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Shooting Star Rider: The last Mercedes X Aran is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace. (I just had to do that reference)

Anyway, now it's time to play some Super Smash Bros Brawl. Unless someone tries to crash the party.

Cygnus turned on the Wii and put in the disk. Everybody looked excited. Mihile, Hawkeye, Irena, Oz, Eckhart, Cygnus, Neinheart and Vladimir(Who the hell invited him?) stared at the massive TV. Cygnus gave out Wii-motes to everybody. She pointed at the disc channel and clicked with the A button. She then clicked PLAY. A menu appeared and the main theme of Super Smash Bros Brawl started playing. She clicked GROUP and then TOURNAMENT.

"Five life brawl or two minute brawl."

Two wanted 5-life brawl, five wanted 2-minute brawl and Eckhart was indifferent.

"All items?"

A massive YES! was heard.

Everybody took their turns selecting characters. Mihile chose Ike, Hawkeye chose DK, Irena chose Pit, Oz chose Jigglypuff, Eckhart chose Meta-Knight, Cygnus chose princess Peach, Neinheart chose Sonic and Vladimir chose Wolf.

"Round one, Cygnus VS Hawkeye."

The stages would all be the default battlefield, a floating arena with more floating platforms to choose from. The battle started with DK and Peach doing some epic aerial combat. As Peach got blown away, DK started charging his special attack, a powerful punch. As soon as it was ready, he walked over to Peach and punched.

"TOAD SHIELD!" squealed Cygnus.

Hawkeye stared in awe as DK got instantly KO'ed

He then saw a ray gun. As he ran to it, his character got bombarded by vegetables. Peach ran towards DK and tossed him over the edge. DK used his Up-Special to recover, but was smashed on the head by a turnip. Another KO. Hawkeye quickly dashed towards the floating Smash Ball but a message appeared.


"Since when was Cygnus good at Super Smash Bros?" asked Shinsoo.

"Beginners luck." said Hawkeye.

"Round two, Mihile VS Neinhart"

Mihile tried to fight Neinheart(who had never seen a Wii Remote in his life.) but realized it was much easier to let him walk off the edge as he cluelessly tried to move Sonic around.


"How did I lose? He kept on walking off the edge!" Neinheart yelled.

"No, that was you." said Hawkeye.


"Round three, Oz VS Irena."

"You're going down." snarled Irena. Oz shot her an evil glare.

"Right back atchya." she replied, in an equally harsh voice.

Pit spammed his bow attack whilst Jigglypuff tried to avoid it. As soon as Oz got her character onto the floating platform, Irena followed. Oz did a rollout and landed on the floor, allowing her to use the Down-Special. Irena furiously mashed the Wii-mote as Jigglypuff sang and sent Pit to sleep. Oz let out an evil laugh. She grabbed a nearby beam sword and prepared to smash Pit out of the arena. Pit woke up. To a beam sword.

As Irena's character was revived, she quickly used her sword spin to knock Jigglypuff away. It used rollout, but Pit defended with his shield. Irena then saw, and smashed a nearby smash ball.

"Prepare to die Oz!"

Oz snuck a small fireball in the cracks of Irena's Wii remote and threw the Beam sword at Pit, who lost the smash ball.

"Hey! My remote died!" yelled Irena as Jigglypuff used it's Final Smash to obliterate Pit.


Oz put on an innocent face and started jumping up and down. Irena turned around and gave her the middle finger.

"Round four, Eckhart VS Vladimir."

The match was two minutes of intense button mashing. Both did insane combos and moves that nobody knew were possible. Neither of them had managed to score a KO.


"What's sudden death?" asked Eckhart, who had won every match and had no idea that it was a finishing round with 300% damage each. With that, Vladimir smashed Eckhart out of the arena.

"Loser." said Vladimir.

"Well that's the first part over. Let's continue." said Shinsoo.

"Round five. Cygnus VS Mihile."

