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Chapter 1 - Little Loki

*STARK Tower – Penthouse Living Room*

Today marked the 5 year anniversary of the Avengers victory against Loki and the Chitauri. After the first anniversary the Avengers had decided to make it a tradition of get together in STARK Tower for a celebration of their first victory as a team. Over the years fighting and getting to know each other better they had all grown closer and were now like a weird messed up family.

Tasha and Steve had started dating 2 years ago, though their time was usually divided between SHIELD and the Avengers they still remembered to take time for themselves and relax. Tasha even had her own room set up in Avengers Mansion for when she came over, since apparently working for SHIELD meant she had to live where they told her to when not on an assignment.

Steve however had decided to take up permanent residence in Avengers Mansion and over the years when he wasn't out saving the world you could find him teaching a self defense classes or mentoring kids around the city. He used some of the money he earned to pay rent on the room he lived, since he didn't want to live off of Tony's money.

Clint much like Tasha had tried his hand at dating, he had gone out with a young woman from SHIELD named Barbara "Bobbi" Morse. They were only together for a year before deciding to split up, Clint had said they had just drifted apart over time. Later though when Clint wasn't around Tasha had explained to everyone that the woman had been jealous over her partnership with the archer and demanded that he chose between them. When Clint hadn't been able to choose between his partner and his girlfriend Bobbi dumped him.

Bruce also had started to live in Avengers Mansion full time. Three years prior General Ross's 'Hulk Buster' unit had been dissolved making him a free man, barring any further instances aside from the help Hulk gave the Avengers. Bruce had been so happy to finally have a place to settle down and found that Tony was right when that STARK Tower's R&D labs were like Candyland.

Tony had come with Fury to deliver Bruce the good news and offered him a job right there to help cure people who had been altered by gamma radiation like Blonsky and Sterns had but to also to prevent anymore gamma villains from being born; Bruce didn't waste any time thinking about it and quickly said yes. To make it even better Tony had Pepper contact Betty Ross to inform her about Bruce's freedom. Betty had hopped on the first plane and flew in for a surprise reunion, they had been together ever since.

Thor was still coming and going between earth and Asgard, the Bifrost had been fixed not long after the Avengers first victory as a team with the help of the Tesseract allowing the God of Thunder to come and go as he pleased between the worlds. Though when not fight you could find Thor with Jane Foster, they had been officially together for 4 years and according to Darcy a trip to Asgard to meet his parents was in the works.

Tony was still Tony nothing it seemed could change him not even the passage of time. His relationship with Pepper was still as solid as ever, he even had JARVIS discreetly help him look at rings for what he explained to Steve was 'something I'm saving for just the right time'.

Over the years the couple had finally worked out the kinks they had with the running Stark Industries and having a relationship. Tony would stay in his lab at the Tower or his home in Malibu and invent/ review inventions for the company and come in for meetings whenever his presence or signature was needed. Pepper however would handle the day to day matters of the company because as Tasha joked one day 'if Pepper can handle Tony Stark a multibillionaire dollar corporation should be a walk in the park'.

Currently the Avengers were gathered in Tony's penthouse living room for a party at STARK Tower. Tony and Pepper were snuggled together on a loveseat well Tony talked with Jane, who Thor had invited along with Darcy to the party, Bruce and Betty about science and the new things that Stark Industries had developed that could help further their research. Pepper never one to miss a business opportunity was trying to convince Jane and Betty to come work at Stark Industries permanently.

Thor and Clint decided to have a dart throwing competition near the bar to test their accuracy against each other, currently Clint was winning. Steve, Darcy and Tasha had come together to watch the competition but somehow ended up chatting with each other, though no one knew exactly what they were talking about at the bar.

Although they were celebrating known of them got drunk, not even Tony fearing that today would be the day they all dreaded happening. Two years after Loki's defeat Thor came down to warn SHIELD and the Avengers that his brother had somehow escaped from his prison and his whereabouts were currently unknown. Even after all this time the Avengers weren't about to let their guards down fearing the trickster might suddenly jump out of the shadows.

"Sir Director Fury is on the line." JARVIS voice spoke breaking up the happy mood of the Avengers party.

"Put him through JARVIS." Tony answered pulling away slightly away from Pepper to give the Director his attention.

"Stark we have a situation and it's a weird one." Fury's commanding voice spoke a few second later.

