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Chapter 24: Coming with vengeance.

Things have returned to normalcy, though some things could never change. The town now knew aliens existed and saw Coop, Fiona, Dennis and Ben as heroes. The others that participated in the final battle were recognized, but not praised like Ben and his new friends. The kids were happy the town finally believed them, especially apologizes they received from different people that wronged them.

Morning came up the next day, signifying a good day. Ben sat at the dining table by himself, eating a sandwich. For once he actually woke up early and decided to eat a sandwich. Dennis and Fiona then walked in, wearing their helmets.

"Hey, Ben." Dennis said.

"Hi, guys." Ben waved, swallowing another bite.

Fiona walked closer to him, with Dennis next to her, "So what are you going here? I thought you'll be with Coop."

Ben chewed a final bite and answered, "Coop and Mr. Burtonburger went fishing. He wanted to have a father and son bonding after everything they went through. Millie and Kat are working on my way home right now."

Fiona frowned, mostly because of Coop's absence. Dennis sensed this and stepped in, "So, Ben, are you ready to go to the skate park, the manager is willing skate all day."

"You know I am." Ben smirked.

A few minutes later, Ben got a helmet and a skateboard and left with Fiona and Dennis. They headed to the skate park to get there fast and soon got there. The place was surprisingly filled with other kids, even more than usual. Dennis easily knew the large population was because of them, being famous after defeating the invasion.

When they walked in, the entire crowd of kids cheered loudly. Ben and Dennis enjoyed the fame, even waving back and cocking a smirk at a few girls. Fiona only rolled their eyes and tried to ignore all the boys waving at her. The kids still played on the ramps and it was fun for Dennis to show his skill, though there wasn't any. Ben was different from Dennis, but had no skill. Instead, he used Wildmutt, Ditto and Diamondhead to aid him. The crowd were awed and cheered for him more.

Eventually, it became noon and the crowd began to dispatch. Fiona and the boys left and began walking to Coop's room. While they did, they talked about earlier.

"Dude, you were amazing!" Dennis exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks." Ben kept his proud smile, "So, Fiona what did you think of today's event?"

Fiona became annoyed, "The skate park lost its touch, especially with those boys looking at me like that."

"Hey, didn't Coop and Dennis do that?" Ben snickered, remembering how Kat and Millie told him about Coop and Dennis reaction to Fiona.

"Yeah, but theirs were funny." Fiona giggled.

Dennis blushed from embarrassment and looked away. He wished for something to happen to change the subject. Just as he looked up, he saw a large asteroid heading straight for them. Dennis quickly reacted and pushed his friends out of the way, "Guys, watch out!"

The asteroid hit the exact place they once stood, but they were okay thanks to Dennis. They turned to the asteroid and soon noticed it opened a bit, releasing a large mist. Ben and the others stood with curiosity, watching as small figure stepped out. When it did, Fiona and Dennis recognized him.

"Mr. Cheeks!" They gasped.

"Yes, it is I, Mr. Cheeks." The small hamster stood proudly. Nothing had changed except two metal gloves he wore, "After our last encounter, I managed to gain some technology from that hideous cat planet and head here. Unfortunately, the transport was so slow that I was stuck in space for a few earth weeks. But it doesn't matter now because I can final have my vengeance on Coop Burtonburger and the feline, Kat." Before the kids could react, he raised his hand which lifted Fiona and Dennis to the air, "However, since they're not here, I'll hold you hostage."

"Hey, what about me!?" Ben yelled, offended.

"You?" Mr. Cheeks laughed, "You're just a worthless human."

Ben cocked a grin, his hand already on the Omnitrix, "That's a huge mistake." He pressed the button and scrolled down the alien icon list. He found the right alien and slammed the watch down, causing himself to be covered in a blinding light. When it died down, Ben was Eye Buy, "What do you think of me now?"

"Incredible." Mr. Cheeks gazed at him in shock.

From the eyes on his palms, Eye Guy began to shoot energy beams at Mr. Cheeks. The small evil genius was surprise, but raised his hands, deflecting the attack, "Nice try, but I must have that watch."

"First, it's the Omnitrix and second, you're not getting it." Eye Guy charged up his energy beams and fired at him.

Mr. Cheeks deflected the attack, but it caught off his hold on Fiona and Dennis.

"Fiona, are you okay?" Dennis asked, getting up to his feet.

"Yeah." Fiona groaned.

The two looked forward and found Ben and Mr. Cheeks in a heated battle. Eye Guy shot stronger beams, but Mr. Cheeks always deflect the blasts. Even during the battle, Mr. Cheeks tried to deflect the blasts back at Eye Guy but the hero used his enhanced agility to avoid them.

Fiona knew Ben needed help, but watched the battle closely. She took notice with Mr. Cheeks gloves and turned to Dennis, "Do you still have does water guns, Dennis?"

"Yeah, why?" Dennis asked.

"If we shoot at Mr. Cheeks, the gauntlets will short out."

"Okay. Luckily, I have them in my bag." He pointed to his back where he has his backpack.

Fiona nodded and opened his bag, bringing out two water guns. The blond looked at the guns and smirked, "Let's take him down."

Meanwhile, both Eye Guy and Mr. Cheeks fought each other. They gave everything they could, but they were too matched. The battle lasted for few minutes, but they fought to overcome the other.

Mr. Cheeks created a shield over himself, while Eye Guy released a massive energy beam at him. He continued to push through the alien's shield, but Mr. Cheek held strong.

"Hey, Mr. Cheeks!" Dennis called out, getting his attention. Once he did, he dropped the shield and glared at Fiona and Dennis, who were armed with water guns. Dennis grew a smirk and targets his water gun at him, along with Fiona, "You need a bathe."

The two shot direct water blasts at the hamster alien. He got soaked along with his gloves, causing them to spark and shut down. Eye Guy took the opportunity and kicked the alien, sending him flying a few feet. Fiona walked to the defeated Mr. Cheek and put him in jar with small air holes.

"Well that takes care of him." Dennis said proudly.

Eye Guy walked next to him, "Seriously? Take a bath?"

"What?" Dennis whined.

Fiona came with the jar and showed it to them, "Well it doesn't matter. We got Mr. Cheeks and I can give him to Kat so he can take him away."

"Whatever." Ben said and changed back, "So who's up for ice cream?" He smiled.

**********************************************(LINE BREAK)***********************

After a few hours, night came and everyone was asleep…well almost everyone. Ben walked to the kitchen, dressed in his PJ, and got a class of milk. He just about turned back when he jumped back as Millie stood in front of him.

"Millie, what are you doing here?" He asked.

Millie blushed, but hid it, "Well I came to apologize to you."

"For what? We're friends, right?" When she didn't answer immediately, Ben reached his hand over the Omnitrix.

"Of course we are." She formed a small smile, "I never got to apologize for my rampage as that evil version of myself. So I'm sorry."

Ben fell silent, wondering about his next move. He looked up to her and saw her smile a bit. She really has changed in heart and appearance. Ben could even see her eyes twinkle like the moon stars, "Don't worry, I forgave you a long time ago."

"Thank you." She smiled the more, "I also forgot something else."

"What is it?"

"This." Millie moved forward and kissed him on the lips. Ben was surprise and even froze. Within him, he actually enjoyed it, but it was still shocking. It lasted for a while before Millie pulled back, "Goodnight, Ben." She said and walked away.

Ben answered, but still in his frozen state, "Goodnight."

***************************************************************************(LINE BREAK)************************************

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