Title: Who is doing who?

Pairings: ?/Monta, ?/Sena, multiple

Rating: T

Warnings: boy X boy love, cursing (courtesy of Hiruma and others too), suggestive material, not beta'ed (in need of one)

Summary: Ever since Monta got rejected by Mamori he starts to notice things. Not only that, but apparently Sena is dating. And that he might as well be the only single person in his team.

A/N: Your basic story 'OMG, Sena is dating, who is he dating?' with a twist. You'll see as the story goes on. Also be warned of my obsession with Monta eating bananas erotically.


When Monta finally decides to confess to Mamori it comes as a huge shock to him. Gently, she had brushed him off. "I'm sorry, you are a wonderful boy, but I already like someone else…"

It had hurt and it had been Hiruma's fault. The demonic captain had practically blackmailed him to confess. With what, you may ask. He had a picture of a naked Monta eating a banana. Everything that could be seen was seen, and the way he was eating the banana was… erotic in a way. How Hiruma had managed to get that kind of picture was a mystery. At first he thought it was a fake, a Photoshop, but truth to be told he, more than once had eaten bananas while being naked (after taking a bath, he had been hungry all those times and craving bananas).

Still, now that his mind wasn't filled with Mamori, he started to notice things that he usually didn't. The way Sena's legs' muscle flexed and worked out as he ran the field. The way Hiruma glared the field, with hawk's eyes choosing the point where to send the ball, how his arm raised and threw the ball with the precision of a bullet. How Musashi's leg muscle contracted as he kicked the ball. Kurita's eyebrow frowning together, teeth gritting as he pushed forward, Komosubi copying the same. It was fascinating.

But that wasn't the only thing he noticed. There were a lot more of things he did noticed too. For example, the way Jumonji texted: The first time would be after morning practice, during the first hour of class. He wouldn't text again until a little before lunch, then again after lunch, the last time he saw him text was as classes were over and before afternoon practice. It was strange, maybe he had a girlfriend. It wouldn't surprise him, he was good looking, but he seemed weary of girls. While he didn't mind the attention, he didn't look as if he wanted to date any of them.

He also noticed that whenever Sena decline walking to school with him and/or Mamori he would always come sweaty, carrying a half empty bottle of water and a satisfied look in his eyes, smiling. Apparently, for the upcoming finals Sena had taken a new training regime to running in the mornings. In order not to exhaust himself, he had decided to do it in alternate days, one day running, the next no running, then the next day running and so on (Sometime she would run to school, other not)…

Sena hadn't been the only one with more stuff added to their daily. He, Hiruma would be practicing passes with Taki, Musashi and Sena trying to intercept him. According to Hiruma this would help Monta deal with any kind of situation that was presented to him such as: height (Taki and Musashi), speed (Sena) and power (Musashi). Also it would help the others work better with defense. Hiruma wasn't concerned with defense, but the practice would be a nice one-side effect of boosting up their defense by 0.2%.

One day, out of the blue Hiruma had sent Musashi to the other side of the planet in order for him to train his kicking under extreme conditions, specifically to the Antarctica. No one was amused. Then Kurita started to receive his special training with Banba. Musashi returned back to the team one week before Kurita. He hadn't liked Hiruma's 'little' stun and it showed. He kept grumbling and muttering to himself, not to add the obvious bags under his eyes. Oddly enough, to Monta it resembled a married couple having a spat, with Kurita being the child being sent away so he wouldn't see the domestic violence.

Then there was Yukimitsu who had the same morning running regime as Sena, and had to stay, sometimes overnight with Hiruma to practice his catching and once he was done, he would run back home alternatively like in the mornings. More specifically, the days he didn't run in the morning he would run them in the night. He was the one was having the hardest time of all, practicing more than the others in order to improve and build up his stamina.

Monta noticed Sena being worried about the studious boy. "Don't worry, Yuki-san is strong." He said one morning, placing a hand on Sena's shoulder smiling. It was truth, out of everyone in the football team; Yukimitsu was the one who had the strongest will out of them all. "You are right… Yuki-san, fight!" The boy cheered, making the bookworm player smile and even push himself harder. It was rather a grueling practice, and he had yet to give his best. He was going to do it. He was going to get better for the team and himself.

That was when Monta noticed Sena starting to get distracted. It had been just a little while after the Seibu Wild Gunmen had lost against the Hakushu Dinosaurs. He seemed nervous and fidgety, worrying about everyone, especially about Hiruma and Yukimitsu.

"Don't worry Sena-kun; I doubt Hiruma-san is going to make me play but if I do… I'm not going to get hurt, the hard training I have been doing will not be for nothing."

He had just accidentally come in while Sena and Yukimitsu were apparently talking in private. In order to not disturb he stayed behind a while, hidden and listening in. He knew it was rude and intrusive of him, but he couldn't help himself, and also, like Sena he was worried as well.

"But that Gaou… He is so big and… I'm worried he is going to crush everyone! What if he comes in after Hiruma-san? Or after Monta while he is catching a pass, or Taki, or you… What if he crushed the line? Or get to Musashi-san after his kick?"

At that moment Monta started to think that Sena was channeling in Mamori. Who knew the girl's presence in his life would make him a mother hen? If only he had a camera to film Sena and the show him and laugh at it, because seriously, Sena was acting just like Mamori… Thinking about her still hurt him. He shook his head, and concentrated in only looking at the pair of them. Yukimitsu's hands were on Sena's shoulder, gripping him in what looked like reassurance.

"I'll be ok, we'll be ok. We'll have just to believe in Hiruma and the team. We'll go the Christmas Bowl, didn't we promise?"

