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Powerless by Linkin Park

You hid your skeletons when I had shown you mine
You woke the devil that I thought you'd left behind
I saw the evidence, the crimson soaking through
Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose
And you held it all. but you were careless to let it fall
You held it all, and I was by your side
I watched you fall apart and chased you to the end
I'm left with emptiness that words can not defend
You'll never know what I became because of you
Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose
And you held it all, but you were careless to let it fall
You held it all, and I was by your side, powerless
And you held it all, but you were careless to let it fall
You held it all, and I was by your side, powerless
Powerless (x2)

Where we left off…

Keith hung up the phone and called the sheriff's office. After telling Sacks everything he knew, Sheriff DeMato picks up.

During the summer Judge Dawson's daughter was killed by Liam Fitzpatrick after a drug deal went bad. Liam was arrested but got away with it. Vinnie Van Lowe claimed there wasn't enough evidence pointing to them. Judge Dawson didn't believe it and hired Keith to find out the truth. Not only did he find out the truth of the murder. Keith also discovered that former -Sheriff Van Lowe was on the Fitzpatricks' payroll. Needless to say Vinnie was removed from office and after an emergency election Leo got the job. Even though Keith loved being the sheriff he loved being a PI more. Plus with Vinnie gone Mars Investigations was busier than ever.

Sheriff DeMato told Keith that they will come take a look without waiting 24 hours.

"Since everyone here adores Veronica, lets find her fast." he said.

Forty minutes later Sheriff DeMato, Deputy Sacks, and Officer Adams walked in and took in the scene. Keith had been waiting outside with Wallace and Mac, so they wouldn't disturb the apartment. Lauren Adams was brought in from the San Diego Police department. She was the head of the crime lab and a personal friend of Leo's. Sheriff DeMato was interviewing Keith, Wallace and Mac while Adams was collecting fingerprints. Sacks was helping her.

"Keith, do you know what time Veronica got here?" the Sheriff asks.

"I wasn't home, I was at the office but her plane got in at 6:30 pm at San Diego Airport. She should have been here by 7 :00 pm." Keith answered.

"Is there anyone that would want to hurt her? An ex-boyfriend? Maybe a current boyfriend?" Leo asked.

"Are you suggesting that my future son-in-law is behind this?!" Keith asked furiously. "Logan wouldn't hurt her and you know it! He loves her more than anything!"

"Look Keith, I'm not suggesting anything. You know perfectly well in cases like this that the men in the victim's life is investigated first. I just need alibis." Leo said.

"Well I was at the office all day. Mac and Wallace were there helping me. And as for Logan he is probably on a plane right now. Coming here from New York. That is where Veronica came home from. I'm sure you can talk to him when he gets here." He said, harshly.

"What about people from school or any cases?" DeMato asked.

"Well the cases that she has worked on lately have dealt with cheating spouses. Nothing dangerous." Keith said

"As for school, I don't know of anyone that would hurt her." Wallace said.

"I do." Mac said. She told about Leo about Veronica's sex tape and about the Castle.

"Veronica told me that her and Logan were threatened by this guy. She found out that he has familial ties to the Mafia. She was worried about retaliation after Logan hit Gory."

"Okay, we will look into him. Is there anything else that you could tell me?" Leo asked and Mac shook her head

"Alright, Well I have nothing further to ask. I don't know how long it is going to take them to process the crime scene, Keith. Once they are finished then you will be allowed back in."

Not long after Sheriff DeMato was through with his questions, Officer Adams and Deputy Sacks were through. Officer Adams asked Keith if he knew of anyone besides Veronica had touched any of her items. He told her that he didn't.

"Well we found some fingerprints that we will check." she said. Then the three left so Veronica's family were allowed to wait and hope.

New York

Logan gets off the phone and goes into his office. He searches through his desk drawers and after a few minutes finds a letter.

Flashback- three days after graduation

Logan came home to the hotel to find a letter waiting for him at the front desk. When he got to his room he opened and read it- immediately realizing who it was from.

'Now you and Lilly have Justice. Take care of V . Call if you need anything.'

Instead of ending with a name there was a phone number. Logan pulled out his phone and dialed the number. He left his number and waited to be called back. He knew by what he hear that the number he called was for a pager. A few minutes later Duncan called him back. As much as Logan was glad to hear from his friend, he was also concerned.

"Don't worry, Logan. The pager is untraceable and so is the phone. The pager should only be used for emergencies." Duncan said.

