dragonball z and winx club fan fiction crossover

dragonball of magic dimension

Bloom go tell her parents,the winx and the specialist and show them the four-star dragonball.

Roxy siad to them"I heard about the dragonball in my world too but it have a 1 wish I gotta tell you the story to shortest

Long ago the namekian on Earth his name is Kami created a dragonball and give it to the seven warrior to protect it from

his evil counterpart name King Piccolo and the mutant nameks sevan warrior are defeated and imprisoned king piccolo in a rice cooker

many years later King Piccolo is back and the grandson of one warrior is try to stop him and he wins his name is Goku.

He is a saiyan the one of most powerful warrior in the universe but his planet name Planet Vegeta is

destroyed by evil prince name Frieza but a few saiyan can escape before the Planet Vegeta is explode"

"That's was a sad story I ever heard." Stella said

And after the tales from Roxy they go to Solaria and search the dragonball.

"Hey I found it" Stella said but before she get dragonball the dimension portal is open and they meet Gohan,Videl,Piccolo,Goten,

Trunks,Krillin, Android 18,Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu.

"Who are you?" Bloom ask"My name's Gohan and this is my girlfriend Videl and my brother Goten." Gohan said

"I'm Trunks and this green guy is Piccolo."Trunks said"I'm Krillin and this is my wife 18 or Android 18."Krillin said"And I'm

Tien Shinhanand this is my best friend Chiaotzu"

'We want to use the dragonball of this dimension because it a more powerful dragonball of us"

"Why?" Stella said

"Because our enemies is back." gohan said"Who is your enemies." Bloom ask"Frieza and Cell."Gohan answer to Bloom

"We know about Frieza but who is Cell."Musa ask

"Cell is the most powerful android."Piccolo said

Trunks look at the dragonball and see a star of the dragonball and said "Hey the dragonball of this dimension is

blue star dragonball."

"Trunks mother is the create a portal to go to this dimension and we have a dragon-radar

to search a dragonball"Gohan said

In hell Frieza,Cell,King Cold and Frieza Soldiers meet the Ancestral Witches and they escape from hell.

"First we want a ship To go to magic dimension." Frieza said

After get the ship from Planet Frieza 79 the Ancestral Witches create a portal to go to