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Chapter I: Arrival

I was in Otou-sama's mansion in my moonlit room, gazing out into the distance. My raven black hair hung loosely on my shoulders and my bangs were practically in my eyes, but I barely noticed. You'd think I was acting as any noble should, but I was really staring at a fox attempting to capture a rabbit in its hole. It was quite funny actually, watching an animal fail at getting its dinner.

My door opened and I didn't need to turn around to know it was Outo-sama, Kurosaki Haru: the current head of the all-important Kurosaki family.

"Kai-chan," he said softly. "He's here."

I didn't need to ask who 'he' was. This was the moment I'd been dreading ever since I got the news from Otou-sama that I would be attending the Cross Academy Night Class with people I barely knew.

"Otou-sama, I don't wanna go," I whined, though my voice was barely above a whisper. My entire life was these four walls that surrounded me, to have my father right there with me. He was all I had, the only person who truly understood me.

He sighed, his fingers running through his light brown, borderline blonde hair (I had inherited most of my appearance from my mother). "You know that it is vital for us that you attend. My views are the same as Kaien-san's, to have vampires and humans coexist. What better way to show the Kurosaki's full support than for your attendance? And it's not like you've never been around humans before, Kai-chan. If I recall correctly, you get along just fine with their race."

I shook my head at my father. "I don't mind the humans, Otou-sama, you know that full well." I paused as I wrung my fingers. "It's the other vampires I'm worried about. I'm not exposed to other vampires as much as I am to humans. My mind probably doesn't even have the same thought patterns."

Otou-sama gave me a comforting embrace. "You'll do just fine, Kai-chan. Remember, you have Kurosaki blood flowing through those veins."

I nodded at his reassuring words. "I understand."

When we separated, he gave me one of his dazzling smiles. "Good! Your suitcases have been packed and are already in the car. Don't worry one of them is packed full of Pocky," he added before I could ask.

I couldn't help but grin back. He knew me too well. "Thank you, Otou-sama."

I rushed downstairs; interested to meet the person who was taking me to Cross Academy because Otou-sama had said that it was to be one of the Night Class students. On my way down, I tied my hair into two ponytails with red ribbons – an action so practiced it was instinctive. When I got to the sitting room, I found a tall young man with blonde hair reading a book. Upon closer inspection I found it to be manga…Bleach, it looked like.

"Ichijou-sama," Otou-sama said from behind me.

The blonde looked up expectantly and I noticed that he had the most sparkly green eyes that I had ever seen in my lifetime. The corners of his mouth rose in a soft smile and as soon as I saw this, all the worries I had in my heart melted away as I realised I could trust him.

"Kurosaki-sama," he greeted as he stood and bowed.

"Meet my daughter, Kai-chan," Otou-sama continued.

A look of confusion flashed across Ichijou's face. "Oh…? The one I'm taking to the Academy?

"She's my only child, Ichijou-sama, I think she would be the only Kurosaki Kai here," Otou-sama replied jokingly. That was what I loved about him; he wasn't much of a serious man like I knew most vampires to be.

"She seems so young…" Ichijou-sama said, still looking confused.

Otou-sama chuckled lightly. "You're not the only one to make that mistake. She's seventeen, almost your age."

Ichijou-sama's eyes widened in understanding and I felt my face reddening at the way they shown. "Is that so? My apologies then, Kurosaki-sama." And he flashed another smile.

It took me a moment to realise that he was talking to me at this point and another moment to remember that I hadn't even greeted him yet. Cursing at myself internally for my lack of respect for an Ichijou, of all the families I could've disrespected in the vampire world, I bowed deeply in embarrassment. "It's okay, Ichijou-sama. It's a mistake most people make."

"Kai-chan." I turned to face my father, who was speaking with me now. "You had best be going. The sooner you leave, the sooner your arrival."

"Of course, Otou-sama," I replied politely, then threw myself at him in a tight hug. "I'll miss you so much. And don't worry; I'll represent our family well."

"I'll miss you too," he said. "Remember to visit me as often as you can," he reminded me as I made my way out the front door.

"I will," I called back, closing the door behind me. I turned to face Ichijou when we got to the car, my bags in the trunk as Otou-sama had said. "Ichijou-sama-"

"Call me Takuma," he interrupted, his smile never faltering.

"Takuma-sempai," I said, trying again. "Will I…like Cross Academy?"

He paused for a second, and that began to scare me. "No," he stated. When I froze in place he laughed at me, obviously finding my expression amusing. "If anything, you'll love it," he said truthfully and started the engine.


