Chapter 13: Family Bonding

Third Person POV

Cain came down with his spear, and wasn't planning on stopping. Katsu Ueda jumped back, avoiding being hit. But as Cain landed on his feet, his spear didn't go into the roof everyone stood on. He shifted the bottom of his spear to stab at the feet of Lucile Paimon, who stepped back and held her hand out to shoot her famous blue lightning at him. But Cain ducked, avoiding the attack. Cain's fighting instinct was remarkable, for he sensed that Akeno Himejima had shot her own lightning toward him. Now that he ducked, the lightning of Akeno and Lucile hit each other, and an explosion erupted.

Cain lunged over to Ayumu Yoshida with his head low, then stood forward and ran his head into Ayumu's chest, the middle of his body and thus dealing the most damage. Cain pulled back, then front flipped over Ayumu to end up behind him. He spun half way to smack the side of the bottom of his spear on Ayumu's left arm, and broke it. Then he did the same with the side of the top on Ayumu's right arm, rendering him useless in the fight. To finish it, Cain horse-kicked Ayumu in his back, sending him face first into the ground. Cain spun around, his instincts kicking in again. He was being charge at by Yūto Kiba and Koneko Tōjō, who were using their sword and fists respectively to attack.

Cain moved his spear to deflect Yūto's sword, and moved to hold it in front of him as the Knight was forced back. He then had to worry about the Rook attacking him. Koneko went to throw a punch to Cain's head, but Cain countered by moving his spear to swipe at the girl's feet. Koneko jumped to avoid it, and delivered a knee to Cain's chest. Cain coughed with the pain, and was staggering. Koneko saw the opportunity, and went to deliver more and more attacks to his body. Every sensitive point, every weak bone was attacked furiously and quickly. Koneko had to repay Cain for beating her in the church the day Asia was saved from the Fallen Angel Raynare. To finish it off, Koneko delivered her strongest punch to the middle of Cain's body, right where he headbutted Ayumu earlier. Cain was still, his hair having moved to cover his eyes. Then, in a sudden move, Cain dropped his spear and grabbed Koneko's right hand (which was still in his chest from the punch), with it. Koneko showed a shocked expression, and looked up to see Cain's face. His piercing red eyes were wide and sharp, showing that he wasn't even affected from the damage.

"My turn!" he said viciously.

First he delivered yet another headbutt, directly to Koneko's head! Although she is a Rook and has powers of increased durability and strength, she still felt the blow like it was by another Rook. Then, Cain raised his left hand threw it into hit Koneko's throat. Then, he moved to use his elbow to deliver another hit to the left side of her head. Finally, he delivered a heel kick to her chest, and sent her flying away.

Yūto had recovered and was charging in, but stopped his charge to save Koneko. He saw Cain grab his spear again and extended with quick speed, so he threw his sword to his left hand and used it to block the spear's aim for his left leg. Yūto moved to grab Koneko with his right hand, but the force of how fast she was going was strong enough to send him flying back along with her. Cain retracted his spear and his instincts kicked on again. He moved to cover himself with his kimono as two bolts of powerful lightning, one yellow and one blue, came down from above. The kimono absorbed the attack, until Cain stood up and flashed his kimono. The attacks were redirected to their source, but their sources moved.

They were Akeno and Lucile, both powerful and beautiful Queens with similar powers. Both extended their hands out at Cain, and their next magic attack commenced. Large spikes of ice emerge from the roof to stab at Cain, but Cain raised his left hand and Black Flame came out to burn it! But the Black Flame vanished, and Cain knew who it was. Berith Clan members can negate the Black Flame of other members. Cain back flipped to avoid both the attacking Katsu with a scythe and the spikes of ice. Katsu recovered from his charge and continued to attack. He swung his scythe in every direction to hit Cain, who kept either dodging or blocking with his spear. Cain would try to stab Katsu, but Katsu's speed helped him dodge easily. Soon, they both held their weapons against each other, and were glaring at one another. While Katsu glared with a frown of anger, Cain glared with a sense of joy. Soon, they broke again as Katsu's plan to distract him was done.

The Lightning Duo of Akeno and Lucile shot their powerful lightning once more, and Cain stood there. Whether or not his instincts failed him was unknown. Then, he held his spear up above him in both hands. The lightning attacks hit, and Cain is holding back the damage. But opportunity was too easy to miss. Katsu, Yūto, and the newly recovered Koneko charged from three directions to attack Cain. Cain laughed after a grunt, and began spinning his spear all around him like a fire dancer. He gathered the energy from the attacks sent by Akeno and Lucile into his spear and now super-charged it. The three back off, not wanting to attack someone who had the powers of two Queens in his weapon. Cain however, wasn't going to wait for them to move. He aimed his spear up, still super-charged. Akeno and Lucile flew out of his range, but whether or not they moved was not Cain's concern.

"Genocide Rain!" At that, combinations of blue and yellow lightning bolts went shooting into the sky, coming out in rapid patterns and the count being almost more than a few hundred.

Everyone watched as the lightning bolts soon transformed into blue and yellow electricity shaped spears, coming down from above. It was now a mere matter of survival, attacking Cain no longer the top priority. The spears came raining down, and everyone moved to dodge them. It was easy to guess right that the spears were all charged with the damage that Akeno and Lucile could do on their own. But even as they ran around to avoid the spears, both groups avoided being separated too far, Akeno and Lucile flying near each other and Katsu, Yūto, and Koneko staying near as they ran. Then, Lucile came to a realization: Ayumu was still down. She separated from Akeno and flew towards Ayumu's body. She picked him up; disregarding his shriek of pain from the damage he took. Soon though, the spears stopped falling. They all covered the roofs of the mansion, and were all either yellow or blue. Cain stood triumphant, and yawned.

"Let's see if I even need this to fight you all."

Cain threw his real spear into the sky, where it didn't come down. Cain then reached for a blue spear and a yellow spear with his right and left hands. He pulled them out, and twirled them both around for a few moments.

"Round 2, folks!" He first charged for Yūto.

He swung his spears a few times, Yūto easily dodging them with his Knight speed. Then, Cain's spear clashed with Yūto's sword, breaking it upon contact. Then, Yūto's sword regenerated into a new form: a lightning bolt-shaped blade. Cain clashed his spear against it, and the spear vanished entirely. But while his spear vanished, Yūto's sword was soon charged in the same color it was. Cain stepped back, and grinned.

"Sword Birth…that's your Sacred Gear?" Cain asks. Yūto didn't answer with words, but simply a nod. "Wonderful~…" Cain said with a grin.

He reached for another yellow spear, and clashed with his blue one against Yūto's. The spear was gone, and now Yūto's sword was glowing both blue and yellow. Cain's theory was correct: Yūto's sword had taken the form of a blade that absorbs lightning attacks and lightning based weapons and uses their power as they're own. That however, was going to work for Cain. Cain continued his barrage of attack his spears and purposely hitting them against Yūto's sword, grabbing nearby new ones to keep going. All the while, Cain heard two new pairs of footsteps coming from behind. Behind him, Katsu and Koneko were charging from flanks to attack. One would think with the size difference, Koneko would attack low and Katsu would attack from above. But they switched that. Katsu and Koneko converged in their charge, Koneko jumping up and standing on his back for a moment before jumping again to come from above.

