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Monta didn't know if spying on Sena was a good idea. But at the time, it seemed too good to pass. Sena had a girlfriend and Monta didn't know it. It wasn't fair. Then again he could be dating Mamori and avoiding telling him in order not to hurt him. Damn him. Wouldn't it better to just ask him? It would steal the fun from spying on him. But if he was found, it would be bad. Maybe asking was a better idea. So he decided it was better to ask.

"Sena," he swallowed nervously. Maybe asking wasn't such a good idea after all. "are you dating?" Great, now it was out. Monta watched nervously as Sena reacted. He blinked once, then twice before speaking. "I…err… um… I… I'm so sorry for not telling you before!" There it was. Sena started to bow in front of him, apologizing. He never changes, after all. "So, you are dating." It was a statement, not a question. "Is it Mamori-chan? Or maybe it's Suzuna?" Sena rose up rapidly, staring at him. He blinked, confused. "What?"

"Are you" Monta swallowed "dating Mamori-chan or Suzuna?" Sena blinked again. He had distracted look in his face, as if he didn't quite believe him. There was something Monta was missing. "Sena?" he tried again.

Just when Sena had gained the momentum to speak, gunfire stopped him from doing so. Hiruma had heard him, and started to fire with his AK around the locker room, making everyone hop from side to side avoiding the pin pointed with accurate bullets. "YA-HA!"

Monta inwardly cursed at Hiruma, something that earned him a couple of more bullets than the others. Curse the devil! More bullets! Just he was about to find the truth. Once Hiruma was done, he pointed a long finger towards him and Sena. "Fucking monkey, fucking shrimp, it's time for a game." The way Hiruma was smiling was dangerous, it was inhuman. "It's obvious the fucking chibi is getting fucked, the question is; by who? So, it's up to you fucking monkey to find out who is fucking the fucking chibi, feel free to ask for the help, of all those fucking idiots."

Monta was in shock. He could have done things very simply and get an answer, or get complicated, chose the first, but Hiruma went and twisted the whole thing. Now, he doubted Sena was going to tell him who he was dating.

"Don't worry Monta-kun, I will find who is dating Sena-kun or date him myself, ahaha!" Taki spins besides him, sparkled from left to right. He doubted Taki was going to be of any left, meanwhile Hiruma only clacked.

"I'm sorry Monta-kun… If only I would have told you sooner, don't worry I'll…"

"Oh no, you won't, fucking shrimp, your mission is to prevent Monta from finding out who is fucking you. Let's say, Monta, you have one week to find out who is fucking the shrimp. If you don't, you'll get a punishment, if you find out within the week, the punishment goes to Sena. It's going to be a race YA-HA!"

Now he had to find out who was dating Sena, otherwise, his life would be in great jeopardy. "Before I forget, all of you fucking idiots can choose who to help, if you don't fucking help, you'll get a fucking punishment, and if the person you help fails their mission, you too the fucking punishment. Asking for outside help is also allowed."

Monta wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out ever again. Sena accompanied him with the same sentiment. "Best of luck to the both of us… Hiruma-san is mean." Sena gently offered his hand. Monta took it and shock it. "It begins now, the race of who doesn't get punished."

And so the race began.

The rest of the day went normally as usual, well as normal as it would be with Hiruma hanging around. That was until he saw Sena sneak away from sight. Monta followed him, sneaking as well. What he didn't notice was Taki following him for no reason at all.

Monta saw as Sena looking around until he spotted a large tree besides the clubroom and went there, behind it, pulling out his cell phone. Meanwhile Monta snuck up inside a bush very near to Sena. That was when he saw Taki, almost panicked out loud, pulled Taki by the arm, and hiding under the bush, clamping his mouth shut.

Sena heard a rustle of something, looked around, saw nothing and sighed in relief.

Monta sighed in relief as well, they hadn't been seen. HE whispered roughly behind Taki's ear, earning a blush. "Don't make a sound, max."

Sena looked at his cell phone, then started to press buttons on it; probably sending a text. He waited a couple of seconds before the phone began beeping, and then pressed more buttons. It went that way for a couple minutes before the phone began to ring and Sena picked it up. Could he be possibly talking to his lover?

Silence, the person on the other line was speaking. "Yes, that's right." A pause, Sena blushed. "Well, I was thinking we could g-go on a d-date or s-something." Another pause, Sena was starting to look nervous. "Yes, so will you go or not?" A lengthily pause. Sena's eyes widened, a strange sound came from his phone followed by a nervous chuckle. "W-wait, what?! Are you sure?" This pause was more shorter. "But…" Yet again, another pause. "Alright then, see you later after school." And Sena hanged up.

Sena had just set up a date with his lover…. Wait, Monta started to think. Why would Sena need to call his lover if said lover could be Suzuna or Mamori. Couldn't he just go and ask them in front? Then again, Sena was probably trying to be sneaky, and acting in such a way he wouldn't notice he was asking them on a date. In order for Monta not to know who was the lover and for him to get punished instead of himself.

"Sneaky… Very sneaky… Sena…" Taki squirmed under his hold, managing to get away as Sena walked the other way, back to training. Thank goodness for his naivety since he didn't notice Taki crawling out of the bush and Monta tackling him down.

"Mukyaa!" Monta screeched once Sena was away. Taki looked undignified. "Aha! Monta-kun, I never knew you felt that way for-"

What the hell?

"-but I'm afraid I'll have to decline-"

Before Taki was even finished Monta had sprinted away. He didn't want to think what Taki had just implied. Just how stupid a human could be? Then again, it was Taki.

Monta knew one thing for sure now. Sena had a date with his lover, for today after school. And with his vast knowledge, Sena and Mamori or Suzuna (she was always at their school) would walk away from school together. So all he had to do was follow him, silently. What he didn't count was Taki spinning behind him, apparently wanting to tag along.