When I got out of the car a couple of hours later, I finally got to see Cross Academy with my own two eyes. It was a lot bigger than I had ever imagined, the full moon flooding it with its rays which gave it a more enchanting feel. I gazed in wonder as Takuma took my bags out of the car.

"I'll do that," I insisted, taking both suitcases. Takuma shrugged as he closed the door behind him and walked me through the gates. It was even more beautiful on the inside, and I found myself gazing at my surroundings in awe.

After walking through the grounds for a few minutes I noticed two people in black uniforms, obviously waiting for us. The one was a girl, maybe two if not two-and-a-half inches taller than me, with short brunette hair and warm red eyes. The other was a boy who looked just older than her, with silver-white hair and lavender eyes that gave me a cold stare.

"Hi Yuuki-chan!" Takuma said happily. It was strange how much energy he had after that long drive. He was so damn happy all the time; it was almost invampire if there was such a word.

The girl smiled. "Takuma-sempai, how was your trip?"

"A bit tiring," he said with a sigh.

The boy with the lavender eyes still gave me a cold stare throughout this exchange. I shuffled on my feet feeling slightly uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Oh!" Yuuki said, bowing quickly. "Gomenesai, Kurosaki-sama. I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Cross Yuuki, and that's Kiryuu Zero. We are the prefects at this school."

I bowed swiftly in return. "It's a pleasure to meet you two."

The boy I now knew as Zero huffed lightly. "I wasn't aware that the Chairman was taking in children as well."

With difficulty, I ignored his purposefully cruel words. "I'm seventeen, I just look younger."

He made no reply and I nearly lunged at him for his lack of respect, but I remembered I was there representing my family's bloodline.

"Takuma-sama, we can take it from here," Yuuki said kindly. "The Chairman asked us to take her to him since he thought you would feel tired after your trip."

My eyes flickered to his direction and I saw him shrug lightly. "If it is the Chairman's wishes, I can't really argue now, can I?" He grabbed both my suitcases and ignored my protests. "I'm going to take them to the dorm and leave them in your room. I'll see you tomorrow…or later on today," he said checking his watch. He gave me one last smile before leaving and I couldn't help but smile back. His joy was so damn contagious, it practically radiated from him. I doubted he was capable of ever not smiling.

When he was out of sight, however, the reassurance I had flickered out like a candle and my smile faltered.

"Come on," Yuuki said, proceeding to drag me. I knew that if I hadn't been used to human antics, I would've been offended, but I wasn't. They led me through the large doors to the school building, leading me through brightly lit hallways, up staircases and past an excessive amount of doors until finally the enthusiastic girl burst through one of these said doors and happily yelled, "Kurosaki-sama is here, Chairman."

I knew Kaien before these events very well since he was a good friend of Otou-sama's. The last time I had seen him was when the two of them had made plans to send me here.

"Kai-sama!" he said giving me a tight hug. I was used to his playfulness and enthusiasm and immediately smiled. Kaien and Otou-sama were very similar in personality. Only difference was Kaien's energy was quadruple the amount Otou-sama had.

"Cross-san," I said, hugging him back just as tightly. "It's so good to see you again."

"You too," he replied. "It's great to finally have you as one of my students."

Yuuki stared at this exchange, completely surprised. "You know her?"

Kaien turned back to her, breaking the embrace. "That's right, I never told you."

I rolled my eyes internally. Typical Kaien.

"Yuuki, Kai-sama is the heir of the Kurosaki bloodline. Her father works with humans all the time in hospitals around the world, using his ability to heal and help severely sick people.

He's a very good friend of mine and probably believes in my pacifism more than I do."

The brunette-haired prefect nodded. "I understand."

Kaien turned back to me, his face suddenly serious. "Kai-sama, I want you to be a part time member of the Disciplinary Committee."

I was astonished. That certainly came out of nowhere. "W-what?"

"You could help out when Yuuki and Zero can't do so. You're the only vampire I can genuinely trust with such a task."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Zero spoke up for the first time since his hurtful comment a few minutes earlier. "We're supposed to have the Disciplinary Committee to keep the Day Class from finding out about the Night Class. Having a Night Class student as a member defeats the purpose."

"No it doesn't," Yuuki interjected. "Besides, having a third person will help even if it is only part time, right Chairman?"

"Exactly. You two can take a night off once a week when Kai-sama has her shift," Kaien pointed out. "I'm sure you don't mind, do you?"

I shrugged and smiled. "Anything for you, Cross-san."

"Good! So it's settled, you can have your shift every Saturday night when there's no change over, or whenever else the time calls for it." He gave me an armband similar to that of Yuki and Zero's but it was black. "You'll find your uniform on your bed and you begin classes tomorrow night. Yuuki, Zero, please escort her to the Moon Dorms."

