dragonball z and winx club fan fiction crossover

dragonball of magic dimension

After use 2 wish from the dragonball is only have a 1 wish.

"Okay before I will destroy you.I will give you a time

to escape from me and Cell."Frieza said

"Stella you and me figth Cell and Frieza Okay?"Bloom ask

"Okay."Stella answer to Bloom

"Girls you help Gohan and his friend to protect the dragonball.

Me and Stella will go to defeat Cell and Frieza"Bloom said

"If you think you can do you can come"Frieza said

"Ready? figth!"Frieza said

Bloom use her power to punch at Frieza and Stella kick at Cell neck.

Bloom use Dragon Firer to destroy Frieza.

Now Bloom go to help Stella to defeat Cell.

Nowt hey go attack and defeat Cell.

Stella use Solar Flare and Cell can't see anything.

Finally Bloom use Kamehameha that she learn from Gohan to destroy Cell.

Frieza and Cell is killed.

"Yay we did it Bloom."Stella said and hug her best friend.

Now Gohan didn't know how use the last wish because they come here to wish

Cell, Frieza and the other go back to hell.

Bloom come to use the last wish. She said"I wish to Korrus become young agian."

"I can do this."Shenron said

Now Shenron go back into the dragonball.

And dragonball is go back to Planet that it leave.

"Now we must go back to our dimension"Gohan said

"Okay bye-bye and good luck"Bloom said

The winx look at the Z figthers for last time and thanks to them to teaches a new skill to the winx