Silver Night

By: A Really Big Idiot

Summary: Kaname brutally betrayed Zero to a fate worse than death. 100 years later Zero has reappeared in a guise he had never expected – the guise of the dark pleasure servant Silver Night. Pairings: KxZ, KxY, ZxY


Kaname Kuran knew that fate and consequence were cruel twin sisters. With the blood of a noble traitor still dripping from his hands, the King stared in stark disbelief at the person in front of him. He never expected to see him again.

The boy's existence should have been erased one hundred years ago.

Kaname's soul raged. His black conscience awoken and he came to the bitter realization that one could never escape from their past sins. Especially the first sin that paved the road to the creation of the merciless tyrant he was today. The evidence of his first true cruelty, after all, was shockingly before him.

Kaname wondered if he was going mad. He wouldn't believe it. He couldn't believe it. He shouldn't believe it. That person should not be alive! Guilty was reborn in his heart, and as he silently stared at the very victim of his first spiteful plot and his first betrayal. That creature laid before him in front of a large glass window.

Zero Kiryu.

Kaname Kuran wished the figure to be a ghost.

Silver Night stared at his new master and he wondered if this fateful change would be beneficial to his ultimate goal. After all, he never expected that his new master would be a King of Vampires and stand before him.

Silver had a brief moment of pity for his last master. He had been kinder than most of his previous ones. However, that man was clearly dead, thus the enslavement blood bonds were now passed to that man who had killed him. Silver was a bit surprised that his newest master was none other than the currently speechless Vampire King.

His dangerous game had become very twisted.

He decided to put on his servant mask. Ever so slowly, he stood up from his position and moved toward his new jailor. Without missing a beat, he went to his knees and bowed towards him. In a voice that made silk envious, he said, "I greet you, new master. What does your heart greatly desire?"

The Vampire King watched the specter in the moonlight window. Long high-silver hair flowed down his back and shoulders stretching towards his snow-white feet. Dark grayish-purple eyes were hidden underneath sleepy wispy eyelashes. The lean and tone figure was adorned in black silk. His shirt was open revealing a pleasing chest. His silk pants barely seemed to grip his hips and had the naughty suggestion that the lightest of tugs would reveal a hidden jewel.

The King stared at his face. Still so similar to the one he remembered in his guilt induced nightmares and tired memories. Zero's face had always been a wonder to behold. His symmetrical features had always arrested the attention of those who dared to look upon him. In looks, he was a rare creature. It was his personality that had kept most far.

Suddenly, Zero was awakened from his sleepiness. He looked at Kaname for a tiny moment and like a quiet river over smooth stones, he stood up and walked toward him. Kuran expected him to punch him. Kuran expected him to spit at him. Kuran expected him to curse him.

Therefore, he didn't expect to hear those words. "I greet you, new master. What does your heart greatly desire?"

Kaname just stared. Of all the things Zero could have spoken, those eleven words were not what he expected. Kaname expected the boy to curse him. He even expected him to attack. The heavens knew that boy should have tried to murder him. But for that boy to bow? He wanted to laugh. Fate was darkly cruel! A sudden flash of memory over took him.

Zero reached toward him with a bloody hand. "Help me, Kaname."

He took a disgusted step back. "And allow you to have my happiness? Never." He cruelly said.

If the boy had survived for one hundred years after the betrayal, surely he would have plotted some form of revenge. Clearly, that was logical. But no, he was kneeing before Kaname. Zero Kiryu was kneeing before him. A hidden wish of his adolescent days were finally granted. Kaname wondered if he was experiencing a delusion.

However, in all the guises that Zero could have taken to come back. The guise of Silver Night would have never been a possibility to him. Never – not in a million years - would Kaname have thought such an impossible idea. Kuran heard of the creature. Among the nobles for a past century, the rumors spoke of a Doll that fulfilled every dream, wish, fantasy, and desire of his master.

A Doll was a polite term for a sexual vampire slave. A creature only the nobles and a few C class vampires could own. However, the Doll named Silver Night was in a category all his own.

A creature that embodied glorious androgynous beauty and handsomeness. A creature who had the ability to satisfy all natural and unnatural, noble and beastly lust. Kuran remembered stories of previous masters of Silver Night to lock themselves within their homes for months at a time to enjoy the untold pleasures that he provided.

Such legends had been spreading around his court for years, but Kaname had never paid much attention to them. He did find it amusing that the nobles which had had him would jealously guard him from their rivals. However, he never found amusing that those same nobles would be killed for him. Actually, they would be murdered to be more precise. Silver Night had never belonged to one master for more than two years.

And Silver Night was none other than Zero Kiryu.

Kaname Kuran knew the world had gone mad.

To Be Continued