Cain stopped his attack on Yūto and prepared. He turned around and was only feet away from Katsu. Katsu swung upward, Cain stepping back and avoided the blade from nicking his chin. He was anticipating Koneko to attack him directly, but his instinct failed again! Koneko landed behind him, and punched the ground. The impact forced the roof to sink in a little where she was. Yūto jumped back, knowing what was about to happen. Cain turned around, trying to attack Koneko, but was stopped as Katsu swung his scythe. Cain was topped halfway from turning around as he blocked the attack with one spear but being forced to drop the other one. Then, Katsu pulled his scythe back and stuck the blade into the ground, Koneko doing the same with her fist. With a nod to each other before Cain could react, both lifted up on the block Cain stood, sending him into the air through the strength of both! As Cain was in the air, he dropped his second spear and was spinning in the air wildly. He spread his Fallen Angel wing, and recovered. But as he recovered, he was attack from the side and staggered in the air. He looked down and saw that Yūto had attacked him. He looked down and saw that his hip was bleeding. Yūto jumped again and attack, hitting again.

Cain's original plan was to force enough Queen-powered spears into Yūto overload him, but it backfired as he is now the one being attacked. As Yūto went up, Akeno was up there to grab him and throw him back to perform another attack. It landed, and Yūto moved to another angle to perform the same action but this time being sent back by Lucile's free hand that wasn't holding Ayumu. This continued five times, each attack forcing Cain to spin around from the impact, until the final blow was needed. Katsu laid his scythe down like a ramp, and Koneko saw what he was planning. She ran over and Katsu adjusted it so that the blade was sideways and not sticking upward. Koneko stood on it, and Katsu lifted up. Koneko was in the air again, and went higher than Cain. Cain saw what the finishing move was, and sighed in response.

"…Shit." Was all he could say. Koneko came down like a meteor, and delivered a swift kick to Cain's body.

He crashed into the ground, coughed large amounts of blood as the roof sunk in again from where he was. Katsu reached out with his right hand into the hole, grabbing Koneko's hand and pulling her out. Cain closed his eyes and was wriggling on the ground from the pain. He opens his eyes, and sees an even scarier sight. Both Queens were glowing with powerful auras, Lucile looking furious and Akeno having a sadistic smile on her face.

"…Shit." He says again as both Queens launched their attacks.

HUGE single bolts of their colored lightning came from above and hit Cain, setting off a huge explosion and sending Cain crashing into the building and down several floors. All was silent, and it seemed as though he had been defeated. Akeno and Lucile landed, Akeno hiding her wings while Lucile kept hers out.

"Katsu!" Lucile called out to Katsu. "Ayumu needs help! I'm going to take him somewhere else to heal him, okay?"

"Do it." Katsu approved. Lucile nodded, and then flew off while still carrying Ayumu.

Katsu turned to face the members of the Gremory Team with a saddened face. He bowed incredibly low, lower than he has ever before.

"I'm sorry…" he says with a strong voice. "I am SO sorry for this! I just want you guys to know that I have NO business with him!" He stood back up, but kept his head low to avoid eye contact.

"It's alright." Yūto speaks. Katsu looks up, and sees that no one is angry with him. "Katsu, you need to stop blaming yourself for things that aren't your fault." Yūto stepped forward, and placed his right hand on Katsu's shoulder. "This was someone else's fault, not yours." He says with a smile.

Katsu is reluctant, but accepts the words Yūto ahs said. "Thanks, Kiba." Katsu walked out of Yūto's grip and walked over to Koneko. "You alright? I see Cain is tough enough to hurt even someone like you."

Koneko simply nodded. "…I'm fine." She replies.

Katsu looked to Akeno, who was smiling and only laughed a little.

"Ow…" the old voice speaks.

Everyone adopts a serious face, and quickly moves to surround the hole. They hear the sound of several items being moved around and crushed, possible debris from all of the damage Cain did on his way down. Soon enough, out of the hole, Cain crawled out with his hands and knees. But, he was not without injury. He was scarred, bruised, battered, and torn at almost every part of his body. Scorch marks show where the lightning did the most damage.

"I'll admit…" Cain says with a sigh and a cracking of his neck to the left. "That…was certainly a show." He cracks his neck to the right. "But this really isn't over." Cain's body began glowing with a crimson red aura.

"Not…" he says in a deep voice, the echo of a very slow heartbeat following his words. "One…" another echoing heartbeat. "Bit…" his voice went incredibly deep, and the aura vanished.

Cain raised his right hand, and everyone glanced up. His spear was still up there, floating in the sky.

"Those spears…" Cain refers to the energy spears scattered throughout the roofs. "Have a special purpose besides being weapons." As he spoke, everyone noticed that the energy spears began floating up a small amount and slowly. "As you saw earlier, I gathered the energy that your Queens shot at me earlier. And then I distributed it and copied it multiple times into each spear. The spears stopped, and Katsu was the first to figure out what the spears did.

"Guys!" he gathered the Gremory Team's attention. "Get the hell away! Those spears…!"

At that, the energy spears all began shooting up to the sky and gathered into Cain's main spear. "That's right…!" Cain spread his arms out. "Those spears each have the exact amount of HUGE energy that your Queens shot at me! And now, I'll have that power multiple times over!"

The spears were all gone, all back into Cain's Oblivion Surge. The spear then came back down with god-like speed, and Katsu had to do the only thing he could have. He jumped up, and came down with his scythe to kill Cain before he got his spear back. But it was too late. The spear came into Cain's Right hand as he raised them both up. The moment it landed in his hands, there was a red flash on his body, and he was healed! All of the previous damage everyone worked so hard to deal was no longer there, and Cain was rejuvenated with stamina as well! Alongside that, he now had the power of a Queen several times over! Cain's spear extended, and he grabbed the other end with his left hand while Katsu stayed afloat with his wing and still trying to push forward.

Cain looked up, and his sharp and killing-intent filled eyes met Katsu's cold pale green ones. Here, Katsu saw the true difference in their eyes besides the color. Where Katsu's pupils were vertical, Cain's were those of a normal person's eyes besides the color.

"Well then…" Cain said with a grin. "Let's start Round 3!" Cain stepped back and shortened his spear.

Katsu knew what was going to happen so he flew high in the sky. Cain aimed his spear and it extended quickly. Katsu dodged it, but the spear retracted then extended again. This kept repeating until Yūto came in to attack. Cain withdrew his spear and jumped over to his Demonic Sword Mystletainn. He tied the spear onto his belt, and grabbed the handle of his sword with his right hand.

"Time for a little change in gears." He says with a chuckle.

