Capitos Díez episodio dos

¡Gracías Kayara Isis! ¡Tú es mi Amiga! Mi español is improving, though it'll be a while before I'll ever be able to write a story entirely in Spainish. ¡Lo seinto!

No poseo Hetalia y Dora.

Mexico turned to the camera "Do YOU think we should help him?" the trio waited for ten seconds before Spain said "I think so too." he smiled. This was actually really hard for him. He invented the langauge, but the none of them kept it the same, they took tidbits and left out others. He wasn't sure which part Mexico kept and which part she got rid of in her version. This might lead to trial and errors in this story. He wondered if the other Hispanic nations bothered keeping 'Vosotros' or not. He suppressed a sigh, he hoped they kept it, he didn't want to be the only one who said it. What if it slipped and México didn't understand what he said? How would the show go on after that? "¡Vamonos!" the three began to sing "Come on, vamonos!" Spain sang "Everybody let's go!" Mexico sang "Come on, let's get to it! I know that we can do it!"

"Where are we going?"

"Francis's house!"

"Where are we going?"

"Francis's house!" at the end of that musical number, Spain resisted the urge to continue humming it. It was God damn catchy! He sighed as the three walked. "But María, we don't even know HOW to GET to Francis's house." That was a lie. Spain knew where France lived, he also knew where to find Prussia at a minute's notice. But, this was a Television Show, he couldn't blurt out where France lived in real life. Not that anybody in their right mind would want to go to France's house. I mean, a lot of the people who watched this show where niños, little itty-bitty niños. No niño would want that.

Mexico smiled "What do you use if you want to go somewhere, but don't know the way?" She paused for ten seconds, Spain jumped up and down along with his cat "That's right the map! ¡El Mapa! ¡El Mapa!" Japan poked his head out, just a little. "Louder!" they paused, he poked his head out, so you could see the top of his eyes "LOUDER!" Japan leapt from the bag "I'm da map, I'm da map, I'm da MAAAP! To get to Francis's house, you have to go THROUGH da Awesome Varrey, PAST da Tomato Castre and AROUND da Rose Fierd. Can you remember dat?" Mexico pointed to the magical floating boxes that appear on screen "Awesome Valley, Tomato Castle, Rose Field." Spain jumped up and down, that's more tiring than you'd think Amigos. "¡Sí, sí! I can remember that!" He squealed, he wondered who was at the Tomato Castle. Roma? Ita? No, they already had characters, well, Italy had a character that showed up in about every episodio, no? Japan than jumped back into Italy's pouch.

The three began to walk until the came across a valley where the buildings all had roofs painted with black and white, from where they stood, the image of the Prussian flag was obvious. "Do YOU see the Awesome Valley?" Austria's navy blue cursor clicked upon it with a larger scowl than normal. Bleep. "There it is! Let's go María! Let's go!" Spain squealed. The three walked, Chile's character didn't have that many lines, so he kept quiet. They reached town and were stopped by a man with a Prussian blue tee shirt that read "AWESOME: it's what I do" and a pair of ripped up jeans "Kieseseseses~! Velcome to the AWESOME Valley! Mein name is The Awesome Gilbert! Kiesesese~!" A frying pan flew and whacked Prussia in the back of the head "OW! Vat vas that for Lizzie?!" Hungary picked up her frying pan "For acting like an idiot and not giving our guests a proper welcome to our home!" She scolded, he cringed away with an apology, as "Awesome" as Prussia was, that woman still scared him with that frying pan. "Welcome to our valley, we hope you enjoy your time here." She said sweetly. The three all replied "¡Gracias!" Hungary stumbled over the words with the best accent she could muster "¡De nada!" Spain had to admit, she could throw on a fairly decent accent, her pronunciation needed work though. Hungary and Prussia led them through the town and stopped in the middle "Why did we stop here?" Child grunted, Hungary had a fake look of sorrow "The only way to leave is to please the troll with dancing." Hungary said "solemnly", Prussia continued where she left off "Ja, ünd no one has done it yet! He…he scares the Awesome Me."

Mexico knew right away that the Troll was Russia. A big thundering came and Prussia instinctively hid behind Hungary "Eek!" He squeaked "Privet comrades. I am the troll, before you may pass, you must please me by dancing, da?" Mexico turned to the camera "Do YOU think we should try to dance for him?" Ten seconds ", I think so too." She said "Alright Sr. Troll, we'll dance for you." Only problem was, what dance were they doing, dammit? A quick paced music started and Spain just took over. It was a Spanish dance, that much she knew, but she hadn't done this dance in years. The mambo. Sure she invented it, but she secretly had help from Spain when she was younger and making it. But the two danced the dance until the music ended, by then the two were completely out of breath, panting in attempt to regain their breath. Russia clapped "You dance has pleased me. You may pass now, da?" The two smiled and cheered "Yay~!" The whooped with as much enthusiasm they could without fainting from lack of oxygen. The three left and the Baltic's rushed by, playing their little victory theme faster than usual, no doubt to escape Russia. No sooner had they appeared on screen, they were gone.

The three hurried off to go to the next stop. Suddenly "Oh hon hon~" Spain whipped his body to the camera, only for Chile to pull him back. Spain had a panicked look on his face, almost as if he was watching a turtle having it's face melted off in a microwave. France made a cautious decent to them "What's that niños? You see Francis? Maybe he has the amulet! But where is he?" She waited a little bit "Behind us?" She pivoted to look causally behind "Oh yeah, there he is!" Mexico said, "What do we do if we don't want our stuff stolen?" She waited ten seconds "That's right!" She called. Mexico, Chile and Spain all held out their hands and said firmly "Francis no stealing, Francis no stealing, Francis no-" France grabbed Mexico and threw Italy into the air, making him lost. "Stealing…" they finished lamely, France scattered when Spain glared venomous daggers at him. Leaving Mexico a little confused, weren't they best friends? She shrugged and said over dramatically "Oh no! Mean Francis stole our Feli-Pack!"

Well, that's one chapter down. *shrugs* Well, sorry for not uploading sooner, an Ex boyfriend broke my wrist and I've a had a case of writer's block so I decided to cure it by writing a witty, fun scene. Hope you enjoyed!

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