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To Kill a Troll.

By: NeverOnEarth.

Legolas was, to be bland, extremely bored. He stared longingly out his open window at the trees stretching their boughs towards him.

"Come to us!" they whispered in their eerie way. "Come and run and dance in our branches, then sleep up above under the stars!"

"I can't," he murmured countless times, "but I really wish to do so!"

He was waiting, at his fathers request, for Lord Elrond, Estel, Elladan and Elrohir (or the E quartet, as he had come to calling them) to arrive, dressed in a long flowing robe of silver and white. It was extremely uncomfortable. He had been staring outside for what seemed like hours on end, thinking about getting changed into his hunting tunic and sneaking out, but his father, he knew, would be furious, and Legolas didn't want to risk that.

It was strange for Elrond to be accompanying his sons in such times. It would generally just be Estel, Elladan and Elrohir (The E trio) or just Elladan and Elrohir (The E twins) or just Estel (The E). His father had hinted that Lord Elrond would be there on special business, but he didn't tell Legolas what special business that was.

Almost absentmindedly, Legolas drew towards him a piece of parchment, a quill and an ink pot. He barely knew what he was going to do with them, only that he would amuse himself with them somehow. After a moment, he began to write.

To Kill a Troll.

By Legolas Greenleaf.

To kill a troll,

O, what to do?

His teeth are yellow,

His skin is blue.

And should you stand

Till the very end,

You're either his enemy,

Or his very best friend.

Would one have sense?

Would he run and hide?

Yet may that be

Where the darkness abide?

But he who is foolish,

Who would stand alone,

Would he be hailed a hero,

But be naught skin and bone?

A troll's brute strength,

And his large lack of brain,

'Tis a pitiful mess,

But would one still refrain?

Of such a monstrosity,

One should be afraid.

And in all philosophy,

Not a creature of trade.

O, to kill a troll,

To be rid of them all!

Would a barbarian rejoice?

Mount it's head on a wall?

To never see such a creature,

Ever, ever again,

Would do me such a favour,

Until the very end.

It took a moment for Legolas to realise what he had written, and when he re-read it, he let out a very un elf-like snort.

This poem was worthy of Estel! Such horrid rhyming! Such strange wording! He picked it up, meaning to take it out to show Estel to tell him that he had found something that he had written long ago, just to cover up for his horrid writing, as Legolas couldn't find it in himself to burn it.

His door was suddenly flung open, and the E trio bounded in. Legolas quickly hid the parchment behind his back, realising his mistake at the last minute.

"Hello there elfling!" Elladan greeted, pulling Legolas into a tight hug. Elrohir did likewise. Estel, however, jumped on him instead.

"Legolas!" he exclaimed, "You'd never believe what happened the other week!" Elrohir stopped him with a single hand, pulling a very firm face, looking not unlike his father.

"No time for that!" he barked, "King Thranduil is waiting for us! He expected you," he jabbed Legolas playfully in the ribs, "twenty minutes ago." Legolas turned to look out the window and at the sun, so as to check the time, but Elrohir noticed the parchment behind his back. "What," he asked, "is that?"

Legolas immediately tried to stuff it into one of his drawers.

"Nothing," he said quickly.

"Isn't that some of the parchment we gave you last year?" Elladan added, craning his neck around to look.

"Maybe," Legolas said vaguely, trying to shut the drawer. Estel, however, was too quick, and he snatched it up in an instant. Legolas tried to grab it, but he was just given a cheeky grin and a raised eyebrow. Estel unrolled it and read the first few lines.

He chuckled.

Dan and Ro appeared at either shoulder. They looked up at Legolas, who had buried his face in his hands. Both of them grinned.

"This is worthy of the archives!" Elladan exclaimed.

Legolas made a parting in his fingers. "Worthy of the what?"

"We have to show your father!" Elrohir put in.

They all stared at each other

"Oh no you don't!"

Then the E trio fled through the door, Legolas in hot pursuit.

And it was all because of that stupid little poem.

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