dragonball z and winx club fan fiction crossover

dragonball of magic dimension

After defeated the Ancestral Witches princess Bloom found a secret room under her palace and go inside to looking.

She meet a namekian name Korrus who create this universe by command the dragonball that he create.

Bloom ask to him"Who are you?"

Korrus answer to her"I'm a namekian name Korrus.I create this universe by the dragonball."

Bloom ask to Korrus agian"What is a dragonball."

"First you must find the other 6 dragonball."

Korrus give a four-star dragonball to her.

"When you get all of dragonball the creature called Shenron will come to give you a 3 wishes."

Bloom ask to Korrus"What's Shenron?"

"It's a giant god dragon."Korrus answer to Bloom.