Yuuki nodded and led me out, a disgruntled Zero trailing after.

"It's great that we have a third member to help us," she said excitedly. "Having only two people to split the work can be quite tiring."

I nodded, imagining how difficult the work was between the two of them. It must've been incredibly hard. "I'll do anything in my power to help you guys. I'll even watch the Night

Class to keep them in check for you."

Zero gave me an icy glare. "Don't think that you being a friend of the Chairman's is going to change anything. You're still a vampire."

I paused, not knowing how to respond to his words. Zero...

"Zero!" Yuuki yelled in embarrassment. "That's no way to treat a future partner. Gomenesai, Kurosaki-sama."

I swear I heard Zero mutter something along the lines of, 'Partner my ass'¸ but since I hadn't been paying much attention I couldn't be so sure.

"Call me Kai," I said. "Calling me Kurosaki-sama makes me feel like Otou-sama."

Zero said nothing at this, continuing to mutter to himself.

"Here are the Moon Dorms, Kai-sama," Yuuki announced brightly. "If you need anything, just come on over to the Sun Dorms and I'll help you out."

"Arigatou¸ Cross-san," I said, bowing. "You too, Kiryuu-san for your help." Or lack thereof, I added mentally.

"Our pleasure," Yuuki chirped, blushing. She then took Zero's arm. "Come one Zero, we need to go sleep."

I watched as the two of them left, then went to the doors that led into the Moon Dorms to open them. When I did, I stifled a gasp when I noticed how big it was. Surely this is a little elaborate for a dormitory? I thought as I stepped inside, shutting the doors behind me. As I was the only person in the dorms at present, my footsteps echoed around the room. I was awestruck at the beauty of it, the energy of the light from the chandelier radiating above me. I reached my hand out, my fingers relaxed, therefore curling upwards as a glowing, bright white sphere formed above it. The power I possessed as a vampire was…different. I harnessed the same thing that vampires were supposed to hate and avoid (well, according to those bastard authors Stephanie Meyer and frikkin Hollywood anyway). Light. As such, walking around in the sun was never a problem for me, it just wasn't that bright.

"Interesting power you possess."

I jumped, the light from my hands flickered and was out in almost an instant. I turned to find the reason for the disturbance was a dark-haired man with red eyes. There was this powerful aura that emanated from him that screamed authority and I instantly knew that he was Kuran Kaname, the pureblood.

"Kuran-sama." I bowed. I had never seen an actual pureblood up close before. "I'm so sorry if I intruded or disrupted in any way."

I stopped abruptly when Kaname put his hands on my cheeks and lifted my head up so I faced him, my eyes locking onto his own. His eyes… I thought, they look…sad.

"You're the new student?" he asked. I nodded meekly. "Kurosaki Kai. The Chairman was right when he said you looked young compared to us."

I didn't know whether it was rude to give a response or rude not to so I tried the latter, figuring it was safer.

"You don't talk much, do you?" he asked eventually.

I shook my head. "Gomennasai, Kuran-sama, it's just…I'm not used to being away for so long and these vampires…" I trailed off.

Kaname's expression was unreadable. "You say that as if you were not one yourself."

"I am, I just, I don't…" I paused. "I'm usually more at home surrounded by humans. It may sound insane, and I realise my father wants me to become friends with others of my kind so there's a balance but…"

He let go of my cheeks. "You'll see there are a whole range of vampires for you to get along with in the Night Class. May I show you to your room?"

I nodded and followed after him as he made his way upstairs. "You'll be in your own as everybody else is sharing. Will that be all right?"

"Yes, Kuran-sama," I responded almost automatically. It was like I was a robot or something, but I didn't want to displease him. I was representing the Kurosaki bloodline.

"I'm aware that the Chairman made you a part-time member of the Disciplinary Committee," he stated. "I assume you are aware of the certain rules vampires are to oblige to."

"Yes, Kuran-sama," I repeated. This person was almost as scary as Zero, and he didn't even do anything.

We stopped in the front of a large door. Kaname opened it and I found myself in a room flooded in moonlight. I thanked him as he left and made my way over to the bed. My suitcases were located next to it and the Night Class uniform was on top of the bed as promised. Lifting it up, I examined the white outfit. A skirt, I thought in disappointment. How...convenient for my job. Setting it down again, I sat down on the giant bed staring at the moon, my hands reaching up to catch the light it made. The glowing sphere formed above my head, brightening up the room by just a fraction. This power I possess...is very strange I suppose.

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