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Third Person Prov.

Chapter 1

"Race you back to barn!" Micheal yelled already galloping on his horse. Prince Edward sighed and watched as his young brother race himself. He went and followed fast behind him catching up quick. He let Prince Micheal win the race and got off his horse.

Prince Edward was the prince of England along with his young brother Prince Micheal the III His father the King of England Carlisle. He was known and loved by his kingdom. He ruled over many parts of land. He ruled with his gorgeous wife Queen Esme. She did not belong in the royalty line but her father was a governor over small Islands. Of course Carlisle and Esme were married in an arranged marriage. They met at a ball and fell in love with her before they even knew about this arrangement. They had a daughter Rosinda. Although they need the son to inherit the family crown to rule over the kingdom. the King and Queen then sent their daughter off the marry at age 19 to the Prince of Denmark. They see her on occasions and television. Edward is 18 and his younger brother is 15.

"Hey, Edward think dad will yell at us if we climb those vines on the wall over there?" Prince Michael pointed to the wall with a mud pit underneath. The vines grew up the the second story window. The window led to the guest room with a balcony.

"Yes I wouldn't Dad hates it when we climb the palace," Edward said putting his hands behind his back.

"Who care's what dad says. He also doesn't like it when we leave the palace I don't think you can do it." He challenged.

"Ugh fine but you are an idiot. " Prince Edward agreed. He took off this black leather coat and tossed it on the ground with his buttoned up shirt. He stood in the mud pit with his big black boots. The thick branches of the vine were fragile and old. Edward got to the first story before he start to struggle. Trying to get high up the vines snapped at each step. Cracking one by one each branch fell. Edward then tried to grab on to a branch that didn't existed. He quickly lost his balance and tried to get back to the wall. Suddenly he fell straight into the mud pit staining his white shirt. Prince Michael was snickering in the background. Edward quickly got up and wiped his face off with his sleeve.

"Prince Edward! Your- What happened" The steward stopped in the middle of the sentence and examined at Edward up and down.

"Yes, I know. Get on with it." Edward rolled his eyes.

"Your father would like to see you in the dinning hall." He stepped aside and held his arm out for Edward to walk past.

"Do you have anything to do with this?" He glanced at Micheal who was still snickering looking down.

"Um no sir" He held in it.

"Your father wants you in your room studying."

"Yes sir." Michael walked slowly up to his room.

"So I'll have the wedding planner book the reception in the royal gardens or the white sand beach?" Queen Esme flipped through the catalog.

"Oh that's perfect thank you so much Esme!" The women kissed Esme on the cheek then clapped her hands together.

Edward rushed in the dinning room and said, "Sorry I'm late I didn't- " He said at his parents in the room and then at the stranger. She was beautiful. She had long wavy strawberry blonde hair. Light complected skin color with bright cherry red lips. Soft green emerald eyes. She wore a coral peach strapless dress that flowed down to her ankles. Then he looked down to what he wearing. His white shirt covered in mud stains. His hair filled with gooey mud. His face with small holes on the bottom of his pants.

"Oh um hello" He did a gentle bow.

"Edward... go clean off and then come back for tea with us." Esme guided him out of the room. Prince Edward quickly went to his room and changed into a a new baby blue button up shirt. With khaki pants. He then returned to his parents.

"I'm truly sorry for my appearance. I was outside with my younger brother". He grabbed her hand and gently kissed the top.
She blushed rosy pink.

"That's quite all right." She smiled.

"Edward you mother and I have something to tell you." King Carlisle put his arm around Esme's shoulder.


"Edward this is Princess Tanya" She then curtsey in front of him.

"How do you do your Highness.?" He nodded his head.

"Tanya is you fiancee..."

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