He picks it up, and swings it around like it was nothing but a stick. Yūto came in, and attacked. Cain reversed his grip, and held the sword underhanded. He held the sword out and blocked several of Yūto's attacks by moving from place to place, until finally he reversed his grip and started slashing at Yūto. Despite the size of the blade, Yūto found that the way Cain was able to handle it was impossible. A sword of this size would normally only be able to make one-hit attacks, a miss resulting to be fatal. But Cain used the sword like it was any other, skillfully using its size and his odd amount of speed with it to overwhelm Yūto. Finally, Cain reached for his belt with his left hand and grabbed his spear. "Oblivion!" Cain declared! With that, the spear was covered in a crimson red aura, and it lunged out toward Yūto! Yūto moved to block it, but saw that Cain had literally thrown his huge sword at him as well. Both attacks would hit, the speed of both being like that of his own.

But he was going to try anyway. He jumped over both the sword and the spear at the last second, timing it so that he could quickly dispatch Cain before the spear could retract. He landed, and began running. But, he was stopped with something ran through his right leg and forced him to fall down. He looked behind him, and saw with horror what had attacked him. While the sword landed in the roof again, the spear had somehow bent and went for his leg! He was now immobile for the most part, but he was determined to fight. The spear willingly left Yūto's leg the way it came in, and went back to Cain. Yūto went to stand up with his left leg, but he fell down. A sudden pressure came over him, the same kind that held him and the others down at the church where they first fought. But not only was he being held down, he could feel his strength fading away.

"That is my deadliest skill: Oblivion." Cain explained partially. "I'll give you all credit on one detail: you are the only opponents who have forced me to reveal all of my secrets. And I haven't even used my Balance Breaker!" he laughs.

It was true. While Cain used every trick he had in this fight, he has not used his Balance Breaker, the true and hidden power of a Sacred Gear. Cain walked over to his spear as Yūto's allies rushed over to his side. Akeno began trying to use healing magic, but while it healed the wound it did nothing to alleviate Yūto's loss of strength and movement.

"Sorry, Priestess, but that won't work." Cain comments as he grabs his sword. "This isn't something that can be healed. You see, as the user of the weapon belonging to the very Horseman of War, I am equipped to fight with all matters of warfare. And what's more, I am also equipped with chemical warfare. I've injected a special poison into Yūto's very soul. Within at least…10 minutes, the poor boy will die."

At that, everyone froze at the revelation. "There is ONE way to save him." Cain turns around, and holds both weapons out and ready. "Only three kinds of special powers can remove the poison, all three belonging to Sacred Gears. The first is if I counter the poison. The second is that cute nun's Twilight Healing. And the third?" Cain looks up to the sky, and has a confused look on his face. Then he looked down and grinned. "Naah, I'll leave that one for you kids to figure out."

At that, nothing else was held back for the most part. Koneko and Katsu charged, going in to attack Cain. Cain now only played defense. He held his sword reversed gripped again, holding it and moving it to block Koneko's attacks. The sword also was surprisingly durable to take Koneko's own attacks. He used the spear in its shortened form to simply deflect Katsu's attacks. Akeno was waiting for the two to break off so she could use her own powers to attack. But, another soldier here was about to fall. Cain switched which weapon blocked what, and caught both Koneko and Katsu off guard.

The sudden change in defense was a surprise enough for Cain to counter. He first smacked the blunt side of the sword on Katsu's head, and then stabbed the sword into the ground as he used his spear to continue deflecting Koneko's attacks. Then he moved to punch Katsu away a few feet, his Final Judgment still in his hands. He returned his attention to Koneko, and with a swift stab…

"Oblivion!" he declared.

It was too late. The spear ran through Koneko's shoulder, and she held in a frustrated grunt of pain. Cain held the spear up, and kept Koneko on it. It was the similar manner that he held Raynare once before.

"I hate to a see a sad girl like you die…" Cain says in an overly dramatic voice. "But I've got better things to do here, cat." Cain calls her.

The spear extended, and Cain moved it up and down once just to have the blade wiggle in Koneko's shoulder and inflict more pain. Katsu recovered from his damage, and saw what Cain was about to do. Katsu knew he couldn't stop Cain at the moment, but he could do something to help Koneko.

"Buh-bye~!" Cain said with joy.

Cain swung his spear and sent Koneko flying away! With quick thinking, Katsu spread his wing and got in her flight path. Katsu believed that if he couldn't stop her from being thrown, then he could try to lessen the damage. Koneko slammed into him, and sent him flying. They both smashed through an attachment on the roof they were on, and kept flying. Katsu landed on his back, and continued to slide on the roof and shredding himself against it. He held Koneko tightly to make sure he was the only one hit by the debris. They finally stopped when they reached the edge, and flipped over. Katsu spread his wing, and felt pain in every part of his body. He screamed in pain for having to force his body to recover so quickly from the attack. He breathed heavily, and flew back onto that roof, laying Koneko down gently.

Back at the origin of Katsu and Koneko's flight, Cain twirled his spear happily a few times.

"Oh this is getting exciting! I'm feeling it now, ladies and gentlemen!" Cain looked back up, where the guests were still watching from the viewing portal. "We're approaching our grand finally!"

He then looked to Akeno, who for once didn't have her smile on her face. "Well, it seems like I got the legendary Lightning Priestess to not smile. Yet another accomplishment of the evening!" Cain declares.

"You know…" Cain looks to Akeno with sly eyes. "…Why don't you use that 'special' lightning of yours? You know, the one from the old man?"

At that, Akeno immediately knew what Cain was referring to, and more importantly: who he was referring to "How do you know him?" she asks with a serious voice.

"Oh, I've met him here and there. Though, we always seem to have disagreements. Apparently, my and Abel's mother KNEW your parents! Ain't that a coinky-dink? Plus…" Cain held his spear up and aimed it at Akeno. "…I suppose where I've missed him, I'll see if you're just as quick as he is to run…and fail."

Katsu recovered his breath and saw that Koneko was still on her back, injured and breathing slowly and heavily. He analyzed the wound, and attempted to think of normal ways to fix it. But he wasn't a medical expert, and he had little to no healing abilities. Although he did have one…a very deadly one. He decided to first check on Koneko. "Koneko, you okay?" Katsu asks. Koneko simply nods, her eyes half open.

"Good. I'm going to fix you up."

Koneko attempted to speak despite the pain and the loss of strength. "Don't have…the tools…" she refers to the Sacred Gears Cain mentioned.

"Actually…I do." Katsu says with determined words. "Cain always likes to torture as with hope, providing it so he can kill it. But he won't kill this one…"

Katsu's eyes focus on Koneko's shoulder, where the blood was now coming out slowly. He then looked down, his silver hair covering his eyes and face.

"…I'm weak." Katsu said with a familiar tone Koneko has heard before. "All I do is sit on the sidelines and let everyone else do the work, being nothing but an observer. I'm too weak to so much as even help others."

Koneko noticed that Katsu's voice cracked near the end, and his hands clenched into shaking fists. "…But no more." As he says that, a tear falls from his eyes. "I'm not letting others get hurt because of my weakness, and my family. I'll save you, and protect you, just like I will everyone else!" Katsu stood up, and summoned Final Judgment. Strangely, Katsu's body began becoming engulfed in a pale green aura.

"Let's go, Thanatos!"


The Sacred Gear's jewels glowed a bright pale green light, almost blinding. Katsu moved to hold the scythe in his right hand. He held it over Koneko's body. "This won't hurt." He says with a determined glare. The will and conviction could be seen in his strange eyes.

