Alright I would like to say how sorry I am if updates are not fast enough. However, I sadly have to put ALL of my stories on hold until further notice. Part of the couse is the issue of writers block- another reason (which is pretty selfish and not at all honorable in any way shape or form) is becouse of a slightly broken heart.

I am angry at myself for not being able to update theses stories for you guys. Honestly I love everyone's reviews and support. I hope that you can forgive me for this period of pause and be patient with me as I sort out some problems. I wish that I had something good for you guys to read right now instead of this depressing Authors' Note- but as the saying goes: "Never kick a good horse while she's down".

I will make a solem vow to never do this again and make sure ALL of my work gets updated and finished. I wish all of you the best and God Bless You.

This is Bell saying... Good bye for now :)

Mikey:*cries and hugs me* Don't go!

Don:*sniffles* Hey Mike she's just gonna be gone for a-a little while

Me:*smiles and hugs back* I'll be back Mikey...I promise.

Raph: Yea well good riddance! Who needs ya any ways! * crosses arms to act tough but suddenly breaks down and gives me a tight hug* I'LL MISS YA KID!

Me:*turns blue* Can't...breathe...

Leo:*pries Raph off of me* Take it easy big guy.*looks at me* See ya.

Me:* sees the black car* Well...that's my ride...

all:*group hugs*

Me:*hears car horn beeping* Time to go...*grabs a handle to a wagon that has the girls tied up and gagged*

Don:*shouts* Don't forget to feed them!

Mikey:* waves* Don't forget to write!

Me: *shoves wagon inside trunk with girls screaming in muffled protest* Yeah...I'll be back...