"Where'd Alex go? Whats going on?!" Mike demands as he's dragged by the hand of his boyfriend Victor. "Look we have to go!" Mike stops and gasps at the body hanging from the town symbol. "I..Is that...? Oh god..." Mike's watery gray eyes drift from Jin's body to his rigid boyfriend. "Victor..I'm so sorry! I'm so..." Mike lets Victor pull him in to a long hug and doesnt question him for the rest of the drag to Victor's house.

"Cybil, Sora!" Victor calls as he walks into the two floored home. "This place..." mike mutters, feeling familiar with this place. "Yeah, we found this a way down from the farm house. Still creepy aint it?" through all his pain, he still managed to break a small smile to Mike. Mike nods, following him into large double doors to the right. "Sora, Cybil, find anything?" the nurse and ex-cop look up from the box they're digging through in the large living room. "Yeeeeeeeeeeah.." Sora's full cat like eyes shift slightly. "Whats wrong?" Mike and Victor step deeper into the living room. "We sorta found out who use to live here." Cybil mummurs, handing Victor a framed picture.

"Oh shit..." Mike gaps at the picture, "No shit 'oh shit!'" Victor gasps, looking at the family picture. "Sheperd Family...Alex..could he be that Alex?" Victor eyes the happy blond hugging a smaller blond. "Wait you mean...Alex is childhood scare stories, Boogyman Alex?" Sora eyes scan frantically at the faces of those around her. "My guess is yeah and we're probably going to get our asses kicked by thee King of Chaos." Cybil watches as Alissa hops downstairs. "If daddy comes back...thats bad right?" everyone nods their head. "Yeah 'Lissa. Super bad." Sora smiles sadly. "We have to end this. We cant let this happen! We've sat here and made our home in to a living nightmare. Our brother is dead because of this!" everyone turns to Alissa who is now, instead of a child, stands as a grown...teen(the school outfit doesnt make her look too grown), her eyes dark and fearful. "...She's right. Where's Phoenix? We have to go and have a little parent vist." Victor smirks. Speak of the devil, Phoenix and James bust through the door.

"So...I pretty sure everyone's up to date on mommy and daddy dearest?" Phoenix looks around breathlessly, his green eyes landing on his youngest sister. "Very nice Alissa. You've been practicing?" she giggles and shrugs. "Something about this family's gotta give." she flicks her wrist and black string dance around her hand. "Well we better get moving." A sleepy Abigal trails downstairs. "Wh..Whats going on?" she asks, yawning.

"No time! Humans, there is a bunch of weapons in the basement, no guns you'll see why, get what you want and get back here." Cybil orders and Mike, James and Abby rush down to the basement. "Your helments are upstairs, I have Ebony, while Sora has her endless supply of knifes." Phoenix and Victor nod but Phoenix stops mid way upstairs. "Whats wrong 'Nix?"

"James shouldnt go. His hand is badly injured..." Victor shakes his head. "He must! The founding familys need to be present. James is from the mayors family, Cybil from the Finch, Mike and Abby from Halloway and tecnically, we're from the Sheperd. This has to end." Phoenix grinds his teeth. 'Theres nothing I can say...Victor is right...'

"If he is killed during the fight-"

"He wont be. James is strong then that, you know that." Victor smiles at his brother, once the 'human hater'. "Then lets go!"

The church door slams open, shocked gasp or gurgles(silent hill monstars cant speak XD) from the...things inside. "Ah, how nice. My daughters and, well, two of my sons! You've come to vist your poppa, yes?" Alex holds Jins old(Alex's orginal) pyramid helmet. "Yesss dad. It's been a while." Alissa hisses, standing in front of her brothers, side by side(Victor holding his Hydra shot gun and wearing his dark rusty yellow helmet and next to him, Phoenix holding his katana blade wearing his dark purple/blue rusty helmet) with James(Weapon of choice- Pipe!) and Mike(Weapon- Crowbar) on Phoenix's left and Abby(Chainsaw) and Cybil(Her endless gun Ebony) on Victors right.

"Really dad it has. Mean no letters, not even a phone call. Thats kinda mean ya know." Sora steps beside Alissa, her knives in hand. "I'm sorry sweetie." he coos sarcasticly. "Is there anything Daddy can do?" Sora tilts her head and thinks. "Yeah you can go to hell!" James and Mike go to the left side of the church, fighting as many spider neddle thing as they can and Abby and Cybil run to the right, fight off some spilt things.

"Josh!" Alex snaps and black strings catch Alissa's wrist. Josh steps out of the dark, a teenager just like Alissa. "Oh yeah? Fuck you!" Alissa eyes glow and her hair swishes from side to side as she shakes her head. Josh smirks, not spoting the string wrapping around his legs. "Ha!" she laughs as the strings pull him to the ground. Meanwhile, Phoenix clashed swords with his father and Victor was in a full out gun fight with his mother. "You've grown Phoenix! Strong and fearless just like your old man!" Phoenix growls. "Dont ever compare me to you!" Alex and Phoenix jump apart, landing in the middle of the room.

"Guess it looks like we're the main event." Alex chuckles, swing Jin's(Alex's originally) broad sword. "Guess so." Phoenix's voice rumbles through his helmet. "Lets fight like...men." Alex throws his sword and helmet near the church enterance. Phoenix tilts his head then nods. "Fine." he removes his helmet and throw his things next to Alex's. "Come on son! Lets see what daddy's taught ya!" Alex tauts as he puts his fist up. Phoenix growls as they both run towards each other.

"Mother! You cant be serious!" Victor yells as the thrones in the back of the church and form a big spaced area. "I am deadly serious my child! You turn on this town! You turn on your parents!" their mother steps from the darkness on to the floor. James looks over-

"M-Mary!? Oh my god!"