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"AHAHAHA!" Steve practically barked. "I've read some of these stories but nothing like this! I wish this girl was, wait, she writes other pairings?"

"Yup.." I laughed

"People write stuff about Me and..." He trailed off his pupils growing dilating and growing smaller in seconds.

"Oh, yes..."

"Are they..." He spluttered

"Very." I laughed.

"You've read them?" He demanded.

"Yes." I said honestly and ran out of the room laughing as he barreled out of my bedroom with a pillow raised threateningly over his head.

"Whoa!" Evra snapped when he caught me just before I slipped in a puddle of water near my dog's water bowl.

"You have a dog?" Darren asked.

"Yeah," I said. "She might be outside." I slid open the glass door and stepped on the porch, the wood was scorching on my bare feet. I took the six patio steps down the the uneven ticking grass where a bunch of disturbed white bugs hopped away. My dog layed, napping under the patio.

"Lakota." I called. She jolted upright panting and had what looked like a smile on her face. "Wanna treat?" I asked innocently, She jumped up and stretched in what looked like a yoga contortion. First her right paw then all of her, onto one step. You don't know my dog. Neither did the boys, this ought to be good! My dog is a territorial mix of Akita, German Shepard, and Norwegian Elk hound so when I say dog I mean a monstrous fox. Darren literally jumped when he saw my dog.

"That's a whole lotta puppy." He remarked. In response my dog gave this long gurgling bark that turned into a growl. Evra was quick to get behind Darren.

"She's harmless." I laughed.

"She doesn't look harmless." Steve disagreed. She continued that extremely loud bark for several minutes I opened the door to let her back out, trying to lure her outside with a biscuit. Lakota sauntered outside her tail and behind swaying wildly with indignation. She threw her head back to growl menacingly at the boys. How dare the human invite strangers into MY home!

I checked the time on the microwave; 3:26. My mom would be home in a little over an hour and a half.

"Chapter Three?" Steve asked.

"Why not?" I asked. We all headed back to the bedroom, listening to the sound of my dog's barking diminish in volume. I sat at the keyboard and started to type.

A scream erupted from the back of the cirque. The wolfman picked up on this and started bellowing. The beast watched as the snakeboy ran out of his tent and to the front of the campground out into the forest nearby. Darren followed in suit, yelling to Evra:

"It's not real! None of it is real! It's a story." Evra stopped in a clearing. He stood a good three feet away from his friend, to freaked out to offer or receive any consolation.

"That is sick and wrong," He snapped. "People actually write that?"

"Looks like it. I also saw one for Me and..." Darren trailed off, not wanting to say who.

"Who?" Evra asked


"Oh gross!" Evra gasped.

"Yeah." Darren said. It was scary to read about, and neither boy was comfortable enough to go back to the tent together they sat down several feet apart facing away from each other watching the pale sky slowly shift to the color of salmon, then to a red then darken. It wasn't until they realized that they left that story open and the some of the performers were snoops. They rushed back to the Cirque and were able to close the story before Mr Crepsley walking in.

"What is going on?" The vampire asked

"Nothing..." Darren said quickly with a high-pitched voice.

"We're good." Evra added just as quickly.

"Of course you are." Mr. Crepsley. He left the room as stealthily as he entered.

"Man, that was close." Darren said.

"Too true." Evra said. He grabbed the laptop and set it on his lap. So how does this thing work?" He asked.

"You click on the word in blue of the website and you can read a story, some of them are good. Darren said.

"You mean there are better stories than that one?" Evra asked opening a new Google chrome page. He clicked the search bar and saw some new pages






"Well?" Evra asked.

"What's ?" Darren asked.

"Let's find out." Evra said clicking on it.

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