Hi Everyone,

As the summary says, this is my version on one of the patient interviews for some of the inmates of Arkham Asylum. In this story, we meet up with several of the Supervillains of Gotham City, and find out a little about each of them as they try to work through their insanity together, with hilarious results. All of the interviews are narrated by the same Arkham doctor, however some of the interviews are solely on one villain whilst some of the other interviews are on multiple villains. The story is written similar to a script in the perspective of the Arkham doctor, who is very well known in the comics, and all of the quotations are in speech marks.

I would really love some reviews or comments on this as it is an entirely new project I am working on and I would appreciate some feedback to know where I am going right or wrong. I've started with a favourite of the Batman's rogues gallery so I'm hoping to see whether I have done the character well or not. Please leave me a comment on my patient interviews and enjoy!

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Taped Patient interview 1. Date is 14th February, 2012 and patient name is Jonathan Crane, alias is The Scarecrow. For the past six months, the patient has gone into hiding in the city and no more was heard of him, that is until tonight. There have been talks of, The Batman, foiling yet another diabolical and twisted plot that Crane had no doubt been planning all this time with the other inmates of Arkham Asylum.

Whilst waiting for Crane to arrive, I have been reviewing his notes and reports from the other doctors and they also suggest the same idea; that Crane is not actually insane, but just plainly evil. He has been known to toy with the other doctors by singing nursery rhymes and then slowly unnerving them by discussing the emotion of fear. He was once a civilised member of society that worked here at the Asylum for a few years, and then went to teach at Gotham University. The staff here at the Asylum as well as some of the students at the University greatly appreciated his work, and he was a very much liked man in this city. That is, until something changed him; something snapped inside his mind that made him rethink his life, and the end result was a disastrous one. The notes give plenty of suggestions as to why Crane is the way he is today, but regardless of what has induced his illness, he is still another rat in my Asylum...

"Doctor, he's here. We're ready whenever you are." One of the guards called, entering my office with a very horrified face. It seemed the guest has put up a very nice impression upon arrival.

"Good, send him in. You may leave us if you wish-"

"I'm sorry doctor, but I have strict orders by the warden to not keep my eye off him. We'll need to stay here and watch over him during the interview."

The guard interrupted me; clearly the asylum's warden was as afraid of Crane as the guards were. It looks like tonight will be the host of a very interesting conversation, and that the warden will no doubt be heavily reading up on my notes. I will have to keep the interview professional, and keep the questions basic and strict then. The patient is finally here, wearing the Arkham uniform and his face visible. He looked very pleased with himself for some strange reason, even though he had been arrested yet again he was whistling and humming to himself. This façade will be broken, and since the warden will be checking up on me, I ought to break him quickly.

"Hello Jonathan. You've been away for a long time; Tell me, do you have anything to say regarding your arrest tonight?"

"I, said the fly, with my little eye, watched him die! I, said the owl, with my pick and shovel, I'll dig his grave!"

Jonathan was speaking in nursery rhymes; the notes have stated that he normally does so in an interview and once he does so, he tries to not answer any direct questions. In the past with the other doctors, Crane always tok great delight in evading questions from his doctors, until they grew tired and then Jonathan would discuss the emotion of fear. Perhaps now however with my presence, will be different.

"Tell me Jonathan, who are you referring to? You always pick an old nursery rhyme to fit the situation, who are you singing about? Batman? The Commissioner? Or is this about someone else?"

"All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing, when they heard the bell toll, for poor Cock Robin! Hahahahahaha!"

