This is dragonball z and avatar the last airbender fanfiction

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Chapter 8 Kamehameha of Aang and Goku

"Looking for me?"Said Cooler

"C-Co-coo-Cooler!"Said Krillin

"Long time no see Son Goku."Said Cooler

"Now is your turn Goku to go to hell."Said Cooler

"This is Cooler I think he is a ugly monster."Said Katara

"Outside no but inside yes."Said Goku

"Now I wait for this time so long.

That's time i will revenge you for me and my dynasty."Said angry Cooler

"Be careful he stronger than Frieza his younger brother.

He in the 4 from but can tranfrom in 5 from."Said Goku

"Oh that's past now I have a 6 transfrom."Said Cooler

"What!"Said Piccolo

"But for the Avatar I will use 5 from."Said Cooler

Cooler transfrom himself into a 5 from to figth Aang and Goku.

Cooler think that he will win Aang but failed.

"So you stronger than I thougth?!"Said Cooler

"Now I will use my 6 from."

Now Cooler have a spike on his back and tail,a giant clawns

and a horn(like torosaurus).

"This is my 6 from."

"It's Horrible!"Said Katara

"Yeah!"Said Sokka

"Goku I need your help!"Screamed Aang

Now Aang and Goku try to defeat Cooler by

use Cooler use Supernova and throw it

to Aang and Goku.

"You two will Planet too."Said Cooler

"Ka-Me-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAA!"Aang and Goku

the Kamehameha of Aang and Goku split the Supernova

of Cooler back to him and kill Cooler.

"You did it!"Said Katara

Now they go back to palace and

have a party for victory of Aang and Goku.

The next day...

"All rigth we must go back now."Said Goku

"Bye-Bye Gohan."Said Ty Lee

"Bye Bye Ty Lee."Said Gohan

"Good luck Goku."Said Aang

"Untill we meet again."Said Goku