[SAVIOR!] The Gear roared again.

The scythe was soon covered by a bright green light, taking away its physical form. The scythe-shaped light began shifting, and shrinking as Katsu still held it. Soon, the light left his hand and moved to cover his arm from his elbow to his wrist. The light vanished, and Final Judgment revealed a new form. It was now a slim gauntlet that was fitted Katsu's arm perfectly, detailed with white armor and black accents. The two jewels were now next to each other on the upper-side and along his arm, one of them bearing a number. The number was in a strange font, and had no meaning. 129 was the number imprinted on the jewel.

"I guess the extra years are because I'm half-Devil." Katsu says vaguely. He goes down to one knee, and presented his covered arm for Koneko to see. Then, a small blade emerged from the underside of his wrist. "I know the blade is a little intimidating…" Katsu says calmly. "But I promise you won't feel it."

Katsu pulled his arm back and aimed the blade at Koneko's shoulder. He lowered it and inserted the blade into Koneko's shoulder right next to where the wound was. The jewel with the number began glowing brightly, the number glowing black while the jewel glows green.

[SAVIOR!] it declares again.

The wound immediately began healing, all of the damage becoming healed. And what's more, Koneko felt her strength return, her health being restored. She looked at Katsu's face, and his eyes were struggling to stay open. She then noticed the number on his gauntlet was getting lower. 120….119….118…. It kept getting lower and lower as her wound and power returned to her. Finally, the wound was completely healed, the poison gone, and the number stopped at 98.6. Katsu removed the blade, and sighed. Koneko sat up, and put the pieces together: the "extra lives" Katsu mentioned before was referring to his life span, and now the numbers have lowered. Katsu was giving his own life force in order to save others.

"This is my power…" Katsu began to explain as he helped Koneko stand up. "I can heal any wound, even if it's life threatening and not a physical injury, as long as I pay the price in the years I have left to live. The Dragon inside mine, Thanatos, has told me that no other previous user has done this since they were all human and had short life spans in retrospect. Well, I can see why. I just sacrificed 30 years of my life to save you." Katsu took a step and almost tumbled, but Koneko prevented that.

"Thank you…" she says as blankly as she normally does.

"Don't thank me yet. You can thank me when we win." Katsu says with a confident smile. He spread his one wing and flew up a few feet. "Stay here and recover your strength. I'll be back in a sec!" he then flew off toward Cain to finish the fight.

Koneko simply stood there, contemplating what exactly has just happened. Katsu flew quickly, not wanting to waste anymore time. When he arrived, he realized that things have gone from bad to worse. Akeno, who had transformed into her miko form as per using her powers, was on the ground near Cain with several burns and tears on her clothes, her long ponytail undone. Katsu knew what had happened and knew what needed to be done. It appeared as though Cain took a small hit and was recovering with a few stretches. Katsu dove down and first tended to Yūto. He stabbed the blade of his gauntlet into his leg, and the wound began slowly healing. However, like before, the numbers began going down slowly. When the wound was healed, Katsu only had 76.1 years left on his gauntlet. He removed it, and Yūto let out a gasp for air at the sudden revitalization. Before he could ask questions, Yūto noticed that Cain was aiming his spear at Akeno.

"I'm sorry, Priestess, but I'm afraid I need to send that old man a message. What better way than your corpse?"

Just as Cain was about to stab, Katsu flew in and deflected it with his gauntlet. Even Cain was surprised by Katsu's sudden response. Following that, Katsu held his right hand up and aimed it at Cain. Cain merely laughed at the gesture.

"You do realize that I can negate your Black Flame just as you can negate mine?" he asks.

"Yeah, I know." Katsu replies calmly before smirking

. "But this isn't Black Flame." At that, pale green fire shot from Katsu's hand and engulfed Cain's body! Cain, caught off guard by the attack, was struggling to put it out by using his kimono. In the meantime, Katsu turned around to the batter Akeno and held her arm out. He stabbed the small blade into her arm, and suddenly felt his strength begin to leave him. He looks at the numbers, and they're dropping quicker and further than he predicted! When it finally stopped, he only had 13.98 years left. Katsu then figured out why there were variants to the years lost per person. The gauntlet gave away years of his life depending on a person's worth in the Evil Pieces System, Koneko being worth five, Yūto being worth 3, and Akeno being with 9 Pawns each.

And so, Katsu was only left with almost 14 years left to live on his life, but he didn't despair. He didn't even care. He simply smirked. Akeno had regained her strength, but was curious as to the numbers on Katsu's gauntlet. Before she could as anything, Katsu stood up, staggering on his way up, and then turned around. Cain had already banished he flames off of him, but his body and clothes being burnt because of it.

"You know, that was really stupid of you Abel." Cain declares with a serious face rather than his glued on smirk. "You just sacrificed your own life force just to save a few Low-Class Devils. Then again, knowing your corrupted heart, you probably did it for the wrong thing." His smirk returned, but quickly vanished as Katsu held out his right hand.

[JUDGMENT!] his Gear declared.

The gauntlet become light, and turned back into a scythe. "Yeah, I guess I did give up my life to save the lives of others…" Katsu said while still smirking.

He twirled his scythe around until he assumed a new battle stance. "But I suppose that's what…this is for…" Katsu said vaguely.

[DRAGON LIFE!] his Gear called again.

At that, the upper jewel began glowing red. Katsu then charged toward Cain. Cain noticed that he left his sword unattended, and jumped over to grab it. Katsu jumped toward him and swung his scythe. Cain grabbed his sword, but he felt something in his side. He looked down, and saw that Katsu just got the tip of his scythe into his left side. Cain, with the power he has, was hardly affected by the stab.

"Was that supposed to hurt?"

"No…" Katsu replied with a grin. "But this is!"

At that, the top jewel glowed bright red on his scythe, and displayed numbers again. This time, the numbers read 234. Then, Cain felt like his very soul was being stabbed at by the scythe as the numbers suddenly began to drop! Cain pulled back, taking Mystletainn with him, and felt fine once more. Katsu lifted his scythe, and the red jewel changed back to its pale green color. The number 234 had been reduced to 200. Then, the numbers we shaped back to 13.98, then the number changed to 43.98. Katsu was siphoning his life force back from Cain! Cain, being born both a High-Class Devil AND a powerful Fallen Angel, had a rather long lifespan. But now that Katsu was trying to drain it, Cain could not afford to be hit! Katsu charged at him and began attacking. Cain went to the defensive, and used both weapons to merely protect and deflect Katsu's attacks. Then he counterattacked. Katsu came down with his scythe, and Cain blocked with his spear. Then, he tried to stab with his sword.

"Mystletainn: DOWN!" Katsu declared.

At that, Mystletainn's weight suddenly increased dramatically to Cain and the sword came down to the ground! Cain's hand was trapped, and he couldn't move at all! Cain struggled to pull the sword free as he held his spear to block the Final Judgment, but Katsu countered. Katsu pulled his scythe back and swung the back to his Cain in the head. Cain fell back, dropping his spear while still holding his sword. He couldn't release his grip from the sword! Katsu then swung down with his scythe blade onto Cain's shoulder, and continued draining once more. After a few seconds, Katsu removed his scythe.