"So what do you want me to put as the message if it is an emergency. I mean we should keep it so no information is detected if someone else looks at." Logan mentioned.

"Leave the number 1483 as the message." Duncan responded.

"What number is that?" Logan asked.

"It's Lilly's and Veronica's birthdays. Anyway I need to go. Be good to Veronica and keep her safe. " Duncan said before ending the call.

End of Flashback

Logan left his condo and drove away. While he drove he called Duncan's pager and left the code. Not long after Duncan called him back. Logan recounted everything Keith had told him. After he was finished there was silence, finally Duncan spoke a short message before hanging up.

"I'll see what I can find out. Congratulations on the engagement. I know that you will make her happy."

Over five hours later Logan pulls up at Veronica's apartment complex. When he walked up to the door to knock he wasn't surprise to see life inside. Even at 4:00 am Keith, who hadn't slept, let him in. Dick, Mac and Wallace were on the couch. Mac was asleep with her head on Dick's shoulder. Dick was leaning his head against hers, asleep as well. Wallace was awake. Everyone in the small room were quiet and weary.

"Have you heard anything?" Logan asked, worriedly.

"No, I called Sheriff DeMato. They came and asked questions. Did a search and took all the evidence. They may have to keep the ring for a while but it should be safe." Keith said.

"I don't even care about the ring. I just want Veronica home safe. I can buy her another if I have to. She just needs to come home." Logan said. He couldn't believe after finally getting her back she was gone. Logan knew he couldn't survive if she never comes home.

"What if she doesn't come home? No, I can't even think about it." he thought, sadly.

"I know, but don't worry Logan. We will find her, alive. Keith said, he tried not to sound unsure. However he knew that in the last few years Veronica had made some enemies. Even though he thought some of them wouldn't be capable of this. Keith knew that you really can't know the lengths a person will go to make someone pay. As he was thinking about his daughter, the phone rang. It was Leo.

"Keith, we did find a print on Veronica's taser and a partial on the ring. Neither are hers, But we are going to check IAFIS. Maybe whoever took her is all ready in the system. Once I know anymore, I'll call." Leo said. Keith thanked the Sheriff then hung up the phone. He relayed what he was told to Wallace and Logan.

"Logan, do know of anyone that would do this to her." Keith asked , with urgency in his voice. Logan thought and one name came to mind.

"Gory. Gorya Sorokin." He answered then told Keith what he knew about Gory.

"I can't be sure if it was him, all I know is that he told us that he would make us pay." Logan said.

"I can't believe it. Why didn't the two of you tell me? You should have. You need to be more careful." Keith said, harshly.

"I know this is all my fault, I should have listened to her when she told me not to do anything to him." Logan said, sadly. He had been blaming himself since he had heard that Veronica was missing. Even though he didn't know for sure who took her, he still felt responsible. Logan continued.

"I should of came back with her, then this wouldn't of happened." he said.

"Logan you don't know that. If you had been here they could of just tried another day. It's not your fault and Veronica wouldn't want you to blame yourself, so don't. We will get her back. I promise.

Meanwhile somewhere in the desert…

Veronica was jostled awake by the movement of the vehicle. Every muscle hurt and all she saw was darkness. She was lying down with her hands tied behind her back and she was blindfolded. What Veronica could tell from the conversation was that Piz was driving and Gory was annoyed by it.

"Can't you go any faster?" Gory asked, frustration in his voice.

"I'm going the speed limit. Just relax." Piz said, coldly.

Veronica was trying to get out of her ties, hoping her captures didn't notice. However Gory did notice.

"She's awake, I'm going back to sedate her." he said.

"Just don't hurt her." Piz said, urgently. He tried not to sound like he cares, that this whole ordeal was hard on him. Piz didn't want to hurt her. I can't have her no one will, especially Logan, he thought.

"I don't see why you care. I mean you're abducting her, remember." Gory said as he unbuckled his seatbelt. He moved to the bag behind the driver's seat and opened it. Gory pulled out a vial and filled a syringe. He moved over to where Veronica was laying and grabbed her arm. She tried to moving away to no avail. She gasped in pain as Gory plunged the needle, roughly, into her skin. A few minutes later, Veronica felt the sedative take effect and she slowly slipped out of consciousness.

