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'A Friend in Need'

"Scott? Are you awake?"

"No Stiles it's two in the freaking morning!" There was the rustle of bedcovers being shifted before a groggy looking Scott tried to sit up but only succeeded in slumping back down again "What the hell are you doing here? My mom will kill you! She wasn't kidding when she said I was grounded"

"What? I'm not important enough to have a secret relationship with?" he asked trying to sound offended "I knew this day would come Scott! You've finally chosen Allison over me... where did it all go wrong?"

Scott just stared at him with a patented mixture of confused puppy and extremely sleepy confused puppy. It was a look Stiles often received and he was used to it.

"Look, I just wanted to make sure you got away from the hunters alright" he explained patiently, considering every way in which he could torture the werewolf awake. Wolfsbane skewers were his weapon of choice when it came to the wolf men but those usually ended in death and apparently the boss needed this one alive.

He amused himself with thoughts of the last time he had come across a wolf. It was a school boy just like this one and he'd stabbed it with a wolfsbane tipped pencil. It didn't kill him right away but the blood! Oh the blood! The stupid heart pumped itself dry and all he had to do was sit back and watch.

"I'm fine" said Scott finally pulling himself up. He wrinkled his nose and started to sniff the air "Dude, you smell weird"

Scott just shut up and go back to sleep! Leave it alone you-!

The demon grinned to himself. The Stilinski kid thought that ignorance would save his best friend. Maybe he wasn't as smart as he seemed. "Gee thanks for your consideration Scott"

"No really" the werewolf replied taking another whiff "Like...rotten eggs or something. You know you really should try Armani. It has a nice sort of..." he paused looking puzzled "Stiles, what are you doing?"

The demon had finally grown tired of the pointless chatter. He had list of names to torture and only a week to do it before questions were asked and he was sent back to hell. He hadn't clawed his way out of the pit to be insulted by a stupid half asleep werepuppy! Besides, this whole pretending to be best friends was getting boring. He had never really been one for friends. Slaves and minions were his forte. He closed the curtains quickly before considering his options.

He could either torture the boy inside the house where the mother might hear them or he could take him out to the woods where they'd be alone.

"Look Scott" he said, turning around slowly "Do you want to be tortured here, in your room or do you want it done in the woods?" he asked "I mean, I really don't mind but it's just that your mom is in the other room and she might hear us and decide to check up on you and then things would get really messy and..." he trailed off, looking expectantly at Scott who was just staring at him in disbelief.

"Stiles..." he said warily through furrowed eyebrows.

The demon sighed.

"I really thought we could skip the introductions but I guess not" The confused look did not budge "My name is Brax but you can call me Stiles Stilinski. I'll be in town for a bit, but don't worry I won't kill anyone…important" he curled his lips into a smile, finally letting his eyes flash black as he emphasised that last word. It was a lie of course. He was under strict orders not to kill anyone, but the boss had said nothing about torturing or even maiming and so what if one of these meat suits left here missing a limb or four? As long as their hearts were still pumping blood through their veins they were still alive, right?

Speaking of blood, Dopey's seemed to be rushing a hell of a lot faster than it ought to. He could hear the dull thudding as it picked up its pace, even as the lips curled back into a snarl. He counted to himself; 1…2…3 and sure enough the claws were out and he was being shoved against the wall, feet barely touching the ground. The wolf's hands were at his throat his long nails digging into the exposed flesh.

"Who are you and what have you done to Stiles?" he growled, his eyes flashing amber.

Brax took a second just to admire them because they really were fascinating! He was seriously considering getting some himself, maybe in red- after he was done with this kid of course. If Lilith and Azazel could change the colours of their eyes…but he hadn't come across anything of the sort in the 7,000 years he had spent on earth. No spell or book that could help him voodoo up some new eyes…

Another low growl brought him back to the wolf in front of him and the claws that were digging even deeper into his neck-well Stiles' neck but he was borrowing it for now. The blood was flowing freely and he could feel the slick trails running down into his shirt and the glinting fangs only inches away looked all set to bite.

"Looks like the werepuppy forgot to do his research" he choked out, as he stared down into the glowing eyes and grinned when the hands loosened slightly "you'redoing the hurting Wolfboy. The claws and the fangs? Stiles can feel every bit of it"

Within a second the claws were gone and Scott had jumped back, staring at Stiles with a mixture of confusion, anger and maybe even a little fear. Honestly he just looked so damn adorable and the demon just wanted to rip him to shreds.

"W-What?" he asked cautiously "What are you?"

"Look, I'm the one who is going to be asking the questions around here" the demon told him "But if you must know, your friend Stiles has been possessed by a demon. He's still in here begging for me to let you go but unfortunately I cannot do that. Now answer me! Is it going to be the house or the woods?"

"Woods" said Scott apparently deciding to put on a brave face. The demon wondered how long that would last "I will...cooperate as long as Stiles doesn't get hurt"

He couldn't help but smile at that. He sounded like a little boy playing at being a grown up, but failing miserably. This was going to be so much fun!

Stop! You'll kill him! Stiles thought desperately as the werewolf let out another howl. Scott's face was a palette of jagged cuts, some still bleeding raw and others starting to heal. Stiles had jabbed wolfsbane into every single one of them and watched as the flesh sizzled a delicious green. Well Stiles' body had. Stiles was too busy ramming into the bars of his cage as he heard his best friend scream over and over again.

