to his apartment and walked in. He was greeted with the smell of eggs, bacon, ham, and biscuts. Mikey must be up. He walked over to the elevator and punched in the floor number. It gave a loud moan and screech before lurching to life. Out of all the things they fixed, they keep forgetting the elevator. Next time I'm takin' da stairs.

~~~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Michelangelo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mikey woke up early to fix some breakfast. Master Splinter was already up and was in the living room watching his stories. His girlfriend Lydia was still sleeping. She had a late round that night at the hospital. She worked as a nurse and takes in any hour that she can to be of any help towards her patients.

They met two years ago. Leo managed to break his leg on duty and Mike was the first to arrive at the hospital. And being Mikey he got himself lost and wondered around aimlessly until he spotted a childerens care center. He payed them a visit and started to entertain the kids. Over half an hour passed of him wearing a bedpan on his head and doing headstands while doing his impressions. Then he heard it, the most beautiful laugh he ever heard in his life. He tripped hearing it and turned his head to find a short brunette luaghing her head off by the door. The childeren all joined in with her as Mikey jumped up and placed the bedpan back on the self.

He looked at the short nurse wearing light orange scrubs with colorful balloons decorating them, sporting some white tennashoes. He made a vow to always keep her smiling and laughing at all times. He was head over heels in love with her. And the same for her.

Mikey started humming while he flipped the last of the eggs and scraped them out of the pan and onto a huge platter. He sniffed the air and wrinkled his nose smelling beer and sex. Raphie boy's home. He heard the door open and close and the sound of feet shuffleing in towards the kitchen.

Raph slumped down in a chair," 'Ey Mike."

He went over to the fridge and grabbed a pitcher of orange juice and set it on the table with the rest of the food. He turned back to his cooking before aknowledging his brother,"Hiya Raphie." He watched him rub his face with his hands. He placed his oven mits on and took out a tray full of biscuts. He set them aside to cool. He slowly took his mits off,"Rough night?"

He grunted and reached for an empty glass that was closest to him and poured some juice into it. He yawned and stretched out his muscles,"Eh, nuttin' I couldn't handle."


Splinter turned off the t.v and walked over to his place at the table. He smiled,"Good morning my sons."

"Morning." Mikey leaned against the counter.


Tonya and Leo emerged at this time and took their places as well. The two chorused in good mornings. They began to fill up their plates with the many food choices placed in front of them. Lydia zombie walked out of her and Mikey's room and went straight for the coffee maker.

She blew some strands of her long hair out of her face and yawned,"Mornin'."

Everyone was well and accounted for except for,"Where's Donatello?"

Leo smirked at his sensei and replied,"Where else? Other then his lab."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Donatello ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Donnie woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. He blindly searched for the off button, but only managed to hit air, and knocking over a few things off his computer desk. Once again he fell asleep trying to finish this thesis he was working on for the past few days. Tomorrow was his first day as a teacher and he's been a nervouse wreck all week.

He grumbled before hitting his target, but without knowing it pressed snooze instead. He buried his head back into his arms and went back to sleep. He yawned catching a whiff of Mikey's cooking. His body protested to get some sleep and he was more then happy to comply to his bodies demands. A few more minutes wont hurt. His eyes slowly drooped shut. Better yet...a...few hours. In no time he was out again.

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