He seems to be livelier than the reports say he usually is. He sang his heart out about death, and in a strange tone, perhaps something has happened tonight to influence this. But why this nursery rhyme out of all of them? According to his notes, there are others that he prefers to sing over and over, like Hush Little Baby and Jack and Jill. I'm wasting time with these blasted children songs; I need to begin getting to him now. No need to be subtle as he is obviously trying to waste time and evade my questions, may as well just ask a strong direct question;

"Tell me Jonathan, are all of these nursery rhymes inspired by your religious grand-mother Jonathan?" This may have been a mistake on my part, as the patient grew quiet for a short moment. His face dropped upon mention of his grand-mother, and his eyes spanned across the room, trying to think of something to talk about. Obviously I had gotten to him, now to go even further with the topic.

"You tell me doctor... are all of these strong questions forced upon you by the watchful eye of the warden? Even with your strong attire and position in Arkham, the existence of fear takes it's toll even on you. You, who so desperately needs to live up to your reputation after all, but then again, we don't want you to live up too well do we?"

That mad man, how dare he try to twist the conversation? Trying to make me look weak by talking about my 'reputation'. The notes say that he does this though, his past work as a psychologist at Gotham University helps his skills in manipulation. Perhaps it was his time at the University that fuelled his obsession with fear, or maybe he simply grew up trying to harness the emotion's power, but didn't matter as it was time to show who is the true psychologist here.

"Why, you know a lot about the asylum, don't you Jonathan? After all, you did work here before your transfer to Gotham University. That didn't work out well did it? The only reason why you wanted to transfer was so you could have more patients to work on…"

There was spite in the way I talked down to him, but that was a given especially since he tried to hurt my pride. The guards began looking at me strangely, they could tell that I was getting angry at Scarecrow. And with that topic fuelling his mind, it is time to bring another matter into the conversation, something that he had even fought with tonight.

"Doctor, why ask the obvious when all of the answers are in the notes that Dr Murphy gave you after our final interview? I should start to fear that you are not living up to your family's reputation, but the fear does not drive me. It is the fear that drives others, and what forces my hand into matters. Fear governs everyone in this place which so badly wants to help the ill...It even takes control of you. For example, you prefer to take the bus to your workplace here at Arkham instead of driving because you're scared of being mugged on the way. You chose not to live in your grandfather's old house which was passed down onto you in your father's will, because you are scared of becoming more and more like him. And you're scared of looking like a weak doctor in front of the warden, so you're trying to cure me oh so desperately and quickly-"

"-I have no idea what you are-"

"-But that doesn't matter tonight Doctor. The presence of fear is obviously here, the guards have weaker hearts, the doctors have been mocked and you, have failed! You got up today, looking at the family portraits and once again vowing to do your job as best as you could, walked into this asylum and tried to look stronger than the very 'vermin' you are supposed to help and now you have tried and failed to get into my mind. You are too weak to break my mind, and cannot even cure the simplest of us inmates. Tell me doctor, do you even know what I have done tonight?"?"

"Jonathan, perhaps we should discuss a different topic-"

"I…I have not had the time to be updated with your latest antics Jonathan!"

"No…The other doctors just do not wish to cooperatively work with you. I have been processed already by three other doctors tonight, and I have had about fifteen guards escort me throughout the asylum doors. You may think that you are something special with your reputation doctor, but the fact that even the warden and the Batman don't trust in giving you important information regarding what actions I have done tonight, shows your weak talent as a psychologist and doctor, HERE AT ARKHAM!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH CRANE! Guards! Take him to his cell!"

"I'll be seeing you soon Doctor! Who killed Cock Robin? I, said the Sparrow, with my bow and arrow, I KILLED COCK ROBIN! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

At this point, I was fuelled with anger, I no longer cared of what the warden thought of me. What Crane said about the other doctors and the guards, and even the warden and Batman, could he have really been right in what he said? It didn't matter, the interview was over and whilst Scarecrow would bide his time for the next interview, I could discuss the matter with the warden and see for myself, what he had done tonight. Crane was talking nonsense anyway, speaking in nursery rhymes and trying to give his psychosis on me; all tactics that he has been known to do in patient interviews, as proven by the other doctor's notes on him. But, as Scarecrow said, how well could I trust the other doctors?