The Land of Ooo, the continent where it is actually a post-apocalyptic world. This happened after the events of the Mushroom War. The part of the land shows scattered modern technology and weapons. In the center of the continent is the Tree Fort. It's the home of the two heroes of Ooo, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. The two are living in the house not only as best friends, but also as brothers. Well, Finn was adopted by Jake's family; that's how they become brothers. As of now, the two are outside playing fetch.

"Okay, Jake, fetch the frisbee!" shouts Finn as he throws the frisbee in the straight direction.

Jake runs towards that direction. "I get it!" As soon as he runs, he ended up bumping into someone. Looking at that person, it's a woman, but it's not just any woman; it's a human! She sports a long blonde hair that is shoulder length and wears a blue shirt with black pants and shoes. On her face, she wears angular eyesglasses. Judging by how old she is, she's 20 years old. Not only that, she's a nerd. "Woah, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there."

"It's alright," the woman said with Finn and Jake helping her get up. She fixes her shirt. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alexandra, but for a short name, call me Alex."

Finn has his eyes straight up on her. "And you're a human like me!"

"Yes. I know you" Alex points her right index finger to the two heroes. "You must be Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, right?"

"Wait," Jake questions the girl. "How do you know our names?"

"Come on, everybody knows who you are," she replies. "In fact, you are heroes who save everyone from foes like the Ice King for instance."

Finn and Jake shouts the sentence in unison, "Yeah, the Ice King! We kick his butt to stop him from stealing princesses because it's not nice!"

Alex appears to be find herself intrigued by the two heroes. In fact, she has a thought of how to make themselves heroes.

"Well, do you guys know what an election is?"

"Election?" Finn and Jake both said in unison as they face each other in confusion. "What's that?"

"That's what I want to talk to you two about. We should go inside your house and have lunch," Alex reveals she carries lunch on her hands.

"Yeah, we should go inside," Finn said as he and Jake guide Alex to their home. The entrance is filled with treasures that they have collected on their adventures. Of course, that's where they got pieces of modern technology like old TVs and video games. The living room is one center of the place. In fact, BMO is on the table. It sees Alex is in the living room. She takes her eyes to it.

Alex clears her throat and said, "You must be BMO, right? I'm Alex."

"It's nice to see you, Alex," BMO greets her and shakes hands with her.

"Same here," she replied back. "In fact, I'm here to have lunch with Finn and Jake. While so, we're gonna talk about what an election is."

"Oh, ok."

Finn and Jake set the plates while Alex brings on the food to eat. It's spaghetti and meatballs. Once that's done, they sat on the table to eat.

"So, what is an election, Alex?" Jake asks in curiosity.

"Well, Jake," Alex happily answers the question. "An election is an event where people will have to vote for someone for that position. Voting is a method where it's used to express decisions. In that case, I'm an opposition to that person because I'm trying to get her position."

"And who is this person you're trying to get her position?" asked Finn.

Alex takes a drink of water from the glass and replied, "Marceline the Vampire Queen. Oh, and you two know her, don't you?"

Finn and Jake thought back of Marceline of how she invaded their home and took over it. As the former begins to see a friendly side of her, the latter shows fear of her and tries to kill her, but as time goes time, he started to see her as a friend as well.

"Yeah, we know her," replied Finn. "But why are you after her position? You're a human, not a vampire."

Alex explained, "Yeah, that's so silly, but that's the way it's gotta be. Besides, she has caused many trouble in the Land of Ooo and I intend to fix all the damages she's done, and make sure she pays for all of it. If I could think of an example of one trouble coming out of her, it's her relationship with the princess of the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum."

"You know about their relationship?" asked Jake.

"Yeah, I know it. I also know how those two got into a falling out, but this is something I shouldn't talk about with you," she looks emotionless in making such statement as if she knows a lot about the two girls. "Besides, this is something you two don't shouldn't know about."

"Oh, sorry for asking that question."

"No, it's okay. Anyway, you two should vote for me as the new Vampire Queen. When I get into this position, I can give you anything you desire. Finn, you like Flame Princess so much, right? But the downside is that you'll get hurt of her powers. So, if you get me into that position, I could cook up a potion to protect yourself from her powers. Or better yet, some potion to make her powers be harmless to people like you. So which one is it?"

Finn thinks of what his decision of getting his relationship with Flame Princess much better. As he thinks for a few seconds, he got his thought.

"I pick the first option, Alex," was his reply.

"Okay," Alex happily said. "So vote for me and I'll give you that desire, Finn. Because I am a genius."

"A genius? As in you're smart like Princess Bubblegum?"

"Yeah, something like that. I'm a scientist myself."

"Will you excuse us?" Finn attempts to turn his attention to Jake.

"Let me guess, you can't decide who to vote for because you see Marceline as a friend, right? Don't worry about that. Election day is next week, so you got plenty of time to think about who should you vote for," Alex looks at her watch. It reads 12:30 pm. "Woah, look at the time. I should get going. Tomorrow, I'm holding a press conference at the Candy Kingdom. You should be there to hear my speech of why everyone should vote for me. By the way, bring rotten tomatoes."

"Why?" asked Jake.

"It's a surprise for tomorrow, Jake. Be there at 9:30 in the morning. That's the time my conference starts."


Alex went from the living room to the entrance as she left. Finn and Jake watched her leave by the window.

"Jake, we should go to Marceline," Finn suggested. "I wonder what is she doing at this moment."

"Yeah, my thoughts exactly," his faithful companion replied.

The two heroes walk their way out of their home as they proceed to Marceline's cave.