When Veronica awoke, she was tied to a chair. She looked around, she was in a small building. It was dim in the room and it didn't have windows. Veronica couldn't tell what time it was or even if it was a different day. Gory a few feet away from her, with his back to her. Piz was no where to be seen. Veronica was worried. She knew that Piz wasn't capable of hurting her physically. Gory, however was capable of anything.

"Where is Piz?" Veronica asked cautiously. She was scared, but she was trying to sound calm.

"Oh look who's finally awake. He's in another room, I figured you and I need to chat." Gory said. He smiled at her with hunger in his eyes. He moved over to her and spoke.

"Here's the deal Veronica. We want to get back at Logan. Plain and simple, you tell us where we can find that bastard and you can go."

"And why would help you?!" She asked.

"Well if you don't I'll hurt you in whatever way I can think of. I'll make you scream in pain until you can't take anymore and your begging for me to stop!" Gory exclaimed. Veronica knew that she could make any deals with them. She had to be strong.

"I'm not telling you anything. Do your worse but you can't have him!" Veronica said, defiantly.

"What a shame. Well at least I'll get my way eventually." He said as he balled his fist up and punched Veronica in the face.

Neptune California

Veronica had been missing two days. Logan and Keith hadn't slept since she was taken. They had been waiting for the positive identification of the fingerprints. Logan had been staying at the Mar's residence since he got there. He figured that he would find out what he need to that way. He was sitting on the couch next to Wallace, trying to watch whatever sport the channel was on. However Logan was having a hard time keeping his mind off the current ordeal of his fiancé. Keith had been doing the same, finally after 48 hours, Sheriff DeMato called.

"Hey, Keith we have a match! Gorya Sorokin's was on the taser, and Stosh Piznarski's was the partial on the ring."

"He was in the system? He seemed like a good kid when I met him." Keith said. Logan and Wallace was intently listening now.

"Yeah, it shows they are brother. Well half-brothers. Piznarski was picked up on a DUI a year ago. I'm on my way over, I have more questions for Veronica's friends." the Sheriff said.

Well Wallace and Logan are here, I sent Mac home but ill call her." Keith said.

When Keith that off the phone Logan and Wallace were looking at him questioningly. Keith was shocked, he couldn't believe that a guy that he trusted with his only daughter was in fact one of her abductors. He really didn't want to have the conversation that he was about to have. Keith knew that Wallace was friends with Piz and that Logan didn't like him. This isn't going to end well, he thought.

"That was Leo, they got a match on the fingerprints. Gory's were on the taser and Stosh's on the ring." he said tensely. Both boys were shocked by the revelation that Piz had Veronica. Keith told them all that Leo had told him and mentioned that he was on his way.

"WE CAN"T WAIT FOR THEM TO GET OFF THEIR ASSES. WE SHOULD BE OUT THERE LOOKING FOR HER!" Logan yelled. He had been strong since he got there but he was starting to lose it.

"Logan don't you dare think that you are the only one that loves her. That cares about her. I told you that we will find her. We need the Sheriff's help though." Keith said.

"No, we don't. Not when we have Duncan on our side." Logan said then told the other two about his conversation with Duncan.

"He has Clarence Weidman on it. I'm sure of it. He the head of security for the Kane's and ex-CIA. He'll find her if we can't." Keith said. Then he pulled out his phone and called Mac .

When Mac got to Veronica's apartment, Sheriff DeMato was questioning Logan. Logan was starting to become annoyed.

"I told you already. Gory posted that video of Veronica. I thought Piz did it. Veronica told me that Gory was connected. I beat the shit out of both of them anyway. They deserved it too. And if I could be left in a room with them after this. I'll make them wish they had never born." Logan said.

"Like you did to those rapists?" Leo said. He knew what Logan did. Leo was there when he was brought in. Everyone at the station wanted a chance at Mercer and Moe, Logan beat them to it. Even Leo wanted a chance and would have too. However he felt it wasn't his place anymore, it really never was. It has always been Logan's.

"I can arrange that, when we find her I'll let you. You won't ever need to do anything to get arrested. We will just make it look like you were. Then beat the shit out of them." Leo said quietly. Wallace, Mac and Keith were there talking to Sacks. He didn't want anyone to hear him especially Keith.

"Thank you, Sheriff." Logan said sincerely. Two thing would make hi feel better. First would be having Veronica back in his arms, safe and sound. The second would be getting back at Gory and Piz. Especially Piz. Logan just hoped it would happen soon.

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