Mexico the Explorer! with Spain in boots!

I do not own Dora or Hetaila

America felt his phone go off, it was on vibrate, so you can feel your butt buzz along with it. He was going to ignore it, but when he noticed who it was. "Hello?" he said into the receiver "What do mean Dora's in a coma! What'd do, smash Azul on her head?... Oh your KIDDING! You DID? You stupid monkey!" America paused letting the monkey on the other end speak "You can't quit! Your a monkey where you gonna go, the zoo? Don't... Answer that. Just don't." America sighed where was he going to find people to play the cast, Spain would be considered if he was a girl, but nope, HAD to be a boy. Wait a minute... Waaaaait a minute! "MEXICO! She's perfect, if I can convince her not to say something that offends the folks watching that is. Now for Boots?" the answer hit like a sack of bricks. "SPAIN!" America hung up on Boots, and started calling his sister, the phone rang once, twice, "¿Sí?"

"¡Hola, Mexico! Listen can you me a favor, por favor?"

"hmmmmm. no. ¡Adios, amigo!"

"Wait! I really need you to do this! Come on! Just in till someone gets better, pleeeease?"


There was silence over the phone, that meant she was thinking about it! "Alright gringo, what is it?"