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Zoe took steps back, what was she going to do? She looked around as the man grew closer. Running bck to her clothes she hissed when a smooth rock bruised the underside of her foot. Of course!

There were smooth rocks all around, she could hit him. It's been almost a year since she skipped rocks with her family and friends, but she always won, even against General Taylor. She wrapped her hands around a few of the rocks, and aimed the first.

She clipped his shoulder a roar leaving him. Aiming again she breathed this time before letting it loose. This grazed his head, but he went down, his body in shallow enough water that he didn't drown, but he was breathing.

Zoe grabbed her clothes and hurried into them, grabbing her towel and lifting her skirts to run.




Sam stared at the map, they could cut down travel by three months if they took a dangerous route through the forests once more. But would he really risk his future wife that way? Leah was telling him specifics about the area when Zoe called for him.

He welcomed the distraction when she called and smiled at her. Zoe kept her eyes down, and her arms tucked around her slim waist. The sun was hitting her just right, her skin ablaze with orange.

"Zoe, Love, how was your bath?" IT was then that she looked at him and he saw pure terror.

"There was a man, I threw rocks at him and, I think I killed him." She was taking deep breathes while Sam pulled her flush against him.

"Where was the guard?" All the soldiers looked between themselves, as if silently asking who didn't honor their king. "Bring the body of our Queen's attacker here immediately, I want his heart cut out." He hissed, watching a group of his men bow and rush out into the forest. "My Zoe, did he touch you?" She shook her head, her family approaching her as she wiped the tears out of her eyes.

"Zo, sweetie?" Her mother asked, looking over Sam. "What's wrong, what happened?" Leah explained before Zoe was whisked away by her mother and placed in the small group of women, her sister, mother, Alicia and Skye. She was held by her mother, the woman slightly shorter than her, as she soothed her youngest daughter with a lullaby.

"Mommy, I killed him, I did the worst thing, I must pray to Hades." She whispered as she looked around, Sam waded in between them and took Zoe's hand.

"Come, Queen, you must rest after your trauma." Walking her to a still risen tent, they slipped inside and Sam shut the flap. He wrapped her in his arms and held her close, her ear against his sweaty chest and listening to his speeding heart. "You have no idea how important you are to me." He whispered against her hair, "I would not be able to rule without you." He titled her head back and looked into her dark eyes.

"Of course you wouldn't be able to rule without me." Zoe let out in a soft voice. He lowered his head and pressed his lips to her's. The moment his lips touched her's it was like her body came to life, pressing into him and gripping his shoulders.

His body warmed hers, like a fire, even his lips were warm. Zoe was shaking as she pulled him closer, as close as possible while her lips moved against his, biting nipping. Harsh, but sweet. Intoxicating.

Zoe needed to breathe, needed to, but didn't want to as his tongue slipped along the seam of her mouth. Her eyes fluttered open when he pulled back and kissed her jaw, "if I didn't know better, I would say you've kissed other girls."

"I've never loved them, not until you Mistress." He pulled her back to him and captured her lower lip. Her knees were already trembled, but now Sam held her as she suckled on his lips, before her breath hitched in surprise when his tongue licked at her lips again. Her hand slipped under his sleeve and scratched his shoulder blade.

He grunted, pulling back to look at her with his beautiful blues. "Please, for all the gods do that again." Zoe blushed at his raspy voice and did as he said, watching him shiver.

"My Prince," A guard stepped in and froze. "Forgive me, sire, but we found Jhar, he throat has been slit."

Sam immediately pulled away, but kept Zoe's hand in his. "And the attacher?"

"Gone, he must have killed the guard before attacking our Queen."

"But if he killed a Thuron with such ease, why did he fall so easily by me?" Zoe asked as she pressed closer to her husband to be.

"An assassin?"

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