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Chapter 41 – The Loki Test

Jane stood just inside the shadows on the roof watching the pair below with sad eyes; once Thor and Hogun had given each other a quick handshake the darker haired male moved back a few feet so that he too didn't get caught up in the Bifrost's beam as it came down and took her prince back to his kingdom. Although Jane hadn't wanted to beg Thor not to leave she knew she couldn't, with the information Loki had received from his younger self about Baldur leading the charge against Asgard now more than ever were its best warriors needed to defend their home.

"It surprises me that Hogun is staying," a smooth male voice came suddenly from the shadows causing Jane's heart to nearly leap out of her chest, placing a calming hand over the organ the scientist turned around and saw Loki also standing in the shadow of the roof access door just a few feet from her. "I have never seen him fight separately from Fandral and Volstagg before."

Jane looked at the man next to her trying to figure out how she hadn't noticed him well nodding nervously. "He says that he's getting Lorelei back himself."

"He still cares for her even now?" Loki asked raising his eyebrow questioningly.

"Maybe they're soul mates," Jane said feeling so stupid the moment the words left her mouth, Loki was thousands of years old the idea that he could ever believe in such a concept as soul mates seemed ridiculous to her. "I mean Hogun said that they were in love so maybe -"

"I make you nervous don't I Jane Foster?" Loki interrupted pinning Jane down with his green eyes.

Jane just gave a little squeak nodding her head slightly.

"Perhaps I should not have hidden then," Loki said letting out a sigh. "I came to the roof to make sure that Thor wasn't attacked before the Bifrost could take him but thought it best not to reveal myself when you appeared."

"Then why did you?" Jane asked looking at the man curiously.

Loki just shrugged his shoulders in response. "You seemed sad."

Jane couldn't stop her mouth from falling open in shock, from what she'd seen so far of the dark haired man he was cold to anyone but Thor and his sons, even Amora and Sigyn his best friend and ex-wife were treated seemed to be treated with a slight aloofness yet here he was trying to cheer her up all because she 'looked sad'.

Using the woman's shock to his advantage Loki took this chance to pull out a dagger he had hidden from the belt on his waist looking up he saw Thor's lover go rigid at the sight of the weapon but ignored her stiff posture in favour of turning the blade so that it was held out handle first to the scientist.

"Take it." Loki said simply.

Jane just looked at the dagger for a second then back at Loki her eyes so wide Loki was surprised that they didn't pop out of her skull.

"Go on," Loki said shaking the dagger slightly. "Take it."

Hesitantly Jane lifted her hand and took the handle surprised that the weapon barely weighed anything.

"I am aware that you have no weapons to defend yourself," Loki said letting go of the blade as he frowned deeply. "Since Thor is not here to do so and the other women are doing Odin knows what with their lovers to assure their own safety I've taken it upon myself to give you a simple weapon that you cannot hurt yourself with should you have to fight."

"T-thank you." Jane said looking at the dagger the handle was beautiful with what looked like metal leaves and vines on it curling around the handle and then branching of to make a thin arc that her hand could easily slip into.

"The area between the arc and the handle will shrink so that your hand will not slip out through it should you need it," Loki explained to Jane taking the woman's hand and sliding it into the arc so that the metal could shrink to a comfortable but not painful size. "Furthermore I have charmed the metal so much like Thor's hammer only you can lift it now."

Jane looked at the weapon with new appreciation before something dawned on her. "Did you make this?"

Loki stiffened this time at the woman's insightfulness and looked at her with surprise before her quickly concealed it behind his normal mask of indifference. "I make all of my own weapons it avoids ... mistakes."

"I thought that the dwarfs made weapons for Asgard." Jane said remembering what Thor had told her about Asgard when they were having one of their many conversations about the realm.

"The dwarfs make special weapons for certain people however everyday normal weapons are made by Asgards own blacksmiths." Loki explained neglecting to mention that the reason why he made his own weapons was because neither the dwarfs nor the Æsir would make him decent ones.

"Oh," Jane said nodding her head feeling that she shouldn't pry as to why choosing instead to change the topic. "It's very beautiful."

"Thank you," Loki said looking at the blade and smiling softly at it. "I made this shortly before I left Asgard to be with Angerboda, she's actually the one who cast the shrinking spell on the handle."

"Why?" Jane asked wondering Loki was giving her this.

"One day well I was out hunting for food a bandit tried to kill her for our belongings," Loki explained with little interest even now silently finding the whole situation laughable, even when she was near the end of her pregnancy Angerboda had been a force to be reckoned with and had only cast the spell because her hands had been so swollen that day they wouldn't have fit inside the arc otherwise. "Sufficient to say he did not succeed."