"Unfortunately, I haven't trained enough to kill someone through this method. So, you get to keep going." At that, Katsu held his scythe at Cain's neck. "Don't move." Katsu then reached down and grabbed Mystletainn by its handle.

He lifted it a small amount, and found it's lightweight to be surprising. Cain took the advantage and rolled back, standing up and shooting his spear at Katsu! Katsu quickly sent Final Judgment to its pocket dimension, and moved Mystletainn to his front. The spear hit the side of the sword, and Katsu was pushed back a few feet. Cain retracted that spear, and was confused at what was happening. He thought that the strongest will controlled Mystletainn, and couldn't understand why Katsu was able to use it so easily.

"Mystletainn is not your sword, Cain. It belongs to the head of the Berith Clan."

"But I'm the eldest! The sword's powers should work for me!"

"No, they won't Cain. Mom named ME the next head of the clan. And I will use that power to cleanse our name!"

At that, the normally red-veined sword began glowing purple, an aura surrounding it as a pale green aura began surrounding Katsu.

"And I'll start…" Katsu lifted the sword up with both hands. "WITH YOU!" Then charged in.

He slashed the sword down, and Cain jumped back in response. But, he had not thought about Mystletainn's power! A vertical purple slash of energy emerged from Katsu's attack as he missed, and hit Cain! Cain felt the energy burning into his flesh, but he turned left and the attack kept going past him. He turned around as Katsu charged in with the sword again. Katsu began delivering a series of strikes from above and the side, all Cain barely blocked with his spear. As much power as Cain had, he was beginning to lose it. With each pound of Mystletainn, he could feel his power drain.

That, and the multiple Queen powers that Katsu stole earlier along with his life force, he was losing. For the first time, he has fought someone who was beating him! Azrael, Kabel Berith's Knight, doesn't count because they have never had a true battle, so Katsu is the only base he can go on. Finally though, Cain jumped back and shot his spear at Katsu multiple times. But Katsu switched to holding the sword underhand and blocked each and every attempt to hit, and finally got tired of this fight.

"It's time to see what power you were talking about back at the church, Cain!" Katsu informed his enemy.

Katsu held the sword up, and slashed it downward while imagining "power". At that, the now purple veins pulsed on the sword, and the slash sent out a rapid barrage of purple energy slashes, rapidly slashing and destroying everything in their path! Cain spun his spear to deflect them, but one got passed and hit his left shin, breaking his guard. He lost his grip on his spear, and was being hit multiple times by these slashes. His body was sturdy enough to not get cut to pieces, but he still go cuts in his flesh from the attacks. Finally, Katsu charged again once the wave of attacks ended. He jumped up, and came down with his sword. Cain recovered from the attacks, but was still weakened. He quickly grabbed his spear and held it up horizontally, and both weapons clashed!

Cain's body and spear became engulfed in a large and blazing crimson aura while Katsu was covered with pale green and the Mystletainn covered in purple. Cain was holding his defense until a bolt of lightning shot through his stomach. He coughed blood, and saw that the attack came from the fully recovered Akeno! He lost his concentration, and Katsu's sword went straight through his spear, breaking the Oblivion Surge! The blade came down misdirected from the breaking, however, and first hit Cain's left shoulder. But Katsu gave one more push, and Mystletainn cut off Cain's left arm completely! Blood came out of Cain's flesh where the arm was severed, and he screamed in pain! He stepped back, and grabbed his left shoulder just next to where it was cut.

He kept screaming in pain and agony. Finally, he looked up, and saw something that distracted his pain for a moment. Katsu was holding the Mystletainn in his left hand, and held the sword over his shoulder. He stared at Cain with furious, green eyes. Cain looked down and saw his broken Sacred Gear. He slowly got used to the pain, and while it hurt like hell he reached down and quickly grabbed both halves of his spear in his right hand. He then looked back up to Katsu while he was down there, and smiled.

"You know, I never thought this would happen." He then looked down. "So…why aren't you going to kill me?" he asks Katsu with a smile.

"Because you're my brother." Cain's smile vanished, and he was for the first time in a while showing a face of surprise.

He looked back up, and saw that Katsu was no longer angry, but looked more like he pitied Cain.

"I do hate you Cain, but I want to at least give you the chance to redeem yourself. Which is why I'm going to say this once: come home with me, face mother's punishment, and we'll go from there." Katsu lifted his sword and placed the blade on Cain's s right shoulder.

Cain, while still keeping his head low, soon showed a face full of sadness and regret.

"Sorry, little brother." Cain then looked up, and still had the same face. He seemed apologetic now. "But it's far too late for me. I…I can't go back…" Cain stood up, Katsu bringing the sword back over to his own side. "I'm already six feet deep in this. I've chosen my path, Abel. And you, you have certainly chosen yours. If I go back now, I'll go against everything I believe in. But just this once…" Cain sent his spear to its own pocket dimension, and raised his right hand.

He snapped his fingers, and the Fallen Angel army he had summoned all vanished and the barriers around the entries and exits were gone. "I'll surrender." Cain said sadly. Then, his face turned to one of anger. "But I'm getting my arm back!" Cain then quickly moved to headbutt Katsu, catching the boy off guard.

Then he moved to kicked Katsu in the chest. Katsu landed on his back, and Cain grew his Fallen Angel wing to fly and went low between the buildings of the property. He wanted his arm back, and he knew just how to get it at this time: Phoenix Tears. He crashed into one of the buildings, and began looking frantically for any member of the Phenex Clan. He smashed through one bedroom door, and was overjoyed and yet annoyed. Within the room, Riser Phenex and his entire Peerage (his sister Ravel included) were in the room, wishing for their master to recuperate.

Riser's Peerage moved to defend him as Ravel stayed near her still injured brother.

"Outta the way!" Cain screamed. He held his right hand out and Black Flame emerged and sent the Peerage down and knocked out. The intensity was enough to knock down even Riser's Queen and Rooks with ease! With lightning speed, he ran over to the Phenex siblings. Riser stood up, and went in to attack despite his injuries. Cain simply moved to punch him in the stomach where Issei did, and threw him to the side. He then reached for Ravel, and grabbed her by her neck and lifted her up.

"Where are they!?" Cain screamed in his rage. "Where are the Tears!? They can regenerate limbs can't they!?" he demanded to know.

Ravel would have answered, if only Cain's grip had prevented her from talking.

"Answer me, damn it!" Cain then got an idea. "Your family MAKES the Tears yourselves, right!? Then start crying!"

Cain was about to do something to force Ravel to cry, but a burst from the ceiling stopped him in his tracks. He turned around to see what it was, but was once again caught off guard as something stabbed his right arm. He turned his head to his left, and saw that Yūto had arrived and stabbed his sword into Cain's arm. Then, in a swift motion, he cut if off entirely. Katsu appeared from the hole in the ceiling and stomped on Cain's head, using it as momentum to land in front of him and grab Ravel. Ravel was coughing from the stress put on her neck, and Cain stepped back screaming in pain again. Now he had lost BOTH arms, and was surrounded

. He turned around to that hole, and saw that Akeno and Koneko were waiting for him. He thought of going for the door, but Yūto appeared before he could go any further. Cain was trapped. He turned back to Katsu, who now had no remorse in his eyes. He held Ravel with his left hand to help her recover from Cain's attack, and he held his sword out aimed at Cain.

