It was a beautiful day when Catherine was born. She was also the last birth the hospital would ever see, coincidentally. But that's another story. In a few years her mother would die and she would be placed in the loving care of missionaries. She would grow in her faith and bring her children into the world with joy. Or, so she planned. Needless to say, things did not go that way.

~~ Eve walks in the garden~~

Eve had the misfortune of being born peculiarly. Eve had the misfortune of being born cursed.

Catherine had just spent twelve hours in labor. Her sandy blonde hair was flat against her head and limp against the hospital issued gown. She was so exhausted she barely heard the doctor exclaim that a new baby girl had come into this world. The baby cried her first cry not too long afterwards.

As the doctors handed the child to her expectant mother, they passed her questioning glances. A moment of silence was had as Catherine beamed happily. "Eve", she announced. "Eve Wallows. Because God made her just for me."

The birth certificate was quickly filled with scrawls and scribbles and a tiny footprint. And no one noticed the dark spot in the middle of her right palm.

Eve was always sick. There was no explanation for it. Time and time again Eve managed to catch whatever was going around that year despite vaccinations, vitamin tablets and constant cleaning. Wes Nile Virus, Whooping cough, pneumonia, SARS, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, strep throat, Reye's Syndrome, Rubella, Lyme disease. By the time Eve was seven she had seen more of the hospital than she had of her elementary school. Miss Shannon the receptionist kept forms pre-filled out under her desk for her. Nurse Rose and Doctor Jake had recommended her out to specialists repeatedly, but the lack of money made those options an impossibility.

In five years Eve managed to accrue twenty seven different prescriptions. Year six brought it to thirty five. Eventually, Catherine despaired for her little girl. Catherine prayed for a fortnight and God answered her prayers. After seven years of surgery and doctor's visits Eve was fit as a fiddle and would never be sick again. Catherine would take on all these illnesses herself. And with each swallowed pill she thanked God.

It was here the trouble started.