He needed to lose Taki, otherwise he would be noticed. He spotted Huh-huh brothers nearby. Grinning, he went towards him with Taki behind. Jumonji turned, eyebrows furrowed together. "What do you want monkey?" Monta's ears flashed red. "Mukyaa I am not a monkey MAX!" He protested, Taki said "are too!"

"Forgetting that bit about me being a monkey" His eyes twitched, hating calling himself a monkey. "I need your help to get rid of the idiot." Togano looked up from his manga. "Why?" Monta sighed; should he tell them or not? Telling them would probably complicate things, but there was no other way he could come up with how to get rid of Taki. So he told them everything, including Sena's upcoming date and Taki becoming a nuisance.




Monta was beginning to see why they were called brothers, even if they weren't blood related. After their very much typical reaction, he asked. "Well?"

"We are coming too." Kuroki proclaimed, earning a depressed sigh. "Whatever." Jumonji glared at him. It sounded like a good idea! They could help him get a better tracking of Sena and a different perspective of Sena and his date's interactions. Wait, hold on… Wasn't he forgetting something?

"Then how do we get rid of Taki? He won't be exactly silent you know MAX." With his name mentioned, Taki started to spin and laugh. "Let's take him with us then. We'll change turns in who gets to keep him quiet." Jumonji offered, Monta frowned. "How are we going to keep him quiet?"

"We clamp his mouth shut and hold him tightly, making sure he doesn't slip away." Monta didn't see how that was going to work. It would just bring mental scars to the poor soul who had to do the job. He had done that before when he had spied on Sena talking on his cell phone before and it wasn't fun. He could still feel Taki's saliva in his hand.

"Why don't we just do it Hiruma-style?" Monta only admitted this to himself. Togano was the smartest Huh-Huh brothers of all of them. He knew the right thing to say and at the right moment. Also, his idea was the far better one.

That was how Monta and the Huh-Huh brothers and a tied down, mouth taped Taki found themselves following after Sena, just as practice ended for that day. Jumonji had Taki swung over his shoulder, being the stronger and more cautious one of the bunch.

Silently, hiding on bushes and behind walls, they followed Sena. Said boy had went back to the club's locker room alongside Yukimitsu, both were talking animatedly. Inside the got out of their dirtied up football clothes and went inside the showers. Meanwhile Jumonji almost dropped Taki, making sounds and almost alerting Sena and Yukimitsu they were inside.

Yukimitsu had heard something, told Sena not to worry that he was going to find out what the sound was. Wearing only a skimpy towel he went outside, looking for anyone who might have come inside, but so far he saw no one. So he went back to the showers, must have been their imaginations, he thought.

Meanwhile, the Huh-huh brothers, Monta and Taki were all cramped up in the small space of one of the lockers; Specifically Musashi's locker room. It smelled pure manliness, combined with sweat, football and others unidentified elements. In other words it stank. Monta was sandwiched in between Jumonji's body and Taki's tied down body with Kuroki and Togano at each side. Monta felt droplets of something falling on top of his hair and forehead. When he looked up, he noticed blood coming out of Jumonji's nose.

Monta wanted to scream and ran away from Jumonji as fast as he could, but it was impossible. Not when there was a high chance of them being found out. Long, suffering minutes later they were finally done, changing back to their usual, normal uniforms. Monta felt more droplets of blood fall on him, and Jumonji smiling in a very perverted way. He wriggled, causing everyone to groan and starting to whisper complains. Then he felt something digging at his thigh.

He wanted to scream, he really did, but Jumonji's hand had clumped his mouth shut.

"Did you hear something?" Sena's voice was heard. "No, I don't think so." was Yukimitsu's reply. "Uh… Maybe there is a ghost in the locker rooms?"

Monta bit Jumonji's hand, causing the taller boy whimper and jump in surprise, hitting his head. Uh-oh, they had just made a very notorious noise.

Taki writhed under the confines of the ropes, and struggled to speak, only moans coming out of his taped mouth. He believed to have been kidnapped and if he was right he had just heard Sena and Yukimitsu talking outside.

Meanwhile outside, Sena heard a clank followed by suspicious moaning. His question had been answered. There was a ghost in the locker rooms! "HIII!" He yelped, grabbing Yukimitsu by the wrist. "There is a ghost in here! Let's run before it kills us in its revenge!" With that the scared running back ran off, dragging a surprised Yukimitsu outside.

Monta and the Huh-huh brothers heard as Sena ran away, thinking the noise they had caused was from a ghost. All of them sighed in relief in unison. At the same time, Taki's writhing had managed to push the door open, taking everyone by surprise as each of one of them fell into a pile on the floor. Taki was first, followed by Monta, then by Jumonji and lastly Togano and Kuroki. Instead of feeling something digging at his thigh, it was now digging at his ass. Jumonji was definitely a pervert, Monta though wryly to himself.

Somehow, after the locker incident they had managed to follows Sena without any other incidents. Taki, surprisingly was actually being pliant, not making a noise and hoping after them. After awhile Jumonji had gotten tired of carrying him and no one else wanted to carry him.

All of them hid on the bushes, as they saw Sena wait outside of school, looking at his watch nervously. Was he waiting for his date? That was when Monta started to panic. It was Mamori, it was probably Mamori. There was no other explanation. His date came to Deimon High, otherwise why would Sena wait outside of school? Or it could be Suzuna. After all, she practically went there since they never really saw her going to her normal school.

The more the time passed, the more anxious Monta felt, until finally, his date had arrived.






"Huh?!" Kuroki clamped his mouth.

"Huh?!" Togano clamped his ears.

"Huh?!" Jumonji clamped his eyes.


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