"It's over, Cain." Katsu said in a deep, angry voice. "No second chances. Now, you die."

Cain was now more desperate than ever, and was about to do ANYTHING to survive and escape! But then, he thought of an idea! He had an emergency escape plan, but rarely used it out of the fact that he had never been in a trap before. But before he could escape, he looked to Katsu with serious eyes.

"Just remember a few things, Little Brother." He says in a serious tone. "Kabel Berith isn't through with the world yet. Azrael is planning to make sure of that. Go ahead, just ask Jenova about the 'Black Gate'. Do that, and I promise that you'll regret doing this to me." Cain then looked to the ground, and shouted: "Ares' Path!" he declared.

At that, a magic circle appeared before him. "This is an emergency magic circle we Horsemen can use, Abel! You'll learn it eventually! Till then, ta-ta~!" Cain vanished into the circle, and had escaped his execution.

Once he was gone, everyone took a breath and sighed out of relief. Cain had gone away, defeated. Before anyone could speak, Katsu released the recovered Ravel, and raised his left hand.

"Before you guys say anything. I would just like to say: I'm sorry. And…thanks…" At that, Katsu dropped Mystletainn, which promptly vanished into purple ashes, and was about to fall face-first to the floor.

But both Ravel and Yūto came to his aid and stopped him before he fell. "It seems he's used all of his energy." Yūto says with a smile.

"Oh my, he deserves a nice rest." Akeno commented.

Katsu's POV

Well…that was certainly interesting. I crashed a wedding (engagement party, but whatever), saw a Dragon fight a Phoenix, fought Cain off, and completely destroyed someone's house without any form of consequence or payment. Overall, I'd say a helluva day. Though, I could do without the falling unconscious part. But I have to admit, I shouldn't have been surprised. I did just unleash a wave of destruction with the sword of the Berith Clan AND the Final Judgment, so let's face it: things could have gotten worse. That power…when I drained Cain's life force, I felt the scythe also siphon off a partial amount of those Queen powers over and over again and add them to my own. How come my body didn't just explode? I mean, Cain I can understand having all of that power held up in his body because of his experience, but I figured that I would pretty much explode from having so much power in me. Did I send it all into Mystletainn as I fought? If so, then that was a lot of energy.

If using Mystletainn's powers requires the powers of several Queens, then I'd best avoid using its power unless for dire emergencies. In the meantime however, I'm going to see if I can move anything or if I'm just still in my dreams. Okay, it seems I'm under something soft. Wait, yes! I know what it is! I'm under my blanket in my house! I made it home! That's one good sign. Now, let's see if I can move everything. Hands…check. Feet…check. Fingers and toes…check. Neck…check. Kingdom…check. Buttocks…check. Okay, all of the important stuff is there.

Time for senses. Touch is working, I can smell the faint aroma of cinnamon perfume, I can here…a girl humming, I can taste…the roof of my mouth. And lastly, I open my eyes and see that it's late into the afternoon, and I'm guessing that I've been out for a day at best. I rolled in my bed and sat up, groaning a little from a few sore spots. I look under my blanket to see that I'm in my boxers and nothing else, which means someone stripped me. The humming is still going. I look up and see that someone is sitting on my couch-futon in front of the bed and watching a cooking show. And that someone just happens to have long blue hair. I move to get out of the bed, and walk over to the other side of the futon. Once I reached there, I sighed in joy at the sight.

Lucile is sitting there, wearing nothing but lace black panties and one of my long sleeve button shirts with the top few buttons left open, giving me an oh so wonderful view of her cleavage. Man it's good to be the King. I move to sit down next to her, and she shoots to sit right up against me. I wrap me right arm around her and place my hand on her shoulder. She giggles a little at the contact. Time for the good old questions game.

"How long have I been out?" I ask.

"Only a few hours, actually. You were healed already so you were only exhausted."

"Healed?" Oh yeah, my power. Cain didn't get any more hits on me after I revived and save the Gremory Team. So there's that. I don't really have any more questions. Wait a moment, I thought just came in. "Now I have an even bigger question."

Lucile simply nods and places her head on my shoulder.

"If Cain was as dangerous as everyone says he is, and there was a Satan in the area, why didn't he just smash through Cain's barrier and kill him?"

"Nobody I know really gets how Lord Sirzechs works, but if I had to guess, it'd be: you're interesting."


"I mean, think about it. The legendary Final Judgment has finally been reawakened by a human, a Devil-Human Hybrid for that matter, after almost 400 years of being lost in mystery. And now, just as your little sister was saved by one of the Heavenly Dragons, then BOTH of the HELL Dragons appear to duke it out. Entertaining stuff in retrospect. plus, I'm sure he had faith in you. Otherwise he would have broken that barrier easily if you could've save everyone's lives."

As Lucile finished, she placed her left hand on the upper part of my right leg. "I suppose. I'll say this much: Sirzechs Lucifer is my kinda boss. I hope to meet him someday and speak with him personally."

At that, Lucile moved her head to rest her forhead against my shoulder.

"He says thanks for helping out against Cain. He wished you were awake so he could know if you wanted a reward."

"Nah. I'm fine with what I've got right now. Though I will keep that in mind whenever I want a favor." I say slyly.

Having a Satan owe you something…now that is irony.

"That's my King…" Lucile praises me as she lifts her head to kiss my shoulder. What is she doing? She seems more affectionate than usual. Is she upset? Did I say something in my dreams? Is she like this because she's afraid of losing me again?

"Lucile, you're being a little clingy." I comment daringly.

"Any reason why?" I ask.

Lucile looks up at me with a pouting face, which is just too cute not to smile at. She looks away with her eyes for a moment and looked a little upset.

"After the battle, Ayumu and I were about to take you home. But then the Gremory Team showed up hoping you were awake so they could thank you. We accepted it, but Akeno…" her face turns red. Oh god…what did I miss out on!?

"And?" I ask.

"She said she wanted to really thank you, even if you were unconscious. So, she first leaned in and said something in your ear, then…" Lucile looks like she's about to cry. Please don't cry at such a happy moment. "Then she kissed you on the cheek!" she said with an angry and whiney tone. "And I SWEAR she did it just to see my reaction!"

Now, my stupid brain asks the dumb question. "Which one?" I ask.

At that, Lucile reaches back with her right hand and slaps my left cheek. "That one!"

"Ow." It stung like hell, but I had another question. "Any idea why she would do that?" I ask in all seriousness.

"If I had to guess…I'd say it'd be the fact that you were the hero out there."


"You know, the hero? You saved everyone, risked your life, and even used your own LIFE FORCE to save her and the others. Any girl would be a little smitten…" she says sadly.