That seemed to do it, snap Sena out of his trance but Monta had his doubts. Though Sena looked better than before, the worry was still showing in his eyes. That was when Sena hugged the other boy tightly. Monta had a feeling things would only go downhill from there.

And they did. Sena just kept getting worse and worse until Hiruma pulled him aside, dragging him to the clubhouse and god knows what happened. Just that once they came out, Sena's face was flushed as he packed his stuff and went home and Hiruma wasn't carrying any weapon, his lips set on a hard line. After Sena was gone, Hiruma started to drill them, making the practice thrice harder than it already was. Monta wanted to curse Sena for making Hiruma mad and also wished for Musashi or Kurita to be back so they could calm down the devil. They were the only ones with that capability. Mamori could, to certain extent, she tried to, but all that she received was a hard glare. Hiruma wasn't happy and it showed.

After practice Monta went to visit Sena, where he found the Huh-Huh brothers and Komosubi tagging along. "It's not like we are worried about Sena, but if he keep letting his emotions get the better of him, we will be crushed. And it will not be that monster's doing." Jumonji explained himself. Trying hard, but failing to look not worried about the small running back. "Sena… weaken!" Komosubi added. It was noted a translator was needed.

"Oh he says Sena needs to get back on his feet. If he doesn't, the team will weaken. It's imperative for him to get back to his old self or the team won't stand a chance!" Mihae, Sena's mom translated. The football players (minus Komosubi) could only stare in mild horror. Only strong people could understand the strong language… Yet somehow Mihae had done it…Monta didn't want to think about it.

"Sena is up in his room. It's so nice to see that my son has friends that worry about him! Just awhile ago a -"

"Darling, I think they want to see Sena." Her husband interrupted from where he sat, reading his newspaper calmly.

"Oh right, I'll-"

"No worries Kobakaya-san, I know the way." Monta interrupted her.

"Oh well. I'll go make cookies for you boys then."

When they went up to Sena's room, they were surprised. He was looking better than before. Apparently Hiruma sending him off homes had been a good choice.

"Huh?" "Huh?" "Huh, you worried us!"

The Huh-huh brothers chorused together.

"Worried." Komosubi added. They would just have to guess what he had said.

"I'm sorry everyone. I just… I guess Gaou-san really scared but now, I'm not anymore. Thanks to Hiruma-san and-"

"Don't do it again!" Monta interrupted him. "I mean it. We are not a weak team, even if Gaou comes down on us and try to crush us, we won't be crushed! If he crushes us, we will stand and keep fighting, even we can't use our arms anymore*!"

"Dummy, for once the monkey is right." Jumonji added. Sena smiled weakly. He had been an idiot for over worrying himself. Then Monta grinned and quickly tackled him. But Sena, being who he is, already used to being tackled (by people who were twice their size, And much stronger) didn't budge from the sudden attack, and instead wrapped his arms around Monta, steadying him. "…fun…"That was when Komosubi joined in, followed by the Huh-huh brothers making him fall now. Everyone started to laugh like maniacs, probably even resembled Hiruma. That had been the moment Sena realized what he had missed. They were a team, a team that wouldn't be taken down easily, and would always stand together and that was their strongest point.

During that moment, surrounded by the smell of testosterone was when Monta noticed something odd on Sena's neck. There was a slightly visible mark, something that resembled a bite. Did a vampire bit his best friend? That couldn't be, vampires didn't exist, but hickeys did. "Sena… is that a hickey?" He suddenly asked. The huddle suddenly came apart. The Huh-huh brothers jumping back, Komosubi rolling to the side and Monta still on top of Sena, eyes glued to the neck. "N-no… M-maybe… It doesn't matter!" Sena quickly repelled, pushing him off.

"Huh, a hickey?" "Huh, hickey!" "Huh? The Huh-huh brothers seemed too shocked to make any sense. "…lover…!" And that was the only time Monta ever wished that he could understand the strong language.

Next day was a mixture of awkwardness and relief. Sena was back to his normal self, running at his top speed, making Hiruma happy and the team happy because Hiruma wasn't trying to actually kill them. Then there was the awkward feeling. He had though Sena as celibate for life, at least until he saw the hickey. Was Sean in a relationship? And with who? How far had they gone? It was intriguing. Could it be Mamori? No, not her… She… It would make sense; Mamori was always all over him… But it was all motherly, right? Then again, she had side she already liked someone, and that someone could be Sena and she probably had given him a hickey… If it was true, then, even if broke his heart twice, he would support them.

But Mamori wasn't the only girl around Sena. There was Suzuna, who seemed more the type to leave a hickey than Mamori. And she didn't treat Sena as a kid and treated him like a boy, perhaps as a boyfriend. He had noticed every time she looked at Sena, the worry in her eyes, her faith and then the relief after winning a game. And Sena looked more comfortable under her care than Mamori's… So maybe, just maybe he wasn't necessarily dating Mamori.

All he had to do was investigate the whole thing and find if he was going out with Suzuna or Mamori. He failed to notice the devil captain clacking behind him.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun for Hiruma. He would make sure to trail behind the monkey. It would be extremely entertaining to watch him, see him realizes he was getting one side of the equation wrong and then realizing the whole truth. The monkey was looking at the wrong places and the wrong times. Maybe the monkey would help him grow his blackmail notebook. Oh yes, even if he didn't, it was going to be fun.

To Be Continued


A/N: I have some couple ideas, I definitely know who is Sena dating *snickers*, there will be hints through the entire story. Though I may change that, who knows~

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