The day of the wedding arrived. The weather was neither warm nor beautiful. A heavy downpour of rain started early in the morning and lasted late into the night. Victoria and Bert tried to convince me not to worry about it as they helped me into my dress. Victoria had helped me choose an elegant wedding gown with a graceful train and white lace sleeves. Kol and I were going to be married in a grand chapel with large stained glass windows in the sanctuary. I had thought it looked so beautiful with the stained glass casting colors on the pale grey stone walls, but with the rain I was worried the effect would be ruined. By the time I was standing outside the doors waiting for the song to announce my entrance, I felt like I couldn't stand for the nerves. Everyone would be looking at me, I could hear the blasted rain outside, my dress felt too extravagant, and soon I would be entering a room filled with some of the most important people in the kingdom. Even the king and queen were in attendance. Everyone else had already entered expect Victoria and me. Clover had gone out first throwing her flower petals down the aisle. Curtis followed her with the two rings. Bert was the third to enter the chapel and Victoria would be the fourth.

"I don't know if I can do this." I whispered. I was clutching my bouquet so tightly I feared I would destroy it.

Victoria smiled and grasped both my shoulders firmly. "None of that talk now. There is a wonderful man that you love waiting for you on the other side of those doors and I want him to see how beautiful you are. It's my turn now."

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before she disappeared through the doors. I caught a glimpse of the full room as she went through the doors. I could only see the pews full of people; I couldn't see the other side of the aisle where I knew Kol was waiting. Then the song began and both doors opened wide. I froze as I saw all eyes turn on me then my eyes found him. Andrew was standing at Kol's side before me with the priest. I watched as a slow smile lit my soon to be husband's face and he stood up taller. I started walking towards him. His eyes were filled with love and pride and I was once again struck by how incredibly lucky I was to find my one true love. Victoria was right. All these other people didn't matter – right now it was just Kol and me and soon we would be husband and wife. It was all I could do to keep from running into his arms. It had been over a day since I last saw him in the crazy wedding plans and I even that short time was far too long.

I stepped up to stand before him. "You are radiant." He whispered.

"It's raining." I quietly answered. It was the first words my brain could put together.

Kol smiled - the smile he saved only for me. "I remember another day where it rained. I was caught in the storm with a lovely girl who had my heart the moment she stepped into my room with damp hair and bare feet."

I smiled and took Kol's hands as the priest began the ceremony. We both said those two little words that would change our lives forever and exchanged the rings. His was a thick silver circle banded with black onyx. My ring matched with an onyx stone surrounded by a diamond on either side. The black stone reminded me of Kol's eyes and I felt that while I was wearing it, a part of him would always be with me. Then we sealed our vow with a kiss and it was the single most perfect moment despite the rain. I was now Mrs. Ebony Rydell.

Together, we went back up the aisle to a cacophony of congratulations and applause. In the front row my mother was sobbing uncontrollably with a handkerchief clutched to her face. Kol's parents smiled proudly as we passed. Bert had joined Addison and Freddy, the boy from the Scrolldart, in their seats. The two women had taken in Freddy and were going to raise him as their own now that they had managed to secure a good house for their family. A little further on Dewey sat with his mother and Paislee. Paislee was smiling and I could see the evidence of tears in her eyes as well as she stood under the arm Dewey had wrapped around her shoulders. I thought that there would be another wedding before too long, Dewey and Paislee were perfect for each other. Argie was towards the back in her usual work apron with her oversized goggles on her head. She tried her best to hide it as we passed her, but I could tell that she had been crying as well. Kol stopped to hug her and I heard her murmur how proud she was. Unexpectedly she pulled me into her tight hug and I heard the happy laughter of the people who saw.

We left the sanctuary, but Kol didn't stop. I had expected for us to stop and see people as they left the chapel, but followed my husband as he kept going straight to the front doors. I only paused a moment as he opened them and brought us out into the rain.

"Kol, my dress!" I exclaimed as the first raindrops landed on me.

Now he stopped and pulled me into his arms. His hair was hanging in his eyes and I reached up to move it. He was smiling at me lovingly. "Your dress can be cleaned, Mrs. Rydell. I wanted you all to myself for a few minutes at least."

"Mrs. Rydell, I like the sound…" Kol cut my words short as he kissed me passionately there in the rain. I readily gave in and was glad that he had decided he wanted me alone for at least a few moments before the others came to find us. The taste of his mouth mingled with the rain drops as I pulled myself closer to my husband. Kol was my husband. It was the most wonderful idea in the world.

Kol broke the kiss, but he did not pull away. His breath stayed mingling with mine. "Now, my wife, I have another small surprise for you. Just before the ceremony, Andrew passed on the offer of a wedding gift from Empress Pandia."

"A wedding gift?" I wondered what he was talking about. All the wedding gifts were on a table in the chapel. I had seen the pile of wonderfully wrapped gifts already.

"The empress has offered to take us to her kingdom with her when she departs. I think it will be a wonderful first vacation for us to have as man and wife. Mmm…you're my wife. I love that. So what say you, love, shall we see what trouble we can stir up in Mekt?"

I excitedly smiled and kissed him again as the doors banged open. Victoria shouted at me to get out of the rain because I would ruin my dress. I heard Bert laugh from somewhere inside as both Curtis and Clover ran out into the rain and jumped into a large puddle nearby. The only thing that concerned me at the moment was the wonderful man – my husband – who I had in my arms. Ebony Valix's adventures in Pharyss were over, but Ebony Rydell's adventures in Mekt were about to begin and this time I would have someone to share them with.

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