The Hunter War: Prologue

AN: Do I really have to say that I don't own them? Sigh. This story is dedicated to LunaCanislupus whose story "His Only Defense" was the inspirational jumping point for "The Hunter War".

For decades they had waited, biding their time, following the code. They strengthened their ranks, improved their family bloodlines, and trained for the day they would be strong enough to declare war. War upon the abomination that had walked this earth for too long, its unclean presence an affront to nature, the werewolf. They watched the packs, making sure they never gained in numbers, hunted and killed the weak. Through the years they waited. They waited for war and tonight that wait was over.

Alphas and betas were put down first, leaving only the lowly omegas to protect the bitches and cubs. The hunters ignored their pleas for mercy and calls to honor the code. The code had ever been a ruse, a blinder to keep the stupid animals from bolting before their time of slaughter. By night's end, across the country, packs lay dead. Unclean blood purified by earth's embrace. The hunters celebrated their victory, for a new day had arisen.

The hunters had won the battle but the war had just begun.

The true strength of the packs had been hidden from the hunters. Only the alpha from each pack knew the wolves' true strength and numbers. Seeing the coming danger years ago, the packs had devised a means of defending and protecting themselves against the hunters. They knew the code would not protect them much longer.

Weaker packs and lone wolves had been left to be discovered and tracked over the years. A necessary sacrifice for the greater good. The powerful packs stayed in the shadows, growing in number, watching their enemy. Werewolves, strong, fast, and hard to kill took on many prominent positions within their communities. The military, police force, and fire rescue became common wolf employment. Hiding in plain sight, they watched their enemy.

The morning after the hunter's attack, the true packs rose as a single snarling wolf. For weeks, news reports were wild with stories of unparalleled animal attacks coming in from all parts of the country. These attacks seemed to be targeted toward young men and women. All the people attacked survived and only the hunter's knew the true meaning.

In desperation, the hunters released the werewolves' secret to the world but it was too late. The wolves had chosen their targets well. They had increased their packs to the point that they had little to fear.

In the first weeks after the werewolf revelation, riots took over the streets of the country. Some pleaded for the bite and were added to the ranks, a few gathered arms and joined the hunters, but most barricaded themselves in at night and let nature take its course.

The Hunter War had begun.