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Hetalia isn't mine.

I've paid my dues

Time after time

I've done my sentence

But committed no crime

And bad mistakes

I've made a few

I've had my share of sand kicked in my face

But I've come through

We are the champions- Queen

The month leading up to Gilbert's wedding passed quickly, especially once Daan was added to Ludwig's and Feliciano's household. He'd sprouted wavy blonde locks whilst at the hospital and his green eyes were always looking for mischief.

Everyone fell in love with the boy to the extent that babysitting duties became a common argument between Lovino and Gilbert, both unwilling to give up time spent with the baby when his new parents seemed rather unwilling to let him out of their sight as it was.

The only problem was that Daan, no matter how cute and innocent he looked, seemed rather averse to sleep and was insistent that Ludwig and Feliciano share in this aversion. The sleepless nights grew to such an extent that when Ludwig visited his brother to help prepare him for the wedding he fell asleep at the table the minute Gilbert left the room.

The pair grew slightly more fond of allowing Gilbert and Lovino a chance to babysit when they realised that this was one of the few ways to ensure at least a few hours of sleep. It soon became common place for one of the pair to take the baby off their hands at least once a day. Thankfully they were never short of babysitters seeing as Antonio, Matthew and Alfred had also grown fond of the infant which made the task of organising two weddings while juggling sleep deprivation much easier.

One of the biggest things to organise though was the road trip into Nevada seeing as getting married in their present state was an impossibility. Thus they were looking at shifting several people and one infant which wasn't fun by any stretch of the imagination.

But time passed and the first wedding went off without a hitch unless you count Alfred being glared into submission when he tried to protest the union. Ludwig was especially glad that Daan had refrained from crying throughout the ceremony and thus sparing him the embarrassment of having to rush from his place as best man at Gilbert's side and help Feliciano soothe him.

In no time at all Gilbert and Matthew, now married, were traveling off to explore Canada on their honeymoon. This left Ludwig and Feliciano time to plan their own wedding as they juggled sleepless nights and the task of raising Daan.


It took Ludwig a while to find the overgrown path that had been etched into his memory all those years ago. He'd left Feliciano to watch Daan in order to come here and fulfil the urge that had been driving him insane ever since they'd brought the boy home.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he came across a much changed but otherwise familiar tree. The ground around it had also changed over the years. No longer was the soil churned up by the vengeful act of kids but was now smooth and coated in grass, moss and wild flowers.

His blue eyes were serious though as he fixed his gaze on a piece of unremarkable soil. "Daan's doing well, I thought you'd like to know that." He murmured before smiling at the memory of the boy he already thought of as his son. "He had his first haircut a week ago and he looks just like his mother. Green eyes, blonde hair… we'll tell him about her when he's older but he'll never know about you. He has uncles who love him already and I won't let him have to deal with the knowledge of being related to you. It's over Lars, for good this time."

His expression didn't change as he turned away from the grave, only softening when he returned to his car to drive back towards his waiting family. They were both dozing when he finally got home, an abandoned storybook lying open on the ground near the couch they slept on. Ludwig smiled but didn't wake them, choosing instead to work on getting the final wedding plans sorted.

For the first time in years he could honestly say that he was content.


Five years later

"Vati… are we there yet?" Daan whined from the backseat as he pushed his blonde hair from his face to keep it out of his eyes.

"Not yet." Ludwig stated, keeping his eyes on the speedometer to ensure he didn't go over the speed limit. He'd allowed Feliciano to drive for a little while and quickly decided that there was no way in hell the Italian was going to drive any further when they'd broken more traffic laws than the German could believe.

Daan hadn't cared though and had practically screamed in delight as they sped and came within inches of several collisions. Feliciano was currently dozing in the front seat which only left the blonde man to entertain the boy now that that source of amusement was gone.

"How far is it to uncle Lovino and Uncle Antonio's then?"

"Another hour or so."

"That sucks balls!" the boy giggled, making Ludwig almost swerve into a small sedan in shock.

"Where did you learn that?" he barked. He was going to severely scold Lovino when he saw him…

"Uncle Gilbert. Uncle Mattie told him to stop being an idiot and hit him."

Scratch that, apparently he was going to have to kill his brother. "Well, don't say that okay? It's rude."

"Okay Vati, what about schieBe then? Uncle Gilbert taught me that one too."

Gilbert was dead.


Ludwig, Feliciano and Daan were the last to arrive at Lovino's house, the small country style cottage already bustling with activity. Daan barely waited long enough to greet his uncles before running off with Chiara, Lovino's and Antonio's three year old daughter as Feliciano practically bowled his twin over.

From the scowl that Chiara gave the blonde boy it was obvious that Lovino was her father. She even looked like him down to the errant hair curl.

Matthew was in the corner and talking quietly to his brother and Kiku. It had taken a few years but they'd finally gotten together. Gilbert on the other hand was somehow managing to feed Julchen and drink a beer at the same time as he rushed forward to greet his brother and brother in law.

"Hey bruder! Where's Daan? I want to say hi to the little monster!"

"He ran off with Chiara and I need to speak to you about what you've been teaching- Gil, are you supposed to be feeding your daughter beer?" Ludwig asked as he noticed that somewhere between greeting him and resuming his duty of feeding the year old baby he'd managed to switch the baby formula with a bottle of beer. The young girl didn't seem to mind the switch.

"Hmmm? SchieBe!" he cursed, quickly switching the bottles back. "Don't tell Mattie I did that…" he asked sheepishly.

"Stop teaching my son to swear and we'll have a deal."


"Hey, fratello? Have you seen Chiara?" Lovino asked when he realised his daughter and nephew were no longer in sight.

Feliciano frowned, glancing around frantically. "Ve~ where are they?" he asked in a slight panic.

"Damn it why do you think I'm asking you?! Fuck… I'm such a crap dad!" the elder Italian cursed. It took only a moment for them both to race of in an attempt to locate the two missing children.

Thankfully they caught sight of them sitting together on the porch swing out front. They were whispering to each other with smiles on their faces and made the two Italians pause.

"They look like us, when we were kids I mean."

"You always swore though, I think Chiara has slightly better manners." Feliciano teased softly which made his brother roll his eyes.

"I didn't always swear… besides, I think Daan has to be way smarter then you. And at least he looks like a boy."

Feliciano ignored the fond insult, still smiling at the pair on the swing. "I hope they remain this close, like we did."

Lovino shook his head. "If we'd remained that close I would have realised what van Dyk was doing…"

"It wasn't your fault Lovi, besides, that's over now."

"Si, for good."

I've taken my bows

And my curtain calls

You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it

I thank you all

But it's been no bed of roses

No pleasure cruise

I consider it a challenge before the whole human race

And I ain't gonna lose

We are the champions, my friends

And we'll keep on fighting, till the end

We are the champions

We are the champions

No time for losers

Cause we are the champions

Of the world

We are the champions- Queen

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