Love is for fools

Jasmine Bays rolled her eyes as she watched her best friend, Katie Gardner, making out with her boyfriend, Travis Stoll. She made her way into the arena. She spotted Alex Montgomery in the bleachers. As she made her way toward her brother's longtime girlfriend, she bumped into Nico Di Angelo.

"I haven't seen you in a while Jazz. It's been what, two weeks?" he said

"You counted?" she asked

"No, but you did. See you around, Jazz" He said as he winked.

Jasmine rolled her eyes and made her way to Alex, who seemed amused with the situation between the two.

"Man, I hate him" complained Jasmine

"You wouldn't have said that a month ago" smirked Alex

"Don't you have a boyfriend to be making out with?" replied Jasmine

Alex just laughed as she re-tied her now blonde hair.

"I'm serious, though. A month ago, you were head over heels in love with him when you first saw him at school."

"Back then, I didn't know how big of a jerk he was. Or how arrogant he was."

"He's arrogant? Coming from you? The queen of bragging and gloating."

"He's worse than I am! Every time that stupid smirk of his comes up all I want to do is slap it off his face and stomp on it and smash his face into it while it's still on the ground!"

"Remind me to tell your brother about how violent you are" Alex joked.

"I'm not joking, Alex. There's something about him that irks me"

"Jazz, remember how Katie and Travis got together? Remember how much she hated him?"

"We're not going to turn out the same way!"

"You only hate him because he pretended like you were a stranger. You pile every little thing on top to give you an excuse to hate him"

"You would too if you thought you had a chance with your first crush, but the next time you see him, which is like two weeks later, he acts like he's never met you. And later on, you realize he's been playing you like a game." She said as she sat down next to the blonde beauty.

"Are you still mad about Nico?" Asked Conner Stoll as he made his way to his half sister

"No. I'm over it" replied Jasmine

"Jazz, you look like you're about to cry"

"NO I DON'T!" snapped Jasmine. "Don't you have a girlfriend to be making out with or something?"

"Whoa, Jazz. Calm down"

"Don't tell me to calm down, when you're the reason I'm freaking out!"

"What did I do?"

"For advice" piped Katie as she and Travis made their way to the group. "Stop trying to make it better, because you're making it worse"

She turned to Jasmine and opened her arms.

"Want a hug" she asked Jasmine. Jasmine shook her head. Jasmine faced Alex.

"You've been quiet lately" she stated

"Do you want to know what I think?" Jasmine nodded her head. "I think, you still like Nico but you're too afraid to admit it because you don't want to get hurt like how he hurt you before."

"I don't like Nico, okay. He's a complete ass to me. I used to like him. USED TO. People change and feelings fade."

"Who are you trying to convince?" asked Jeremy as he wrapped his arms around Alex. "Us…or yourself?"

"What is this, gang up on Jasmine day?" huffed Jasmine, obviously irritated.

"It might as well be" said Albany Mace as she and Casey Montgomery joined the group.

Conner immediately gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arm around her.

"Don't think you can get away without answering the question" said Casey

"Guys, just let it go. I'm over him."

"You got over your first crush after a month?" asked Casey. When Jasmine nodded Casey got a look of disbelief. "It took me three months to get over my first crush"

"Took me five" piped Katie

"Took me three" said Albany

"Four" stated Alex

"Why does it take girls so long to get over their first crush?" asked Conner

"First crushes are when a girl finally has feeling toward a person she never thought she would have feelings for. It's one of the first steps into a relationship." Replied Katie

"I didn't know you could be so deep" stated Travis. Katie rolled her eyes.

"How long did it take you to get over your first crush, Connor?" asked Alex

"Two weeks." Replied Connor with a small laugh. "Man, once a hotter girl came into view it was bye-bye Lauren, or Samantha, or was it Chaynah. Well who ever my current girlfriend was, the minute a hotter girl came…ohh MANN." He shouted with a little jump. He stopped when he saw the expression on Albany's face. "But…uhm… that was all before I met the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, perfect girl in the entire world" he said as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.

"Nice save, Romeo" she commented as she rolled her eyes.

"How long did it take you to get over your first crush, Travis?" asked Alex

"It took me a month" replied Travis.

"Really?" asked Katie.

"Yeah" he blushed

"That's so cute" she cooed as she stood on her tiptoes to his cheek.

"What about you, Jeremy?"

"I fell in love with my first crush." He said as he looked into Alex's eyes. He began to lean in.

"As cute as that is, I take that as my cue to leave. Bye" announced Casey rolling her eyes as she walked away.

"Hey," said Alex as she nudged Jasmine. "Don't look now, but your boyfriend is looking this way"

"He's not my boyfriend!" denied Jasmine.

"Why are you getting so defensive for?" asked Albany. "A simple 'No' would have been great"

"Shut Up, Albany" whispered Jasmine

"Jazz, I know you hate talking about it, but you do seem like you're in denial about the whole thing" inquired Jeremy.

"I'm not in denial. I'm just telling the truth" responded Jasmine

"Jazz, I'm a son of Aphrodite. I know love when I see it, and I think, uhm, you might be in love."

"No. I'm. Not" growled Jasmine

"Jazz, it's the facts. A month ago, no…less than a month ago, you were falling hard for him. Now you're mad because he pretended like he didn't notice you. You know, you look different. You went back to your natural hair color, no color contacts. You can't expect him to recognize you right off the bat."

"I know, bro. But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt."

"It's been a month! Get over it!" Jeremy yelled

His eyes widened when he realized what he said. Guilt filling his eyes and hurt filling Jasmine's.

"Jazz, I didn't mean it like that."

"Yeah, I know" she said as she gave him a weak smile. Her voice was shaky and her eyes told him that she was hurt and didn't believe him.


"It's cool. You were right. I need to get over him."

"No, you don't" spoke Albany. She was so quiet Jasmine almost forgot that the couple was still there. "You're mad at him because he hurt you. And you're still hurt because you still care. It's okay to say that you still like him... Maybe even love"

"I don't like him. And I defiantly don't love him. I'm going to my cabin."

"I'll come" said Jeremy.

"Alone" she said as she walked away from the group. Once she was far away from her group of friends, she let one tear stream down her cheek. "I don't love him. Love is for fools. I am no fool"