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An Unexpected Meeting and A Sad Goodbye

It was a very stormy night in Empyrean - a kingdom above the clouds that's been homed by angels - when a young princess decided to frolic around the castle. actually, it's dangerous what she's doing but for her it was a new adventure. an escape from her duties as the heir of heavens throne.

She never wanted her father - the king - to be worried in any way but she really need this, a stroll. she always ask herself why should she be the heir?, why can't she be just an ordinary angel?. if she's an ordinary citizen of Empyrean, she can do whatever she wants unlike now.

"PRINCESS!" one of her guardian shouted.

'they already found me?' the pink haired princess said to herself.

"come here..." an eerie voice cried out. "come here princess..."

the voice was coming out from the well. the pink haired princess was curious enough to take a peek so she grab the small chair and placed it in front of the said well. she climb the chair and look down the well, it look so very deep. she wondered if the voice is really coming down it.

"come closer..." the eerie voice again resound.

She then leaned closer when suddenly, someone pushed her back making her lose her balance. she fell over.

"KYAAA!" the pinked haired princess screamed.

She thought it was her end and regretting everything she did today. it was a very long fall... so freaking long... and since she's only 7 years old, she still cannot use her wings properly. it was pitch black, she can't even see what's down ahead. thorns?, water?, or plain cement? but at the middle of the fall she felt light as if she's floating. then after a few minutes she began falling again and crash on something. finally, it was the end of that so very long fall. oh yeah, she's still alive with no broken bones. all izz well except for that something.

"umm, can you please get off me?" a calm voice uttered.

"oh? I'm so sorry." she then get on her feet and reached a hand to the boy. the boy gladly took it.

"I'm really sorry, are you ok?" she said with worries written on her face.

"That's ok, I'm not hurt. by the way, why were you falling from the sky?" the brown haired boy questioned in curiosity.

"rather, falling from a well." she mumbled.

"A well?" he asked, brushing some dirt off his dark vest.

"long story. umm, what's this place called?" she asked while scanning the surrounding.

"you're in the land of sheol" he respond.

"sheol? never heard of it." the pink haired princess was clueless on where she is right now.

"haha, I guess so. since you're from the sky." the boy sarcastically uttered.

"as I said, I fell from a well not from the sky." she repeated.

"so, how will you get back up?" he said with worries in his eyes. the princess felt his warm heart.

"u..umm.. I still don't know but someone will surely get me." she was confident on that since she's the princess and when the king found out that their princess was missing, he will surely order all the watch to find her.

"then, while you're waiting for someone to fetch you. do you want to come with me to the festival?" he said reaching out his hand towards her.

"festival?" she asked while taking his soft hand.

"yep, there's a festival on the human world and I planned on coming there tonight!" he eagerly muttered.

"human world? but that place is being homed by mortals." she was warned by her sensei not to mingle with mortals.

"yeah, haha. now I'm sure you're not a human. just don't spread your wings, it will be fine. I've been there lots of time, humans are kind." he smiled.

"I.. I believe in you." still worried.

the pink haired princess and the boy started walking towards a not so ordinary door. it has some weird scribbles on the edge and a lion crest in the middle.

"if we pass through here, we'll be in the human world." the boy said.

" I see." when they entered the door, a shimmering light welcomed them. after their eyes adjusted to the light, they heard music and people talking. the surrounding was bombarded by different shades of lights from orange to blue.

"They are holding the Tanabata festival. a Japanese star festival that celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi represented by the stars vega and altair." he explained, thanks for listening to his sensei mu, he knew what this events are for.

"KIREI!" the princess squealed.

"I knew you'll like it." he said while giving a smile.

"Thank you for bringing me here.. umh..." she trail off...

"Kira, my name's kira." he continued.

"arigatou kira-sama." she bowed to show her gratitude.

"eh.. welcome, but you don't need to bow. thank you is enough." he let out a small blush.

"iie, as a princess of empyrean we should show our deepest gratitude by bowing." she said.

"empyrean?... you mean you're from heaven?" he hollered, letting go of her hand.

"yes, I'm an angel same as you. is there a problem?" she was puzzled.

" of course there is!, because I'm a-" he was cut off.

"Princess!" someone screamed.

"elsman-san." she recognize the golden haired man. Dearka elsman the chief of the fleet squad ordered to guard the princess.

"I finally found you, what are you doing in the human world? did you know that your father ordered us to search the whole land and see, even the outer lands just to find you?" the golden haired man rattled on.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause such trouble." her puppy eyes swayed the heart of the said chief.

"anyways, we have to return soon or else chaos will reign in empyrean." dearka said.

"kira-sama, gomen but I need to go. may we see each other again?" the princess asked.

"I.. I don't know." he was still shocked on the revelation he just witnessed.

"please visit the castle in empyrean sometimes, I will wait for you." she said.

"let's go." dearka lead the princess to a door that just popped out from nowhere.

"kira-sama! Lacus, my name is Lacus Clyne. Sayonara!" she went inside and disappeared into darkness. the door closed and then disappeared after a few seconds.

kira wanted to say something before she go but he was still stunned by the fact that she's an angel and..

"I'm a demon" he muttered.

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