"Can't SHIELD deal with the super villain of the week I mean we were having a party here." Tony retorted back at the bodiless Director of SHIELD.

"It's not a run of the mill super villain Stark its Loki he's in Central Park." Fury said causing all the Avengers to immediately freeze at the news.

"My brother," Thor questioned lowering his dart silently praying that this wasn't a cruel joke. "But he has not been seen in quite some time are you sure it is him?"

"Eye witness accounts say someone wearing green and gold armour with a horned helmet suddenly walked into an area of Central Park and began doing magic a few minutes later." Fury explained.

All the Avengers automatically placed whatever they were holding down and started making their way towards their respective rooms to change and gather their gear.

"We'll be there as soon as possible Fury keep us informed if anything happens." Tony said making his way to his small armoury to suit up.

"Just do this quickly and quietly Stark I don't need an incident on today of all days." The Director said in a final tone before breaking communication

When all the Avengers had gathered what they needed they started to make their way to the roof where Tasha and Clint's plane was parked. Betty, Jane, Pepper gave quick kisses to their boyfriends wishing them a safe return, even Clint got a peck from Darcy for 'good luck'. Once everyone was buckled in Tasha nodded at Tony and Thor through the window of the Quinjet as they stood on the edge of the roof. Both of the men nodded back before taking off towards the park well Tasha and everyone else proceeded to follow after them.

*Central Park Entrance*

Setting the plane down just outside the park entrance the rest of the Avengers stepped out of the plane giving Bruce a chance to change into the Hulk. Tony and Thor who had been waiting for the rest of their team stood near the entrance, once everyone was gathered together they noticed that the civilians were giving them odd looks not quite understanding why the heroes were here.

"Uh guys is it just me or is nobody fleeing in terror?" Iron Man questioned wondering why there were no screaming people and explosion to help alert them to Loki's current whereabouts in the park.

"You are correct Man of Iron no one seems afraid which is very odd." Thor answered back.

"So does anyone have a plan on how were going to do this." Clint asked. Since nobody was coming up with anything Steve offered an idea.

"Hulk, Thor and I should go in from the front and try to see what Loki is up to and talk him down if possible. Hawkeye and Widow you two should go around back and find some trees to give us cover fire in case things turn ugly," Captain America said before looking at Tony. "Tony you fly above and direct us to Loki location and come in as backup when we make contact."

When everyone had agreed to the plan Hulk, Thor and Captain America entered the park starting making their way forward. Iron Man took off into the sky and started scanning the park for Loki's figure. Hawkeye and Black Widow separated from each other and jumped over a different place wall half way down from the entrance and started making their way through the trees hoping to find a good spot to get behind the trickster before the rest of the team meet up with him.

*Inside Central Park*

After making it through half of the park Tony informed the rest of the three men over their communicators that Loki wasn't too far up ahead they started to tense and slowly make their way to the trickster they hadn't seen in 5 years. However when they got there they weren't however quite expecting the scene in front of them.

Children and their parents were sitting in a circle around a figure in gold and green with what appeared to be butterflies flying above their heads, in a second all the butterfly's converged creating a large dragon that breathed fire towards the sky. Captain America tensed ready to throw his shield when he noticed something odd the dragon wasn't attacking the families in front of it but instead was doing aerial tricks for the people in the audience who just clapped at the display.

"Is anyone else seeing this?" Hawkeye questioned over his communicator.

"You mean Loki putting on a magic show for children and the parents." Black Widow answered.

"No I'm seeing it to." Captain America said telling the assassin's that they weren't hallucinating.

"That dragon doesn't look too tough." Hulk added watching as the dragon did one last barrel role in the sky before disappearing in a ball of green smoke when the people cheering Loki took a small bow.

"Guys are you saying that Loki, the guy who tried to make all the people of the world kneel before him is putting on a magic show for kids and their parents?" Tony questioned not believing what he was hearing.

"Aye Man of Iron my brother is doing just that." Thor replied a little smile crossing his face and the scene before him thinking that maybe his brother's disappearance might have changed him for the better.

"Avengers we should start moving in before he starts to do anything dangerous to those civilians," Captain America spoke breaking the moment. "Tony you should move in as well."

Coming out from their hiding position behind a small hill the three heroes made their way over to the crowd as Tony started making his way down from his position in the sky hopeful to glance a bit the magic show before Steve broke it up.

