Okay, this is a new story. And when I say do NOT read this if you haven't read the Percy Jackson series, I really mean it. Please comment, I'd love to know what you think!

Disclaimer: No, I do NOT own the rights to PJO or Blackjack or people like that, but I do own Phoenix and Honey, because I made them up myself.


I guess you can probably figure out who I am. I just happen to be the most handsome Pegasus stallion in all of Olympus.

Urgh, can you stand him? Just for the record, it's Percy here, yeah, the Percy. Blackjack talked me into writing this. I really should've got Rick to. He's the scribe!

Look, boss, this is my story, okay? So just . . . Write what I say.

I just did.

Just . . . Screw that! Just copy down every word!

Believe me, Blackjack, I am. Thank the gods he didn't see me writing that.

Okay, boss, now we start.

Yo, all people out there, this is the actual Blackjack that was there to witness the Titan war and deliver the current Oracle, Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

I found her.

Tough, boss. Anyway, I just happen to be the only black, raven-black, actually, Pegaus at Camp Half-Blood, not to mention all of Olympus. I reckon I look better than the original Pegaus, too.

Probably vainer, too.

And so, I just thought that it was only fair that everyone out there, godly, mortal or whatever weird thing you may be, could hear the tales of the brave Blackjack . . . And the guy who appears in the story from time to time.

He means me.

So, boss, let's get going!

Okay, even I have to admit it's a cool story, so I'll shut up for a bit, unless I really need to write something down or Annabeth makes some comment, or if any new campers come and ask for his auto-graph. Yes, the horse is a famous icon here! Okay, Blackjack, here we go!

I was born to Phoenix and Honey. Phoenix, I have to admit, was a pretty darn good father. He was a deep scarlet-red with wings that looked better than any Phoenixes - and they think I'm vain, wait until you meet one of them - but he was still a good dad. He taught me nearly every areal move I know, except ones that I made, but he still taught me how to fly.

My mum was Honey. That was her name, not the food. She was a chestnut mare with a star on her forehead that looked like a wonky rectangle that was slightly crescent-shaped that melted down the side of her face. It sounds weird, but she was by far the prettiest Pegasus here - except for me, of course.

Honey had had a type of tumour in her eye that was impossible to fix. There were rumours about Underworld magic and stuff like that, but really, it just left her blind in an eye. She had one brilliant brown eye and one dull grey. But that never spoiled her, because she'd always cock her head to the left when someone came around so they only saw her right eye, her good eye.

With the combination of my strong, tall, envious dad, and my quiet, cunning and witty mum, I was quite a handful. But, I still made it out alive.

But this is from the start, so I need to take you back, right to the beginning . . .

Yes! Here we are! Prologue finished! Please comment and review, I'd love to know what you think of it!