Title for this Chapter: It can't hurt if you just ask

Pairing for this chapter: Mitobe/Kuroko for ben4kevin and slight Kiyoshi/Hyuuga

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This is the first time I write Mitobe/Kuroko and I feel awkward and unsure. Hope you guys like this. xD

The practice is looking good especially the members are in high spirits. It's like a day to day routine from the Seirin players except this day is a little special.

"I can't understand" Izuki mutters and that cause everyone around his vicinity to turn around and look at him.

"You can't understand what Izuki?"Koganei asks with a confuse expression.

"I mean I can't understand that Mitobe and Kuroko manage to be an item" the point guard replies while bluntly glancing the area where Mitobe and Kuroko are.

"Hmmm. I admit that I was also shocked when they announced that they are a couple" Hyuuga confesses "I mean Mitobe and Kuroko are both the silent type, I guess 'birds of the same feather flocks together' hahahahaha"

"Hahahaha, I have to agree with you there Junpei so the question is who do you think is the loudest?" Kiyoshi smirks at his fellow members while Hyuuga looks sick.

"I mean between Junpei and I, Junpei is the loudest" He laughs at his words and Koganei, Izuki and Tsuchida looks green, Aida looks please at the statement and Hyuuga looks like he is about to commit murder.

"I was secretly hoping that this would happen" Aida smirks while her eyes are in shape of hearts "I mean BL is real, Kya!" she swoons while in the background Hyuuga tries to choke Kiyoshi to death.

"BL?" Tsuchida asks.

"Kagami!" Aida ignores Tsuchida's question and calls for the red head.

Kagami arrogantly walks to them and frowns at the current scenes "Yes coach"

"Can you ask Kuroko-kun or Mitobe which do they prefer top or bottom?"

"Huh?" the red head asks.

"Huh?" Tsuchida, Koganei and Izuki repeat the word.

Furihata, Kawahara and Fukuda joins them which leaves the people who are in topic are still in their area enjoying each other's presence.

"What Coach means is that she wants to know who is the seme and the uke?" Furihata explains to his more confuse teammates.

"I don't get it" Kawahara mutters and the guys nod in agreement except Hyuuga, Kiyoshi and Aida.

"Furihata not bad, I guess you have that kind of hobbies" The coach praises the freshman while the brunet just smiles shyly at her.

"We should not pry anyone's private life" the captain tries to change Aida and Kiyoshi's mind.

"Come on Junpei, Don't tell me you aren't intrigue by their preference or who is the loudest?" the vice captain smirks at his lover who blushes.

"Kuroko-kun is the uke so he is probably the loudest" Furihata explains.

"Furihata-kun, you look so sure about that" Aida says.

The freshman looks at her with a confuse face "I mean look at Kuroko; he is the most uke that I ever met. That kind of face and body structure is his best asset to attract any hormonal semes in the area."

The coach grins at him and she couldn't agree more. That answer is almost perfect.

"Well, what if Kuroko is the seme?" Kiyoshi asks.

Hyuuga, Furihata and Aida look at him and shake their head in harmonize way.

"Totally impossible" They said all together and Kiyoshi just laughs and nods while the others looks confuse as ever.

"Now I know why we can't have girlfriends" Fukuda announces to his fellow co-players.

"Why?" Kawahara asks.

He gestures his hands at the four and said "Because we are bunch of weirdoes"

Luckily the four didn't hears him and manage to keep his head intact.

Kagami couldn't take anymore since he wants to practice more "Senpai, what should I ask about Kuroko again?"

"Ask him, between him and Mirobe who is the loudest guy in bed?" Aida just smiles and the others paled.

Kagami nods "Okay" he begins to walk to Kuroko's direction when suddenly the words just sunk in. He immediately turns around and shouts "The hell I would do that. That's private you know"

"Oh but you said that you would ask right?" the girl smirks.

"But not that kind of question. Its way too perverted" the red head blushes.

"What if I tell you that if you won't ask then you can't eat Maji burger for a month?"

"What?! You can't do that" the power forward growls.

"Oh, yes I can. I will give it to you as your punishment training menu since the burgers have lots of carbs. You get fat if you eat too much" the brunette gives a triumph smile.

"Fine!" the red head growls some more but his face are deep red.

He then walks to the area where Kuroko and Mitobe are sitting.

"Oi Kuroko, Ummm.. You see… Hmmm" Kagami can't put his words correctly.

"What is it?" the light blue haired teen looks up to him and asks.

"Give me a minute; I'm trying to construct my sentence" the light scratches his head and turns around just to see the evil smirks of Furihata and Aida, the happy go lucky smile of the vice captain, the frown of the captain and the pale faces of his teammates.

Kagami let out a heavy sigh and "BetweenyouandMitobesenpaiwho istheloudestoneinbed?" he asks too fast.

"Pardon? Can you do it more slowly Kagami-kun?" the phantom player politely asks.

"I said between you and Mitobeo-senpai who is the loudest one in bed?" After finishing the question his entire body went red.

Kuroko and Mitobe just stare at him like he is some kind of a lunatic.

"Speak up you bastard" The light growls.

"Mitobe-senpai is certainly the loudest between the two of us" Kuroko nonchalantly replies "especially when we sleep" he added.

Kagami looks like his soul just fly away from his body, Aida and Furihata looks depress and mutters along the way "I can't believe Kuroko-kun is the seme" and "Seme + Kuroko-kun = impossible", Kiyoshi just smiles, Hyuuga cringes and the others looks they are about to faint any minute.

They all suddenly regret that they ask in the first place.

Mitobe's residence

The phantom player decided to sleep over at Mitobe's house.

They are currently in the room of Mitobe with two separate futons laid on.

"Mitobe-senpai" Kuroko mutters while he adjusts his pajamas "please don't snore. You're too loud and I can't sleep if that happens"

Mitobe just nods and rolls to his side and sleep while the light blue haired does the same.

10 minutes later Mitobe starts to snore and snorted while he's asleep, Kuroko couldn't take it anymore, he pulls an ear plugs and put in his ears.

"I was right to say that Mitobe-senpai is really loud in bed" he mutters and tries to sleep again, now that the sound he hears is silence 'I hope that was Kagami-kun meant since I am still untouched by anyone until I'm 18' after that the phantom player sleeps peacefully.

He didn't know that all his teammates didn't sleep that night.

End for this chapter