"Alright everyone we need you to move back from its dangerous." Steve called to the small crowd of people.

Taking a few moments to realize who it was the parents quickly got up and started gathering their children before jogging quickly away from the superheroes hopeful not to get caught in the cross fire of whatever was about to happen. Looking back to where the green and gold figure was Captain America saw the horned helmet was also walking away from him and his team instead choosing to follow the people who had just left.

'Is it just me or is he smaller than last time we saw him.' Captain America thought noticing that Loki's 6'2 figure couldn't have been more the 5'0. Hulk quickly reached forward and grabbed the back of the green cape the retreating figure was wearing lifting the person attached to it towards him.

"You going somewhere puny god." Hulk asked turning the cap wearing god towards him. A scared pair emerald green eye locked with Hulks own gamma green ones. It was Loki alright but at the same time not Loki at least not the one the Avengers knew.

Loki looked the same only much younger and his eyes were green now, not ice blue like they had been the last time they met. He was also wearing a shrunken version of his armour helmet and all.

"You got smaller." Hulk said making a confused look appear on the boys face. Turning his hands Hulk showed Captain America and Thor the young boy in his hands, they just started down at the small armoured boy in shock.

"Alright I'm here now we can start kicking a- WHAT IS THAT!" Tony exclaimed landing a few feet from Thor quickly opening his helmet to get a better look at the strange site before him.

"I think its Loki." Steve said still not believing that the boy in Hulk's giant hands was the same insane god they had defeated 5 years ago.

"Yes my name is Loki can your green giant please put me down now?" Little Loki spoke for the first time directing his question at the men in front him.

Not use to hearing manners out of the gods mouth Hulk put him slowly and still stared down at the little trickster who had turned around mumbling a small "thank you" back up at him before turning his attention back to the other three men. Tony simply knelt down on one knee and extended one of his fingers poking the young boy in his side to make sure he wasn't an illusion.

"Brother what has happened to you?" Thor questioned kneeling down like Iron Man.

"I'm sorry but you must be confused I'm not your brother," Loki said looking at Thor confused not recognizing the man. "My older brother Thor is a couple of year older than me and Baldur is .. no was three years younger."

Loki got a very sad look in his eyes when he mentioned the name Baldur but it quickly faded turning to fear when he realized for the first time that these strange men had him surrounded.

Quickly seeing the fear entering Loki's eyes Steve motioned for Tony to move back and stand behind the young boy with Hulk hopeful that the space would calm the young boy down; Thor however chose to stay standing in front of his brother.

"No Loki, I am Thor," Thor said softly kneeling down like Tony had done. Placing his hammer on the ground beside Thor held his hands out towards Loki as a sign of peace. "I have missed you brother."

Still not sure what to do Loki simply did what the strange man in armour had done and poked the hands in front of him to see if this was an illusion.

"Are you really Thor?" He questioned looking into blue eyes for any sign of deception.

"Yes Loki I am Thor how you could not know me?" Thor inquired wondering how different he looked from his younger self.

"You were smaller and less hairy yesterday," Loki explained causing a small smile to appear in the Thunderer's face before he continued. "Have you taken a potion? Mother has warned you against drinking out of strange vials."

"No Loki I have not taken a potion you have been missing for a long time, but now you are back." Thor said as his eyes misted in unshed tears over the loss of his brother as he pulled the small trickster into a hug.

"I love you brother." Thor whispered softly to the boy.

Loki stiffened at the declaration and he tried to break the strangers hold on him screaming. "No, no you lie Thor doesn't love me who are you!"

"Loki what are you saying of course I love you, you are my brother." Thor asked holding Loki out a little from his arms trying to figure why his brother was in distress from his confession.

"NO!" Loki yelled placing his hands on Thor's chest. "IT'S A LIE THOR HATES ME HE TOLD ME HIMSELF!"

Suddenly a large gust of wind burst forward from Loki which blew Thor and Avengers away with great force. Seeing the men down Loki quickly start to run away from them making his way towards across the field towards the trees.

Straight into Hawkeye's waiting arms.

*Authors Note*

Since I don't know Loki's actual height I decided to use Tom Hiddleston's.

Hulk being able to talk I got the idea from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes so I thought it would work here.

Loki's outfit shrunk with him so just imagine his normal armour and helmet except smaller. And no I'm not saying why he shrunk yet but your theories are welcome.

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