"No I mean why are you giving this to me than if it holds such sentimental value?" Jane said explaining her question.

"Because of those staying behind you are the weakest and most inexperienced when it comes to fighting." Loki said in a condescending tone watching as the scientist went red at his words.

"Oh." Jane said feeling extremely embarrassed, she knew she wasn't the strongest person staying behind but to be called the weakest really hurt.

"Do not stand there like a child who has just been scolded," Loki said crossing his arms over his chest in annoyance. "Fight back."

"W-what?" Jane stammered.

"People will walk all over you if you let them," Loki said reaching one hand out and pushing Jane so that she stumbled backwards slightly. "Fight back."

"But I -" Jane began only to be cut off by the man.

"But you what Jane Foster?" Loki asked looking at the woman coldly. "Don't know how, if that is the case its time you learned."

"I'm a scientist not a warrior." Jane yelled at the man feeling anger start to rise up within her.

"My mother was raised as a traditional lady taught never to fight for herself but instead let other do it for her," Loki said thinking of Frigga who had forsaken everything she had been raised to believe on Vanaheim for a realm that she had just become queen of. "Frigga Allmother learned to fight despite not knowing anything about the art and is still thought of as the fiercest female warrior outside the Valkyrie's in Asgard."

"That's different." Jane said glaring up at Thor's brother.

"How?" Loki asked wondering what the mortals answer would be.

"Frigga learned how to fight from people who wanted to teach her not from someone who hates her." Jane answered letting all her frustrations about Loki's cold attitude towards her pour out of her in a single sentence.

"I don't hate you," Loki said simply. "I just don't like you."

Jane just let out a large shriek of frustration surprising Loki with the sudden sound. "I don't understand you, your younger self liked me just fine but you act like I'm not even worth your time."

"Because you haven't proven to me that you are," Loki explained snarling at the woman, it was a very well-known in Asgard that Loki did not acknowledge people he didn't feel were worth his time but it seemed that Thor had not passed that information along to his lover. "I don't like you Jane Foster this is true and the reason I don't is because you don't stand up for what you want, instead you come to the roof and sulk like a child."

"Isn't that what you're doing?" Jane said standing her ground against the god.

"I said my goodbyes to Thor," Loki said looking at the smaller of the two seriously. "Did you?"

Jane clenched her jaw not willing to answer Loki's question because the answer would have been no and she knew that he knew this, when she had found out that Thor was leaving again for a battle on another world she couldn't help but fear that if she said goodbye it would be their last.

"If you ever plan to marry Thor Jane Foster then know that before even Odin and Frigga I have to agree to the union." Loki said with a condescending tone as he smirked down at the woman.

"What?!" Jane shrieked again. "Why?!"

"Because Thor is too stupid to realize just how many times I have had to save him from marrying some harpy who just wanted his power and gold." Loki explained remembering all the social climbing women he had driven away with his trickery without Thor or anybody ever else knowing.

Jane felt something boiling inside her; unaware of what she was doing the scientist lifted the dagger up and pointed the weapon at Loki using it like an extension of her own hand. "Now you listen here mister I waited for Thor all those years because I love him to you, I have never felt more of a connection with someone in my whole life then I do with Thor."

Loki looked like he was going to say something but Jane quickly cut him off from speaking again with a quick flick or her wrist so that the blade was now settled centimeters from his heart. "Furthermore I don't give a damn about the women from Thor's past, thank you for getting rid of the little gold diggers but from now on keeping them away from him is my job because if you think for one moment that I'm going to let anyone, even you take him away from me your sadly mistaken."

When she was done with her speech Jane was breathing heavily and could feel that her face was hot in anger however Loki just stood in front of her completely calm for a moment before lifting his hands up and started clapping.

"Congratulations Jane Foster you've passed one of my tests." Loki said giving the confused woman a smirk.

"W-what?" Jane spluttered not understanding what the man was saying.

"Many of the women who wanted Thor in the past would not stand up to me when I warned them off, you however have which makes me think that you are truly might different from the rest." Loki explained taking the dagger blade between his fingers and moving it away from his chest.

"This .. this was all a test?!" Jane yelled unable to wrap her head around the situation.

"Partly," Loki said calmly trying not to provoke the woman more than he already had. "Thor much like Odin and needs a strong woman to keep him in line every once in a while so like my uncles before me I try to make sure that he has one."

"So you were helping me?" Jane asked.

