The Impossible Possibilities of Love

Chapter 1

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"You're what?" Kagome asked, because she couldn't have possibly heard her boyfriend of two years correctly.

"I'm leaving, Kags." Kouga said again as he grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "What we had was great, but I want to travel the world, with Ayame."

Kagome blinked.

Try as she might, she couldn't wrap her brain around what Kouga was saying to her. Who was Ayame? Since when did he want to travel the world? And really, now, now he wanted to do this?

"Kouga, I'm eight and a half months pregnant. What do you mean you're leaving?"

Kouga sighed and let her hand go. He gave her a look she didn't much care for, one that spoke of pity.

"Kagome, we had a great thing. A wonderful thing, but I'm not ready to be someone's dad yet."

Kagome couldn't believe this. When he called her this morning and asked her if he could come over during his lunch break, she didn't imagine this conversation. They had been together for two years, she was pregnant with his kid, how could he want to call it quits?

"Kouga I don't understand, you were happy when we found out I was pregnant." Kagome argued as she sat down on her couch. She couldn't stand for too long these days, and definitely not after the news she was receiving.

"I was, but I realized I'm just not ready. Besides, Ayame-,"

"Who the fuck is Ayame?" Kagome nearly shouted. Kouga walked over to her, knelt down and put a hand on her knee.

"You should calm down." He said as Kagome glared at him.

"Don't you fucking tell me to relax, you stupid son of a bitch!" Kagome yelled as she smacked his hand off her knee and stood up. "You come in here and tell me that you all of a sudden don't want our baby because of some bitch that you're fucking, and I'm supposed to be calm?"

Kouga took a step back. "Ayame is my fiancé Kagome."

The world stopped spinning.

Kagome stumbled back to the couch and sat down hard, staring wide eyed and open mouthed at Kouga. Kouga continued.

"The day I met you, Ayame and I split. I saw her last week and she decided to give me another chance. I know this is sudden and the timing is bad for you, but I love her and I want this Kagome. It may sound selfish-,"

Kagome cut him off with a clipped, "Get out."

Kouga stared at her for a long moment before speaking again. "I know you're hurt, b-,"

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" Kagome yelled as she threw her television remote at his head. She watched as he quickly made his way to the door and walked out of it.

Walking out of her life, her baby's life, without so much as a backwards glance.


"Honey, you have to move on now. It's been two weeks, he isn't coming back." Kagome listened as her best friend, Sango, tried to talk sense into her. The problem was she didn't want sense; she wanted her child to have a father.

The last two weeks were pure hell for her. She did absolutely nothing but cry, sleep, eat and cry some more until she fell back to sleep. The first week, she tried to go in for work, but was so emotionally out of it her boss sent her on maternity leave a week early. This made Kagome cry more since she needed that extra week's paycheck to add to her baby budget.

The moment Kagome found out she was pregnant, she started a baby budget. She made a decent living as an interior decorator, but she wanted to be beyond prepared for her little bundle of joy. So, she saved half of every paycheck and cut back on some of her expenses. She also bought all her baby furniture and decorated her baby's room by the time she was six months into her pregnancy. Kouga thought it ridiculous, but Kagome wanted everything to be ready.

She bought a beautiful cherry wood convertible crib with a matching dresser and rocking chair. The bedding and accessories were all Winnie-The-Pooh and she painted the walls a calming light blue. She even put up removable Winnie-The-Pooh stickers on the walls.

"Kagome, are you listening?" Sango asked. Kagome lifted her eyes from the table and looked at her friend. The two were currently sitting in Sango's kitchen, where they had all their important talks. It was something they had been doing since they each got their own apartments.

"Sorry, zoned out. What did you say?" Kagome asked giving Sango an apologetic look. Sango smiled.

"I said what you need is a girls' day out before the baby arrives. Tomorrow we can get breakfast, go shopping, get lunch, do more shopping, have dinner, and see a movie." Sango said, trying and failing to hide her excitement.

During her relationship with Kouga, Kagome didn't have a lot of time to spend with Sango, so their girls' days were few and far between.

"Sounds great, but you aren't getting any." Kagome joked.

"Damn, thought I had that ass in the bag." Sango joked right back.

The two talked and joked for another hour before Sango had to get ready for work. Kagome didn't want to go back to her apartment, too many memories of the good and bad variety.

'First order of business once the kid is born, find a new place.' She thought to herself. Kagome liked her two bedroom apartment, but it was located in the heart of the city. Not an ideal place for raising a child, so as soon as possible she'd be moving her two person family to the suburbs right outside the city.