The round began with epic aerial action and progressed into a land brawl, with Peach jumping around, throwing turnips everywhere. Ike spammed Eruption to ward off everything. As Peach found a baseball bat, she prepared to smash Ike, but her attack hit Ike's Counter which instantly KO'ed her. The rest of the match was Peach spamming her Toad Shield and Ike spamming counter. As ten seconds remained, Peach grabbed Ike and threw him off the edge, only to be brought down with him with an Aether.


"Awww..." said Cygnus. "I thought that would work."

"Good game." said Mihile, shaking her hand. She smiled at that.

"Round six, Oz VS Vladimir."

Suddenly, the ground underneath Vladimir turned into magma and a giant colossus appeared.

Oz's voice was sinister, yet slightly frightened. "Vladimir, I will make you pay for what you did to me back then! Ifrit, attack!"

Vladimir dropped his Wii-mote and barely avoided a fiery fist of rock. He tried to unleash his Grim Scythe on it, but Oz had kicked him into the air and turned into a fiery comet, smashing repeatedly into Vladimir, before kicking him into the ground. The demon tried to get out of the small crater he had created, but was smashed by Ifrit. Oz was standing on top of it and let out a noise that sounded like.


Vladimir teleported behind Oz and kicked her, sending her flying. He then flew towards her and smashed her into the floor. Oz spat into Vladimir's face and Ifrit stomped him.

"Better than Smash Bros." said Hawkeye, eating popcorn.

The hatred on Oz's face was incredible. She punched the floor and massive balls of fiery rock erupted under Vladimir's feet. The demon summoned a massive hand, that sent dark energy concentrated at her. The blast had tattered her clothes, but she was beyond caring. Vladimir absorbed dark energy whilst Oz charged a ball of blue fire. Vladimir launched his sphere of energy, which was instantly blown up by Oz's fiery Kamehameha-like beam. Vladimir was engulfed by the attack and collapsed onto the ground.

"That's what you get for fucking me." snarled Oz.

"He what what?" said Hawkeye.

On the TV screen, it said:


Oz grabbed the Wii-mote and grabbed Wolf with her character and proceeded to beat him up before smashing him to the ground.

"Intense..." said Mihile.

"Final Round, Mihile VS Oz."

Oz tried to put her cute face back on but failed to do so. Mihile acted like the past battle had never happened. The battle started off with Ike scoring three KO's but as Oz became more focused, she too managed to score in multiple hits. The battle was mainly on land but there were many aerial combos and chain attacks. Drawing near the end of the battle, a smash ball appeared. Both Ike and Jigglypuff ran towards it. Ike got it and used Great Aether, knocking his enemy high into the sky and unleashing a barrage of slashes. Ike prepared to finish the attack when...


The two characters dashed towards each other and smashed each other out of the arena at exactly the same moment.


"Good game." said Oz, now in cute-face mode.

"Same to you." replied Mihile.

"Hey Mihile, can we talk?"


Cygnus, Neinheart and Shinsoo looked at the couple as they walked off. Cygnus smiled.

"You really wanted to bring us all closer together. You did a good job Cygnus." said Neinheart. "Even the ones who would fight in this situation like Vlad and Hawkeye are getting on well."

As luck would have it, the other four players were sitting and chatting about how much more butt they could of kicked(Except Vlad. He was unconscious).


Meanwhile in Edelstein...

"You hacker! That wasn't fair!" said Luminous, whose dark side had emerged after Evan had beat him yet again on Super Smash Bros Brawl.

"Me? You're the one abusing Meta-Knight. And Phantom is the one hacking!"

"Oh shut up you little kid. Even Mercedes can see, it was Aran."

"I'm not even playing the stupid game. How could I hack it?"




Luminous unleashed a lightning bolt on Aran, who countered by smashing him, but missed and hit the Wii. Phantom, who paid for it, sent out a barrage of cards at Aran, some of which crashed straight into Mir. Evan swore and sent out barraged of fire and ice at everyone.

"Why can't we do anything fun at all?" asked Mercedes as she slouched into a corner.

Holy mackerel was that a long chapter. Until next time