"Nonononono!" the terrified bruntte whispered to himself, trying to keep sane as he ran into an old broken down factory. "I've been here for almost a year! I am not going to let you kill me!" James yelled, running into a dead end. "Shit..." he whispered, turning around to see PH blocking his only escape. James pressed his back to the peeling walls of the factory and shut his eyes, waiting for the blow of the bloody butcher in front of him to end his life.

"Calm down, human." a deep vocie rummbled, making James open his eyes and look around. 'Bugs, peeling walls...but nothing that can talk except..' "Y-You can talk?" James unpeeled himself from the wall and walked in front of PH. "Obivously."

"Do you have a head under there?" James asked like a turly interested five year old. "Yes." PH smiled and started to laugh, tilting his head to the side. "Whats so funny?" James pouted. "Not two mintues ago, you were running for you life, me being the one chasing you may I remind you, and now you seem interested in your killer." Amusement tainted his vocie. James's eyebrows knotted, showing him going into deep thought. "Well your not going to kill me cause you can talk-"

"Does not mean I cannot kill you."

"If you could, you would've. This has to be like, the millionth time you've cornered me and yet we have this conversation." James eyed the helmet of the(man?) in front of him. PH stared at him in surprise(Not like James could tell.)"True enough. I'll admit, I find you mildly entertaining."

"Mildy? Well that's offensive." James gave a fake pout then smiled. His smile grew as he realized this was the first time he smiled since he entered Silent Hill. "Anyways, you can talk, which means, I guess, your human, and you dont seem as scary."

"I am anything but human." James notcied that his vocie changed from the amused tone he had earlier to something more sad. "i dont believe that." James smiled sadly, a panging in his chest wanting to comfort the man(again-?). PH placed down his overly large(and ultra heavy looking from James perspective) sword on the floor and uncliped the locks holding his helmet. James gasped at the man(!) placing his helmet on the floor. 'My god! He's...amazing!' PH had long(Bout mid back), spikey blood red hair, his ends turning the darkest shade of blue, his eyes were a deep, swirled red/orange almost like fire... "Though I'm flattered, staring is rude." he spoke with a genuine smile.

"I-Im no-not staring!" James stuttered turning his blushing face away. "What is your name human?" James looked back to see PH's head tilted. 'A sign of interest hopfully.'

"My name is James Sutherland. Nice to meet you offically PH." James stuck out his hand with a big smile. "I am Jin." he smiled too, shaking the smaller males hand. James eyes snapped open as Jin's hand covered his own. "Your hand is huge!" he looked up to the 6'5 male. "Well it wasnt going to be small." James muttered to himself. "Wait..Jin? Like chinese or somethin?" James asked confused. "Well, true, it does orginally hail from China but my mother felt it was a...fitting name."

"What does it mean?" James asked. "It means bright, brave. It was used to name warriors in olden times as well." Jin smiled sadly. "I think it fits." Jin's face screwed up in confusion. "Why?" James laughed, his bright voice ringing through the factory as he looked at PH's knotted eyebrows and twisted lips. "Cause your smart, i imagine, and you are pretty brave." he motions to the peeled walls around him. "I am scared shitless of this place. But you walk around here with an apron and a huge fuckin sword!" Jin smiply smiled, showing his razor sharp teeth in an amazing smile. "You are the first one to speak to me as a person instead of a monster in years. You are amazing, James." he laughed at James blushing face. "T-Thanks." he watched as Jin took a look around. "Morning will be here soon..I must go. You should too." James couldnt help but feel depressed of not being able to spend anymore time with the taller, sexy male-

'Sexy? ummmmm...My word choosing is outta wack. That's not what I meant.'

"Will I see you again?" The question left his lips before his brain had OKed it.

'Shit! I sound like a fucking girl!'

"Of course." Jin smiled as James looked back up in shock. "I will see you soon James." Suddenly Jin's face was inches away from his own. "I-Umm-Y...okay." After stuttering something non-understandable, James gave a small meek reply, his heart racing and his face beet red. Before he knew it, Jin gently placed his lips atop James. James gasped, his mouth opening wider and allowing Jin to slide his tonuge in. James closed his eyes and kissed back, not questioning the action or the feeling in his chest towards the action and choosing to enjoy it. James gave a small moan before Jin pulled away. "The sweet taste of vanilla and James." Jin purred, standing up straight. "Til next time James." he smiled at the panting, blushing smaller male. "T-til next time Jin." and with that, Jin dissapeared, the walls were back to normal and sun was shining through the dusty windows of the normal abandon factory in Silent Hill.

James heart pounded as he let out a shakey sigh and leaned against, what was his dead end just a couple of mintues ago. "I-I cant feel like this...Not fo-for him...Not for anyone b-but Mary..." yet... just thinking of the other males eyes and his lightly tanned skin sent his heart into over drive and a shiver down his spine. "We only met a couple of mintues ago! This is..." James sighed as his name slipped past his lips. "Jin." Even the name left a hot n cold, sweet taste in his mouth, reminding him of the apple 'n cininimon taste of the others mouth. "Man, if Mary isalive and finds me...she's gunna kill me!"