After saying goodbye to Sango and confirming the time for their outing the next day, Kagome decided to visit her favorite park. Sango lived three blocks from Kagome, so she walked over instead of dealing with traffic. The park was across the street from Kagome's apartment building.

As she made the three block trek, she thought about her relationship with Kouga. They met two years ago, she remembered like it was yesterday. It was late May and Kagome went out with Sango and a few of her co-workers at The Fire Lounge, a popular club and restaurant. Kagome never got the name of the place, but she loved the food and laid back atmosphere.

She had noticed Kouga on her way out the door. He stopped her and pretended to know who she was. She found his lines cute and after twenty minutes he had her number.

From her point of view, they had the perfect relationship. She was a popular interior decorator; he was an executive at a communications company. Sure, he worked a lot of overtime, but he always spent as much time as he could with her. He was romantic and showered her with gifts and jewelry often. He never missed a birthday.

But, if Kagome was honest with herself, she knew this was coming. The big give away was that she never met his family. Not one single person. She had taken Kouga to her mother's for dinner many times, but he never returned the gesture. Not even after she got pregnant.

'I really was the stand in chick.' Kagome thought miserably as she entered the park. A small smile graced her lips as she made her way to the pond in the center. The park was surrounded by tall trees, sculpted bushes, beautiful flowers and lots of places to sit and gaze. Kagome's favorite place was right in the center. A large pond filled with koi fish and surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

Kagome made her way to the pond and sat on the bench in front of it. She leaned back closed her eyes and let the calm of the park take her away. She discovered this park when she moved to the city four years ago, after her twenty first birthday, and she instantly fell in love.

Kagome wasn't sure how long she sat there with her eyes closed and her head leaned back, before she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. Her eyes popped open and her hands flew to her stomach. Fear took hold of her as she thought the worst. A couple of minutes passed before the pain came again, bringing a sharp gasp from Kagome's lips. She bent over on the bench, breathing heavily. After a couple seconds the pain went away again. This happened two more times before Kagome was approached by a stranger.

"Hey, lady, are you okay?" She heard a voice ask as a tall figure kneeled in front of her. Kagome raised her head to see a pair of light brown eyes, the likes she had never seen, staring at her in concern. Kagome leaned up some to take the man in.

His eyes were unusually light brown; his head was topped with wavy, shoulder length black hair. His face was all man, solid and delicious. His lips were what any sane woman would describe as sexy and kissable. He was tall, around 5"11 maybe, broad shoulders and from what she could see he was well built. Slim, yet muscular with a beautiful tan.

Before Kagome could answer him, the pain starting again and she fell forward into him. The stranger grabbed hold of her shoulders to steady her, as she tried to control her heavy breathing.

"I'm pregnant." She gasped out as the pain subsided. She started to feel an ache in her lower back. "I think I'm going into labor."

"Oh, shit." She heard him say. She looked up to see his face had gone slightly pale. She grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled herself up. He stood with her.

"Take me to the hospital." She demanded. His face scrunched.

"Maybe you should call the fath-," He was cut off by Kagome's scream as a more painful contraction hit her. "Shit, shit, shit!"

"Now, damn it, NOW!" Kagome yelled as the contraction stopped once again.

"Right." He said as he lightly grabbed her upper arm and began to lead her toward his black SUV parked on the street. Another contraction hit halfway there and he lifted Kagome into his arms and carried her the rest of the way. Kagome noticed a few people staring at them and she glared at them.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STARING AT?" She yelled at an elderly couple walking past. The couple's mouths fell open and they hurried away from her. The stranger mumbled something before he opened the passenger door and put her in the seat.

He closed her door and hurried to his side, got in and quickly rushed them to the nearest hospital. He illegally parked in the emergency area and rushed out the car and into the hospital to retrieve a wheelchair. He raced back to his truck and helped Kagome out of it and into the wheelchair before speedily pushing her back into the hospital.

He went up to the reception desk. "Excuse me, she's in labor." He said hurriedly to the woman behind the desk. The woman called someone over and rushed from behind the desk towards them.

"How close are her contractions?" The nurse asked as she took the wheelchair from him and began pushing it towards the maternity ward.

"Close." He answered as he followed, not knowing what else to do.

"How close?" The nurse asked again as she rounded a corner and entered a room. She helped Kagome out of the chair and onto the bed. Another nurse rushed in with a gown, closed the curtain around the bed and helped Kagome change.

