Okay, here is the final chapter of Ben 10 meets Kid vs. Kat. Before I start this chapter, I just want to say how great it has been to write this story, but all things must come to an end. What's really special about this is that I'm finished this story on my birthday. Yes, I said my birthday. Well here's the final chapter.

Chapter 25: Farewell, Ben 10.

The next few days had been great for the kids and everyone of Boostville. The whole fame thing hasn't ended and people still loved them. Some days, they were invited by major talk show, but always turned it down, much to Ben's disappointment. Other than that, the kids had fun while they still could, being that Kat was almost working on getting Ben home.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as Ben had to go home. When Kat announced the machine was repaired, there was a lot of frown. It was a sad event, but Ben had to go home. So everyone Ben knew was there, including Old lady Munson. Dennis's parents were there, happily together as always and the other kids parents. Coop grandparents were there, since they came over two days ago.

Kat stood before the machine, typing in the command. Everyone was watching and soon the machine came to life, forming a green portal.

"So this is it?" Ben sighed, letting a small smile form.

"I guess it is." Coop answered sadly, "We're really going to miss you."

"He's right." Fiona walked and placed her hand on his back, "If it weren't for you, none of this things would never happen. Thanks, Ben." She then kissed him on the cheeks, causing him to blush.

"For some reason, me too." Old Lady stood behind her daughter, "For a kid you did very good."

"So does that mean we're good?" Ben said, giving her a sly smile.

Old Lady Munson crouched down to his level and snarled, "Don't your luck, kid."

Dennis nudged Ben, "Just be lucky she admitted she'll miss you, it's a rare thing."

"Ben, we're running out of time." Kat said to him.

"I know, just give me a second." Ben sighed again, turning to Burt as he approached.

The brown haired father crouched down to him with a beaming smile, "We're going to miss you, Ben. Be careful, okay?"

"I will. Thanks, Mr. Burtonburger."

Burt chuckled, "Call me Burt."


Ben received a few goodbyes, some being awkward by Lorne and Hailey. The two brothers cried childishly, but still regained themselves after word. The tension for everyone grew as Ben turned away, with a small smile as he walked to the portal.

Kat stopped him, "Look, human I know we've didn't get into a good start, but you're alright. If it weren't for you, I'll probably be in the service of that moron former commander."

"You're welcome, Kat."

Kat walked aside from Ben, allowing him to face the portal. Ben breathed in and let out some air. Once he crossed into the portal, he'll never see the friends he made again and even if he does it won't be for a long time. None the less, Ben began to step in when he heard someone shout his name. Quickly, he turned back and found Millie running to him.

"Ben, can I come with you?" Millie whispered it.

Ben was a bit taken back, but shook his head, "Sorry, you can't. You have a family here; don't make do this because of me." After his kiss with Millie two days ago, he later confronted her and found out she had feelings for him. It was odd, since he didn't see it coming. Ever since then two had taken their relationship slow and simple, but sadly it was too late.

Millie thought more about his words and smiled, "You're right, Ben. But I'm going to miss you. We'll all miss you."

"Thanks, but who said this is the last time." Ben couldn't help but smirk, "Until next time."

Ben then turned back to everyone and said goodbye to them, waving his hands. As he did, he walked into the portal with the others waving back at him. Finally, Ben was gone, back to his own universe. The tension in the air had sunken lightly and mostly everyone was leaving. The only people that stayed were Coop, Dennis, Fiona and Millie.

"Do you really think we'll see him again?" Ben asked, staring at the deactivated portal.

"I don't know." Dennis frowned, "According to Kat, the portal can't open for a second time, so Ben had to leave now."

"But I believe people are meant to meet again." Fiona said with a smile.

"Me too." Millie said, smiling to the skies.

***************************************************(LINE BREAK)***********************************

Back in Ben's dimension…

Grandpa Max and Gwen were surrounded by Dr. Animo's three mutant toads. The evil mad scientist stood on the middle toad, gloating, "The time has come for you two to perish before the might of Doctor Animo."

"Where's Ben?!" Gwen shot a glare at him.

"For the sixth time I don't know!" Animo yelled back, "But if I ever see him he'll be dead.

Suddenly, a green portal appeared right between them, bringing curiosity. A kid stepped out of them portal, arms folded and a grin on his face. When the portal closed, everyone was shocked to find Ben standing.

"Guess who's back and better than ever." Ben got his arm over the Omnitrix, "I'll give you a hint." The face of the Omnitrix pop up, displaying a Fourarms icon. Ben snickered and slammed the watch down, allowing the Omnitrix light to engulf him and begin the transformation.

It's hero time!

**************************************************************(LINE BREAK)***************************

And that's the end for Ben 10 meets Kid vs. Kat. This story is now complete, though it has gone through some hiatus. Anyway, originally I was going to do a sequel to this story, but decided against it. I was going to have the kids as grown teenagers enter Ben's world during the event of Ben 10: Omniverse. However, I can't do that since I'm busy.

Well that's pretty much everything. Hope you all have a lovely day.