"No," Loki answered simply. "If you marry Thor my lesson just now will help Asgard more than it will you."

"That's .. that's .. argh!" Jane screamed for a third time because of the god. "First you're nice and give me a dagger to protect myself with, then you call me weak you are aware that you DON'T. MAKE. SENSE!"

Loki just raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulder making Jane even angrier. "That's it teach me."

"Pardon?" Loki asked not understanding what the mortal wanted.

"Teach me to use this dagger." Jane said flicking her wrist again so that the dagger was pressed into Loki's side this time.

"And why should I do that?" Loki asked not at all bothered by the weapon's position.

"Because I'm going to prove to you that I can be an amazing queen, one that's even better than Frigga." Jane vowed to try to show the trickster how serious she was.

"You think that a mortal such as yourself can surpass the Allmother?" Loki asked astounded by the sheer nerve of the woman.

"I know I will and I'll do it just to prove that you're wrong about me." Jane said standing up straight and looking at the man causing Loki to have to take a double-take so that it wasn't his mother standing in front of him like she should would do many times when she demanded that someone teach her a new skill.

Loki let out a soft chuckle his small amount for the mortal growing a little as he summoned another dagger of similar design as he started to teach Jane the best ways to use her new weapon for a majority of the night.

*Next Day Avengers Tower*

Clay Quartermain sighed and moved his binoculars away from his face taking to fingers and rubbing the bridge of his nose. The SHIELD agent had been camping out on the only building close enough and was the same height as Avengers Tower for nearly a week now using his high powered binoculars to spy on the empty tower and he was starting question whether or not Fury was just being overly paranoid this time or not.

Bringing the long distance binoculars again Clay did had to take another look to make sure he was looking at the right tower because in the minute he had looked away someone had come out and was now standing in the center of the roof.

Zooming in the agent saw that the person was a red haired woman wearing strange armour that reminded him of Thor's slightly who appeared to be writing something in the air with something that gave off a strange blue light, when she was done writing she slammed her hand into the blue word causing a pulse of light to shot into the air.

Clicking on his comm device Clay heard his fellow agent James Woo pick up on the other end.

"This better be good Clay or Hill will blast me out the airlock for taking up -" Woo began to say before Clay interrupted the man.

"I have a hostile on Avengers Tower James patch me through to Fury." Quartermain said watching the woman once again slam her hand on another patch of blue light releasing a second pulse.

"Fury here what do you have Quartermain?" The Director asked getting straight to the point like always.

"I have one unidentified red haired female on the roof sir doing what I believe to be magic." Clay said describing what he was seeing using his pinkie to press the transmission button on his binoculars so that a live feed was now being sent to the Hellicarrier.

A few second later Clay heard the Director's voice again. "Confirmation from Avengers Mansion the woman is Lorelei currently believed to be under Chitauri mind control and she's doing a summoning spell."

"Summoning what?" Clay said feeling dread wash over him as he feared the answer.

"If I was a betting man I would say the Chitauri," Fury's voice said causing Clay to curse slightly that his feeling was right, he'd been in New York those years ago it was thanks to his SHIELD training that he and a small group of survivors had been able to beat back a couple of Chitauri soldiers and take refuge in the basement of a building.

Putting down the binoculars on the building's edge Clay grabbed his tablet and sent out the word to all the other SHIELD agents around the city hoping that this time instead of being caught with their pants down the plan Fury had cooked up with the Avengers and allies would save lives.

"Quartermain get out of there." The Director suddenly yelled in his ear.

Not hesitating Clay flung himself to one side just as a spear came down and pierced the concrete he was kneeling on, following up the shaft Clay saw the same woman from the building smirking down at him coldly.

"I was so sad," she said lightly pulling her spear back and leaning against and pouting slightly. "There were no mortals in that building for me to play with and I do so wanted to play with someone."

Grabbing his gun Clay wasted no time shooting at the woman swearing when she disappeared, standing up and looking around him Clay kept his gun ready in case he had to use it. Moments later Clay felt a sharp pain in his side looking down he saw metal peeking through his uniform, there was also a strange warm feeling on his back.

"Such a boring man you are," The woman's playful voice came in his ear as a sharp pull indicated her pulling the weapon out, falling to the roof Clay used the last bit of his strength to turn his head and look at his attacker as she kneeled down next to him grabbing his chin and forcing his face closer to her own placing a small mockery of a kiss on his lips. "Don't worry though soon you'll have all sorts of people joining you to visit Lady Death."

The last thing Clay heard before falling unconscious was the woman's laughter and Director Fury's yelling.

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