This is dragonball z and avatar the last airbender fanfiction

Disclamier:I don't own the avatar or dragonball z

Chapter 1 The Trouble in southern universe

Piccolo looks on the planet that look like Earth.

"After a hundred year that Fire Nations are create a war the Avatar is back

to defeated the Fire Nation and now he was victory."Said Piccolo

"Wait!I feels something strange."Said Piccolo

"What!Cooler, ,Broly and the androids(except Cell)are escape from hell?"Asked Goku

"Yes and they go to the southern universe now."Said King Kai

Goku,Gohan and Goten quickly to go to Kami lookout to asked Piccolo about this trouble.

"Yes I known now."Said Piccolo

"We must go to that planet and warn the Avatar about this."said Piccolo

"Who is the Avatar?"Asked Goten

Now Piccolo explain on the planet of the Avatar to them.

"That's of all."Said Piccolo

"Wow they use the bender?"Asked Goku

"Incredibles!"Said Gohan

Later at Capsule Coperation.

"And that the story."Said Goku

"Okay now we want a portal Bulma you can create it."Asked Gohan

"I will try"Said Bulma

"And who want to go with me with Gohan,Goten and Piccolo."

"Me."Said Tien Shinhan

"Me neither."Said Chiaotzu

"Me too."Said Yamcha

"Me too Kakarot."Said Vegeta

"Me too dad."Said Trunks

One week later...

"All rigth the portal is finish now."Said Bulma

"Okay everybody let's go."Said Goku