Chapter 5

Mag walked into the busy café where she was due to meet Marni and her new boyfriend.

Apparently the rumors had been true. She had been seeing another man while engaged to Rotti. She didn't know hardly anything about this man but she was sure she would like him… and she couldn't wait to see Marni with her new eyes.
It had only been a few days since the surgery and it was still a novelty just to be able to see. To not have to worry about tripping over things or bumping into people.
Ironically it was just as she was thinking that thought that she almost collided with a man coming around the corner. He jumped, dropping the cup of coffee he was holding
"Oh god I'm so…" she said, trailing off as she got a good look at him. He was around her age… maybe a few years older. He was handsome in a boy next door way… with brown hair and bright blue eyes.

"Sorry…" she said, finally finishing her sentence as she realized she was staring and quickly looked away. She couldn't explain it… but there was just something about him.
"That's alright…" he said, lips curving in a charming smile that made her knees feel slightly weak. She couldn't help smiling back.
"Can I at least get you a fresh cup of coffee?" she asked, looking sheepish. "Sure. That would be nice…" he said.
"I'm Magdalene by the way… Magdalene Defoe" she said, holding out a hand. He took it with a grin and gave it a shake.
"Nathan Wallace. I know who you are… I've seen you a lot on TV. You have a beautiful voice… and I must say… you're even prettier in person…" he said. Her cheeks flushed slightly at the complement. Many people had told her she was pretty… but when he said it she could almost believe it.
"Flattery will get you everywhere…" she said, looking up at him from under her eyelashes. For a moment they just stared at each other, neither of them saying a word.
The moment was abruptly shattered when Marni walked up to him and pecked him on the cheek. "Hey handsome" she said brightly. "Hey darling" he said, looking guilty for just a moment then smiling brightly at Marni.
Marni caught sight of Mag and her smile widened. "Oh my god… the eyes look great… you must be so thrilled…" she said, walking over and hugging her best friend.
"I see you two have met. Nathan, Mag… Mag, Nathan" she said cheerfully, looking from Nathan to Mag.
They looked at each other. It was clear that he had had no idea his girlfriend's best friend was Blind Mag. And Marni had never told Mag the name of the man she had been seeing… only that he was a young doctor.

Mag looked sheepishly at him. "Yes I accidentally split his coffee. Luckily there was no damage done…" she said brightly.

Once Marni had got her coffee and Mag had brought Nathan a new one the three of them took a seat.

She couldn't help a pang of something like jealousy as she saw the softness in Nathan's eyes when he looked at Marni, the way they sat with their heads close together, his hand wrapped around hers.

His eyes kept flicking to Mag and then quickly away. She laughed, smiled and chatted away, pretending she didn't notice. Marni wanted to know everything that had happened… and what the surgery had been like.

The conversation was mainly between the two women but when he did make a comment he showed a keen wit and a dry sense of humor very like Mag's own. She could see exactly why Marni had fallen for him… and she couldn't help wishing that she had met him first.