She's really upset with this. She must not be used to the idea of a harem yet. She can take her time. I won't push anything else. But if someone else does, I have no power over it. I adjust myself in my seat to sit on my knees on the whole futon, and wrap her in a hug. I start rubbing her back with my hands.

"Listen, if you're still not used to the idea of a harem, I won't push anymore. But if they do, I can't guarantee that." I pulled back and move my hands to her shoulders. "Sorry."

Lucile has her eyes wide with surprise. Then, she smiles a little. "You…idiot." She says as she stands up. She curtsied, and presented her right hand out. "Hey, I wanna try something?" I grab her hand and stand up.

She leads me to the open area with the less amount of stuff in the room. She moved my hands to hold her waist and she held my other hand. I think she wants to dance.

"I was hoping that Issei would show up a little late, because I wanted to try and see if you can dance."

"Oh crap."


CRAP! She wasn't supposed to hear that! "U-Um, yeah, well, among my many greats…um, I…don't know how to dance." I admit shamefully.

Instead of laughing at me, Lucile simply giggled. "I'll show you."

Lucile then began to teach me some slow dancing, and I barely avoided stepping on her feet multiple times. Eventually though, I caught on and were danced for a few minutes. Though, I think she's trying to lure me back to futon. I couldn't see it coming at first, but I saw that she purposely placed her foot in a bad spot to make me fall back. I land on the futon, Lucile laughing a little as we landed. She looked up at my face as she stopped laughing. Her face became red a little, and she leans in for a light kiss. She moves to rest her head on my chest and places her arms on my shoulders. I move to wrap mine around her in a hug, keeping her warm body close to me. As we lay comfortably like this, I realize that we can't stay like this for long. There's something else I have to settle. Hey, Thanatos.

What do you want, brat?

Can you still track your targets after being cut, even if you lost the trail a few days ago?

...You're looking for that vampire chick, aren't you?

I have to, Thanatos. If I don't then I won't forgive myself for hurting her. Now…can you pick up the trail?

…Fine. Just wait until morning tomorrow. That way, we can strike best.

Good. Thank you.


"Hm?" she replies with a slight joy in her tone.

"I know you love us being like this, but I can't stay for long." I look toward the ceiling, trying to conjure a plan as we speak.

"Why?" she asks sadly.

"Because I need to talk to Alice, and fix this. If I don't, then things will only get worse for us. Please, I hope you understand."

At that, I felt Lucile get off me a little. Then she reappeared in my sight, a content smile on her face. Then she went up more and all I could see were her breasts still covered by the shirt. She quickly reversed our position while keeping us on the couch-futon, and now I was on top of her and between her breasts and she was on the bottom. I looked up and she was smiling contently. "Go to sleep. You'll need your rest." She says in a soft voice. I didn't need any other motivation. Upon her suggestion, I went to sleep, and I couldn't help but sleep with the guilt of what I've done to Alice. I don't want to fight her…I just wanna talk.

Third Person POV

Later into the evening, around 10 o clock at night, nearby Katsu's own home, a mysterious red magic circle appears on a rooftop in town. Out of the circle emerges Cain, flailing around with his one wing, grunting in pain and losing blood fast. What he had used was an emergency Transportation Circle, which can only be used by the Four Horsemen under distress. Cain flied around until he finally lost his strength and fell. He crashed into the side of a building and ricocheted into another, and eventually fell into an ally with a thunderous crash against a dumpster. Cain gritted his teach and groaned in pain, trying to find a fast solution to his missing arms. To first stop the bleeding, Cain imagined Black Flame burning on the spots where his arms were severed. Black Flame was generated, and burned on the disconnected parts. After a few seconds, the flames dispersed, and Cain was left with only burnt nubs. However, he was a little thankful that Yuto Kiba only cut his right arm at the elbow, rather at the shoulder like Katsu did. Cain sat there, trying to regain his strength. But as he sat there, his sense of hearing and smell picked up a hostile presence.

"Can I just get a break, please?" Cain asks in an annoyed tone to no one in particular.

Cain looked left, a dead-end being near him. He looked up, to the top of the small building that made the dead-end, and someone stood there in a battle-like suit and wearing a helmet. It was easy to tell that it was a woman, her feminine figure more obvious. She had four cutlass swords tied to her waist, one on each side, and held two in her hand. Cain also noticed that the girl had four small silver balls attached to the back of her belt. The girl jumped down to the ground, several feet from Cain.

"Devil…" the girl points out Cain's species. "Perhaps a stray?" she asks when she takes a battle stance.

"Well…in a manner of speaking, yes." Cain replies as he turns his head from the girl and looks to the wall in front of him. "Now, what do you want, vampire?" Cain identifies her as easily as she did him.

Though the girl was a little surprised by his analysis, she still maintained her stance. "I'm here to exterminate your kind." She says proudly.

Cain sighs, a tone showing that he was bored. "Listen, copy-cat, I've already got enough on my plate. Or rather…I've got less. So, be a good girl and lose your virginity to a businessman, or even a damn lead pipe. Just get the hell out of here."

At that, the girl moved in to strike! She lunged forward with her blades and went in to stab, but Cain rolled forward and dodged. Both got to stand up, and the girl went in for attacks. But Cain, even as bored as he was, was able to skillfully dodge each and every blade with little movement. Just a slight step, the movement of his head and his feet, and he can't be touched. Finally, Cain got bored of this. Cain opened his mouth and fired Black Flame at the girl, being incredibly inaccurate with it. She girl jumped back, being singed primarily around her hands.

"Your aim is horrible, Devil!" she boasts.

"I wasn't aiming for your body. Aren't you just as weak to holy water as I am?"

The girl looks at her hands, and sees that her gloves were burnt off as Cain attacked earlier. The holy water bathed swords began burning her, and she dropped the swords to evade further pain. Then, a sudden increase of the gravity occurred and she was forced to stand still for a moment. Cain approached her, and she had to devise a way to fight back. She forced her right arm to move to her belt behind her, where the silver balls were. Upon a closer look, one would see that they have pull-out pins on each one. The quickly pulls the pin on one and throws it at Cain. Cain's head is covered in a gray smoke, and she thought she had him. But Cain simply blew the smoke away with a breath. The girl was confused, she had thought that weapon would poison him like her swords would! Cain sniffs the air before smiling.

"Interesting. You boiled holy water until it was a gas and turned it into a smoke grenade. Very creative. However, it's not as potent as real holy water, so a Half-Breed like myself would be able to survive it."

The girl was now caught completely off-guard. How could she not smell the other half of his species, because his blood was everywhere from her sense of smell. Then, Cain reached up with his leg and kicked the girl to the ground, forcing the gravity to push her down and pin her to the ground.

"I'll admit, you're got both the skill and the creativeness to fight any Devil, but High-Class Half-Breeds like myself and my brother are a little tougher to fight. My brother…"

Cain's grin vanished and he took on the same sad face he had after his first attack on Katsu in the church now, and seemed like he was in deep thought. Cain produced Black Flame in front of his eyes, staring at it like it was something important. The girl down below recognized the Flame immediately, the power having been used on her before.

"Black…Flame…" the girl spoke.