Usually it was just hoarse yelling followed by some wolfish growls but sometimes the boy managed to form words in between. It was these that really tore at him. They cut him in half as surely as any knife. He begged the demon to shut his eyes so he wouldn't have to see, but it would just laugh at him and dig in deeper.

"Stiles!" the boy would yell, arching his back and straining at the chains as he looked straight into the demon's eyes. Straight into the demon's eyes and straight at the slobbering pool Stiles had become inside. "Stiles please!" Those words set off another panic attack, the likes of which he hadn't experienced since his mom died.

This boy, this lacrosse loving goofball he'd fought so hard to look after, he was Stiles' only real friend and Stiles was killing him with his own hands.

They'd been through the main questions fast enough. It was soon apparent that Scott knew nothing about the seal and the impending apocalypse but they had repeated the questions over and over until the wolf had been coughing up blood on the forest floor. Then the demon had gagged him with the remnants of his torn shirt, taking to just taunting him...until that got boring as well. Stiles didn't know what would happen come dawn but he was choking himself with the guilt and the worry and just hoping and hoping with every fibre of his being that the younger werewolf would still be of use to the demon, even as just a plaything.

"Please? Really you ungrateful mutt, please?" the voice sounded so much like his own that at times even Stiles believed he was the one talking "There's no Stiles here to help you now, in fact he should have done this a long time ago. I would have if I had a friend like you" he spat the word friend out like it was poisoned and jabbed at the wide-eyed wolf again "I've seen the way you treat him. I've seen the way you discarded him as soon as you got your pretty new girlfriend. You are a horrible friend Scott McCall. Stiles is tearing himself apart inside trying to save your sorry little werewolf ass and the least you can do is shut up because your screaming 'Stiles please!' is torturing him better than anything even I could come up with" Scott continued to stare at him, his expression blank as he took in every word the demon was saying.

"Do you have any idea what it's like being stuck in the head of an insecure neurotic teenager? Let alone an insecure neurotic teenager who second guesses every action he's ever done because he thinks he's pushed away is best-and only- friend." The anger had been building inside the demon for a while now and Stiles could feel it coming to a head. "He remembers every praise you have ever given him Scott, everything! It plays over and over and over again. It's sickening! And of course he blames himself, he always does. But guess what! I am not your weak, pathetic, needy little human chew toy. I know that it was you who pushed him away, it's all on you Scott, it's your fault and now I'm going to make you pay for the both of us!"

It pressed against the bars of the cage he'd been locked in. There was a rush of images, a rush of memories. With a start he realised these were his own memories, through a red film.

The suppressed rage, his self worth issues, every time he had ever berated himself for failing Scott and every time he'd ever tried to pinpoint exactly where had managed to drive away his best friend. Sleepless nights, endless pacing and those times he'd punched the wall just to feel the sharp sting run up his knuckles. They were all there, laid out for him like a movie. Every time this boy had ever hurt him. This boy he had built his life around almost ten years ago.

Suddenly he knew what to do. What he had to do. He picked himself up and pressed against the bars, determination making his entire being vibrate. The images stopped as the demon watched him, too puzzled to continue.

Do it, he said as loud and self assured as he could muster. Kill him, but not just yet. Do it slowly. We can take it slowly. Make it painful. Make it last for hours. You're right, this one deserves it and I won't fight you.

He licked his lips and stood up straighter. He smiled as the bars were lifted and the black engulfed him. He was a part of the demon now, and the world just became a shade darker. Hatred and malice surrounded everything he laid eyes on. This was the way the demon saw the world.

It was a new feeling, looking down at the dead eyed Scott and he found he liked it. He'd never had power like this before and he'd never known how much he craved it. He liked the way he could finally hold the other boy's life in his hands. He hadn't realised until Scott started spending time with Allison, but somewhere along the line Stiles had given Scott a large chunk of himself. Scott had held it and then he had discarded it like it meant less than-

Well now it was time for Stiles to repay the favour.

He grinned manically down at Scott, enjoying the way his mouth twisted in new ways. His hands were still clutching the skewer and he was about to give the werewolf a hard jab while the demon egged him on delightedly. But that was when he heard the pluck. He whipped around only to hear the whizz of a crossbow and ducked instinctively.

"Don't shoot him!" cried Scott, fully wolfed out and completely healed as he yanked at his chains "You'll hurt Stiles!"

The demon strained at their body, trying to spin around and lunge at the werewolf but Stiles was no longer in his cage. He dug his heels in, fighting, willing his feet to stay put. He wasn't strong enough. Within seconds the demon had overpowered him, roaring as it sent him hurtling straight back into the depths of his own mind. It was too late though and the wolf was already sprinting away, one hand gripping a dark, slender figure that could only be his girlfriend.

The demon cursed loudly, digging fingernails into Stiles' cheek until his hands were stained with blood. Stiles screamed in pain, begging him to stop but the demon was past caring.

You will pay for this kid. You will pay for this with your life and the lives of everyone you have ever laid eyes on. I will rip them apart until Beacon Hills rains blood and I will make you watch when I do it. I can't kill them now but I swear as soon as the apocalypse has begun while the war rages, I will come back for them and then I will deliver you to hell myself.

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