"Fucking close." He answered; he didn't know how these things worked.

The nurse gave him an understanding look before picking up a chart and writing something down. "First kid, huh? A lot of fathers get nervous, but I promise you'll be alright."

"But I'm not-," The nurse cut him off and continued talking.

"Just stand over there by the bedside and out of the way." She said as she hurried to Kagome, got her to sign a few papers and then rushed out the room.

He moved over to the right side of the bed and watched as more people came in and Kagome screamed. One of the nurses put a blanket over Kagome's legs and put her legs in two metal things. The nurse then put on a pair of gloves and reached between Kagome's legs.

"The head's here, baby is ready to go!" She announced to the other people in the room. "Get Dr. Yamada in here stat!"

A nurse ran out the door as the other nurse took of her gloves, washed her hands, and put on a new pair before turning back to the bed.

"Okay honey, seeing as you're so close we can't give you an epidural, but from the looks of things this is going to go quickly." The nurse then turned to him. "Get over here dad and hold mommy's hand."

"But-," He was cut off by the nurse pulling him over to Kagome and giving her his hand, which she immediately began to squeeze the life out of.

A man and the two nurses came back in and immediately went into action. After Dr. Yamada introduced himself he washed his hands, donned his gloves and took up position between Kagome's legs.

"Alright dear, take a deep breath and push!" He said as he kept his hand and eyes down below. The stranger watched as Kagome took the doctor's orders and pushed. This went on for another ten minutes before the sound of a loud cry could be heard.

He took his eyes off of Kagome and looked to the doctor who had a bright red pile of baby in his hands. The doctor rushed off to an incubator in the corner where the nurses began to clean and check the baby. The doctor came back and smiled at Kagome.

"Congratulations, it's a beautiful baby boy." He said before turning to him. "What's your name son?"

"Ugh, Inuyasha." He muttered.

"Congratulations Inuyasha." The doctor smiled them left out the room. Inuyasha turned back to Kagome to find her sleep. Sleep. How could she sleep at a time like this?

'Shit, I don't even know her name. Maybe I can sneak out…' Inuyasha thought to himself as the nurses bustled about. His plan was interrupted as a nurse made her way to him with a bundle in her arms.

"Here you are honey, say hello to daddy." The nurse chirped as she handed the baby to Inuyasha. He nervously took the tiny child, watched her smile and walk towards the bed. "Looks like mommy passed out. We'll get her cleaned up and transferred to the new room. We need you to fill out some paperwork though."

Inuyasha nodded distractedly and looked down at the baby. He was cute; a tuft of black hair, like his mothers. Plump cheeks and his mother's lips. His eyes were closed so he couldn't see the color. The nurse walked back over to him.

"Here, we'll take him to the nursery for more checks. Megumi will take you to the new room where you can fill out the papers. We'll have your wife there soon." She said as she took the baby and hurried away. Before Inuyasha could argue, he was ushered out the room by Megumi and lead to the room where mother and child would soon be.

"Just sit at the table over there and I'll be back with the forms." Megumi said hurriedly as she rushed back out the room. Inuyasha went and sat at the table and she returned quickly. "Here we are, just fill these out and give them back to me. I'll be right out there at the nurses' station. Do the birth certificate first so we can get it processed as quickly as possible. We need a name so we can make the little guys hospital bands." She left just as quickly before he could get a word in edge wise.

Inuyasha looked down at the forms and noticed one had Kagome's signature on it, but she only signed her first name.

'Kagome, nice.' He thought to himself. He reached for the birth certificate and filled out what he knew.

Kagome's first name, the kid's day of birth, the time, and the kid's sex.

Childs' full name?

"Shit." He mumbled.

Fathers' full name?

"Fuck." He mumbled once again. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't possibly name a strangers kid and put himself as the father. It was ridiculous, he should just leave.

Inuyasha nodded to himself as he stood and prepared to do just that when Megumi came back in. She looked at the papers then back at him.

"Can you finish filling out the birth certificate? We really need to make the baby's band. Oh, and while you're at it fill in the mother's last name too." She said as she stood and waited. Inuyasha thought about what to do; should he leave? Would he be arrested for being in a stranger's delivery room?

"Fuck." He muttered to himself as he sat and finished the papers.

Child's Full Name: Kai Hamada

Mother's Full Name: Kagome Hamada

Father's Full Name: Inuyasha Hamada

The nurse quickly took the certificate and left the room. Inuyasha banged his head on the table. How was he going to explain this when Kagome woke up?


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