Cain noticed her recognizing the power and releases the gravity a little to keep her pinned, but let her talk.

"You know this power?" Cain asks. The girl nods.

"Where have you seen it before?"

The girl seems hesitant, but she answers. "My love…tried to kill me with it." She answers.

Cain was confused at first, but then put the pieces together all at once. This girl knew his brother Abel, or as she knew him: Katsu. And it wasn't hard to figure out that they were very close, and the emotional high of being with her in some way forced his powers to hurt her.

"What's your name?" Cain asks.

"Alice…Cermak." She replies.

Cain sighs, and releases the gravity on her completely. Cain could only use this power in the human world, and in some ways was thankful about it in situations like this (what happened in the Underworld however could have been a lot more helpful though).

"Well Alice, something tells me that you've had a tight encounter with my little half-brother Abel. Oh, wait, you know him as 'Katsu', don't you?"

"Y-You know Katsu!?" Alice asks in surprise.

"In a way. Anyway, if I were you, I wouldn't bother trying to kill him."

The rage already built in Alice reached a new point. "Why the hell not!? Not only are the Beriths sworn enemies of my kind, but he betrayed my love by attacking me! That's reason enough to have my vengeance!"

At that, Cain leaned in and delivered a slight headbutt to Alice. While it seemed like a light tap, Alice felt it like it was a frying pan hitting her. Her helmet smashed open and fell off, revealing her blonde hair and red eyes. Then, the impact of the pain reverberated to her skull. She felt intense pain, and moved to grab her head with both hands. "YEOW!" she screams as she falls to her knees.

"Just shut up." Cain ordered. Alice recovered from the blow and looked up to Cain, seeing a determined and yet angry face on him.

Wait, it was more…filled with encouraging spirit. "Just because you got as little burned, you think that justifies wanting to kill him!? Not only that, you used the damn species vs individual excuse! Stop kidding around and just talk to him! Do that, and I guaran-damn-tee he'll accept you!"

"And how do you know that!?"

"BECAUSE HE'S A GOOD KID!" Cain screamed at the top of his lungs, his scream resounding throughout the town. Alice was completely surprised by what Cain, her love's older brother, has said to her. She had always been angry at Katsu, and wished to have some form of vengeance for what he did to her.

"He's…" Cain continued in a saddened tone and his face seemed sad as well. "…a good…kid." Cain turned around and spread his wing, and flew up. "Give the brat a chance to talk!" he spoke as he disappeared into the sky, leaving Alice to contemplate what he had spoken.

But Cain's evening did not end there. No, he continued to fly through the night until his exhaustion finally got the better of him. He safely landed on the rooftop to an apartment complex, and rested for a short while. The way the girl spoke…Cain knew that she was lying to herself. It was not out of venomous anger that she attacked him, it was aggravated confusion. The event she spoke of must've been so scarring that it had warped her way of normal thinking, and thus wanting to kill the very man she loves. Katsu…Abel…Cain kept his thoughts on his younger brother.

They were not out of any form of anger, they were out of curiosity. Strangely, he found himself wanting to know more about his brother. He wanted to know who his friends are, what his hobbies are, what does he do on weekends, does he enjoy sports, and of the like. Then Cain remembered the blue haired girl known as Lucile Paimon, and wanted to know her intentions toward his brother, wanted to know her past, how they met, do they plan to marry, have kids, human college or moving straight to maintaining the Berith name, all and more questions arrived to the surface of Cain's mind. But most of all, there was one question he wanted to know the answer to above all others.

"Are you happy, Abel?" he asks the moon as he stares into it.

"I don't know about him, but I'd be a little upset if my brother caused a little havoc." Cain recognized the voice, and stood up and turned around.

There, he saw one of the only people in existence that put the slightest amount of fear in him. Wearing a white lab coat and suit-like clothes, Cain was face to face with a madman who is yet the wise man as well: Azazel, one of the leading figures of all Fallen Angels.

"So…" Azazel eyed Cain's burnt stubs. "Need a hand?" he asks jokingly.

"Leave me be, Azazel." Cain ordered. "I don't want to use 'Nyx' on you." He warned.

"You're right, I shouldn't push you to use it. It's not like it'll kill you or anything." Azazel comments in the same tone as before. "Anyway, I'd like to avoid fighting. In the meantime, what the heck were you planning, anyway?" Azazel asks.

"I was trying to kill Abel, my little brother." Cain answers straightly.

Azazel stands there, trying to piece together Cain's logic. And then, had his response. "That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. And trust me, I've been here longer than you to know that." Cain, feeling aggravated and intimidated by Azazel's presence, decided to push a button he knew was an equal to setting off a bomb strapped to yourself.

"You know, while I was down there, I met a nice young girl that you'd like to meet. Long, black hair, purple eyes-I swear there's a hint of pink in them. I think her name was…Akeno." Cain felt a harsh wind blow through the air as he said that. "I hope that her father doesn't mind…"

At that, Cain saw a harsh glare aimed toward him, and a senses of dread.

"Care to explain why you attacked them. And give me the truth." Azazel asks.

Cain sighs, and realizes that he has to reveal his true intentions for his actions. "I know you're thinking about breaking your stupid 'no fighting rule', but let me first say that the girl is fine. Abel saved her. They make a odd pair. Knowing her parents I'm sure she's more than a handful…" Cain began mumbling and rambling.

"Cain." Azazel says a little harder.

"All right, all right. Sheesh, just making conversation. Anyway, I'm doing this because of Kabel."

"Your grandfather? He's dead, along with the rest of your Clan."

"No, Azazel. Kabel is alive, but he's injured. It's only a matter of circumstances that he comes back."

The air grew heavy with tension. Kabel Berith, one of the most infamous Devils to ever live, and an Ultimate-Class at that, was alive.

"But how?" Azazel asks.

"Through something called…the 'blood coffin' and a 'Black Gate'. Ever hear of either term?"

"No." "Well, unless you help me right now, I won't be able to stop Kabel."

"Why not tell your brother, or your mother for that matter?"

"Because I don't want to see Kabel kill them if we fail. If I do it, then I bear the guilt of wiping them out to stop Kabel."

"You're not making any sense, Cain." Azazel comments. "I need more than just basics. Tell me how Kabel plans on coming back."

At that, Cain had a vicious idea; one that would allow him to get away scott-free. "You still a mad scientist?" Cain asks with a grin.

Cain noticed a light sparkle in Azazel's eye as he mentioned that. "In a way…" Azazel says slyly. "Why?"

Cain presented his battle scars from Katsu. "Make me new arms, and in exchange for protection from both the Devils and you know who, I'll tell you everything that I know. Although as compensation for hurting his daughter, he can punch me a few times."

At that, Azazel walked over and reached with his right hand, moving to grab and shake Cain's right nub.

"Deal!" Then, he realizes what he has grabbed on to. "Ew."

Azazel removes his hand and wipes it on Cain's shirt, avoiding the kimono.

"So…" Azazel steps back. "Any requests for the arm?"

Cain thought about it for a moment, and then grinned when he thought of an answer.

"You've heard of Azrael's 'Suit of Sin', right?"